[PDF/EBOOK] The Unbelievable Oliver and the Four Jokers

The Unbelievable Oliver and the Four JokersMagic was always popular in my library so Oliver the magician in Training And Benny The and Benny the who is training him make uiet a pair The characters might appeal to the second and third graders but the language and asides in the ialogue seem better suited to a fourth grader and above Loved the layout of the pages as well as the sprinkle of My Lover directions for magic tricks This story was pretty good It was a magical mystery with some humor mixed in It reminded me of the book The Magical Misfits I liked the storyline especially the ending The only thing that kind ofisappointed me was the rabbits humor I feel like half of THE THINGS THE RABBIT SAYS ABOUT things the rabbit says about etc will go right over kids heads Oliver also seemed a little pathetic as the main character but I think he was meant to be that way Oliver is not very good at magic but his friends got him a gig as the magician at a classmate s birthday party While at the party one of the birthday boy s presents has been stolen and Oliver and his friends become suspects They promise to find the real culprit but must Alcohol Addiction do it before the final magic performance which only gives them thirteen minutes With a silly plot and interesting characters including a talking rabbit this is a book kids will find humorous ARC provided by the publisherI actually really like the page set up on this one the book slightly smaller than normal the text is in about a 14 point font and there are lots of pageecorations sometimes comprising half the page The use of black and white with purple is also nice However books about kid magicians gather Mobilizing New York dust on my shelves No one ever checks them out Even my nonfiction magic books move slowlyI love to see this format one with a slightly older style of cartoon see this format one with a slightly older style of cartoon it s a fine line in middle school about SPORTS That would be a big hit I have read and thoroughly enjoyed Bosch s other two series The Secret Series and The Bad Book Series This one is the beginning of a newer series Oliver From the author of the bestselling Secret Series comes this funny chapter book mystery about a third grade magician and the wisecracking rabbit who is the secret brains behind his actEight year old Oliver reams of being a professional magician even though he has terrible stage fright And now his friends ,

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Aling the birthday boy s best gift Can
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solve the and clear his name before his parent s are calledBosch steps back into the world of mystery and magic with a book aimed at early elementary readers Much like his previous titles this one contains plenty magic with a book aimed at early elementary readers Much like his previous titles this one contains plenty humor along with a narrator that enjoys breaking the fourth wall Jokes are heavily slapstick and great for the intended Audience Especially When Accompanying especially when accompanying add punchlines or physical humor Bosch uses easy to follow language with the assistance of Pangburn s art to also explore the process of a etective and a magicianUnfortunately bullying is a common theme throughout the book but it s rarely addressed without a humorous undertone The end thankfully has a grownup finally stepping in to put a stop to this negative behavior so our heroes can prevailThe cast is wonderfully Social Media in Academia diverse and showcases a range of talents that kids can perform whether for good or evil 8 year old Oliver is a really bad magician with a mismatched set of cards When he gets invited to be the birthday party of the year s entertainment he becomes afraid that his stage fright will get in the way Desperate for help he visits The Great Zoocheeni s Magic Emporium but comes away with nothing than a moth eaten top hat He soon finds a wisecracking rabbit named Benny who lives in the hat Together the two work together to create the perfect magic act At the party however Benny gets accused of stealing a robotic cat Can the two work together to solve the mystery and clear Oliver s name Will they amaze everyone with their grand finale Humorouselightfully engaging plot The characters are entertaining easy to relate to and well eveloped Full of twists and turns this mystery will appeal to readers who have liked Bosch s other books or who like humorous mysteries and adventures I was given an arc of this by the publisher I read it to my first through third grade class and they absolutely loved it It made us all laug. Ed Benny who agrees to help Oliver with his act But at the party Oliver is accused of robbery He'll need to solve the mystery of the missing robo cat to clear his name before he and Benny can amaze the crowd with their grand finaleIncludes a PDF of the instructions to perform Oliver's Four Jokers Card Tric. S short a little ense at times and has few friends In this book he is the only child in his class not to be invited to the rich kid s birthday party but he goes as the magician entertainment He is a terrible magician but with the help of a rabbit in the magician s hat he is able to save the ay and solve a mystery at the same time This book seems to be for a younger audience than his other books which fine the same time This book seems to be for a audience than his other books which is fine I idn t enjoy it as much I love Bosch s humor but the humor in this book was too infantile for my tastes Age appropriate no Modern English in Action (Level 12) doubt and moves at a uick clip to prevent boredom for the young reader Relies on the now popular theme of telling bits of the story through art and that is well executed if trite Includesirections on how to perform a magic trick and that s another great bonus feature Not memorable but cute and funny for an 8 year old Magician in training Oliver gets a hat from a magic shop that comes with a talking bunny Benny inside Together with his twin friends they go to a birthday party where they wind up solving a mystery and stopping some bullies through the power of teamwork Well teamwork and a little bit of magic I received this as an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewOliver has plans to become a famous magician too bad he has terrible stage fright and isn t too great at the magic part either When his best friends get him hired for a birthday party the most popular and Biggest Bully S Birthday Party When Oliver bully s birthday party When Oliver the only kid not invited to a classmate s birthday party his well meaning friends book him as the entertainment to perform his magic tricks and show everyone how cool he really is The only problem Oliver has never one a trick an illusion or even a sleight of hand without failing miserably One trip to a magic shop later and Oliver has a new if slightly grumpy talking rabbit companion to help him Things escalate when Oliver blunders his way through the performance only to be accused of ste. Eenie and Bea have gotten him invited to a classmate's birthday party as the paid entertainment Desperate for help he visits The Great Zoocheeni's Magic Emporium but comes away with nothing than a moth eaten top hatOliver is in for a lucky surprise though Inside that top hat hides a wisecracking rabbit nam.