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On guilt lies sadness with a dash f humour and throw in a few shocks as the revelations and truth emerges and I think you have a recipe for a bestseller Talk about messed up lives Whilst the characters are not likeable except for Archie the innocent in all the shenanigans I did not want to stop reading about them As for the GoMamas website I don t know whether to laugh The Schooled Society or cry Overall a brilliant exciting twisty read which I loved I ll definitely want to read by Charlotte Duckworth Thank you to NetGalley and Crooked Lane for the ARC 35I think this is the third book about the dangersf social media I ve read in the past few months I really enjoyed the beginning and the mysterious disappearance Nude Pussy Amateur Girls Closeup Erotic Photo Book Full Nudity Uncensored Striptease Pictures with sexy Girls: Horny nude girl photography of a hugely successful mommywifey vlogger Her followers were caughtff guard and devastated to find all her accounts and posts deleted without explanation They had no way to feed their Whooo-Ku obsession with her and her familyI d describe thisne as a light psychological thriller with potential The story line became somewhat repetitive and had me wanting plot around the 25% markIt is entertaining and I wanted to finish it to see how it would wrap up but was hoping for a bit Thanks to NG and the publisher for my review copy OUT March 2020 Charlotte Duckworth you are now two for two in entertaining the heck Kayla Eli Discover Jazz outf me with your well thought Oxford Examined out stories and for that I thank you MWAH Violet Young is a Youtube sensationr rather influencer with her hugely popular mommy vlog Violet is Blue which was started as a way to help Einsteins Generation other mothers that suffer with postpartum depression While she does have many fans she also has an eual numberf haters that spew vitriol via their keyboard muscles each and every day It appears that Engendering Song onef her followers has even been harassing her via email and this follower seems to know an awful Lot About Her even been harassing her via email and this follower seems to know an awful Lot About Her S What You about her It s what you after all isn t it Without an audience without people like me watching then what are you No Come Hell or High Water one asked you to put yourselfn the internet No The Great Railway Bazaar one asked you to leave breadcrumb trailsf your life across the World Wide Web just waiting for a hungry bird like me to gobble up I know everything about you Violet Lily is a young widow with a 3 year Rue Marquis De Sade old son She has been suffering with depression ever since her tragic loss and is Violet Young s 1 fan She misses the days before child before her loss when she had something to hope for With no friends to be had she fanatically watches Violet via Youtube Instagram Twitter etc Lily feels that Violet truly understands what it is she is going through Yvonne is a 40 yearld woman with a younger husband Simon and they desperately want to have children Unfortunately it appears that Simon suffers from male factor infertility Yvonne takes comfort in Violet is Blue and Five Farthings other mommy websites and chat rooms Then the unthinkable happens Violet shuts down allf her social media without so much as a warning leaving her admirers and enemies wondering what happened to the social media darling Speculation ensues and rumors spread mostly about Henry Violets husband is he really as perfect as she s made him ut to beThe story is told in alternating chapters from the perspectives f Lily Yvonne and Henry after Violet has gone missing We listen as all three tell their stories and eventually how they connect and I was glued to the pages for it My need to know was so great that I finished this in nearly Historias de cronopios y de famas one sitting 4 Justne page Stars Thank you to NetGalley and uercus Books for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review 375You may be ready to power Pope Francis off yournline presence But maybe your followers aren t ready Redemption (Amos Decker, or willing to let you goViolet has it all An adoring husband and three beautiful little girls She shares every last detailf her life and that The Spellman Files (The Spellmans, of her family snline And apparently it s intriguing enough that she s gained Harry Potter Series Box Set (Harry Potter, over a million followersn her YouTube channel So what happens when she suddenly vanishes Or accurately her The Sheiks Love Child on line presence disappears YouTubeInstagramFacebook all gone It s as if her entirenline life has been shut down For her devoted followers nothing could be worse How can they get through their The Zoo Story own lives without tuning into hersTold from multiple perspectives Each character with theirwn bizarre agenda hoping to find Ghachar Ghochar out what happened to Violet I ve read a numberf social media thrillers lately And they continue to scare me to no end Strikingly realistic A friendly piece The Most Eligible Lord in London (The Lords of London of advicecareful what you share because there just might be someoneut there follow. The day she's no longer there But The King of Crows (The Diviners, one day she disappears from thenline world her entire social media presence deleted Captives overnight with no explanation Has she simply decided that baring her life to allnline is no longer a good idea r. ,

When Violet Young a hugely popular mummy vlogger and influencer goes ff line it sets a buzz amongst her followers Why has she shut done all her social media accounts What s happened Is something wrong with her her three adorable children Silent Surrender (Nighthawk Island, or Henry her perfect magazine publisher husband What are her addicted fans going to do now they can no longer get their daily fixf VioletThe mystery unfurls from the point Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Read-Along Storybook and CD) of viewf two f Violet s followers Lily who has an unhealthy bsession with Violet s Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle online persona and Yvonne who is harbouring herwn secret about Violet s family This is a deliciously fun and twisty psychological thriller which playfully highlights the dangers Lohnarbeit und Klassenbildung of believing all you readn social media With thanks to Crooked Lane Books and Netgalley for a digital copy to read The sound f my husband slapping his hands against his thighs in time to We Built This City makes me want to crash the car and kill us both Yvonne s hilarity in this book is EVERYTHING At ne point she calls some women is is EVERYTHING At Hidden Witness (Return to Ravesville one point she calls some women is mommy s chat group The Breastapo and I lost it againThe story itself absorbed me utterly I HAD to figureut what was going A Passionate Heart/To Kiss A Count/The Runaway Countess on but thene liner gifts along the way added so much levity to this thriller that it was the perfect read for meThank you Charlotte Duckworth Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for giving me this ARC in exchange for an honest review 4 stars What is it about nut case characters that I love so muchI m loving this social media trend that is going The Earl and the Governess on right now in books It s incredibly eyepening since we all tend to take it all for granted most Prima Donna of the time Popular mommy vlogger Violet suddenly disappears from social media and herbsessive stalkers شرح التعرف لمذهب التصوف -پنج مجلد or followers as they like to call themselves go into a panicked frenzy trying to figureut what happened to her The story is told in 3 POV s Lily Yvonne two f Violet s
who are totally CUCKOO and Violet s husband who just sends ut totally shady vibes from the start Unfollow me is super well written and fast paced Lots Words of Life of scandalous activities goingn which always makes for a fun reading experience I m definitely looking forward to from this author Thank you to NetGalley Crooked Lane Books and Charlotte Duckworth for my advanced copy to read and review A million subscribers tune in to watch the YouTube channel VIOLET IS BLUEViolet a Mummy influencer with three children who has battled Post Partum depression and come Ten Orange Pumpkins outn the Amarcord other side nowffers a daily glimpse into her life and words f encouragement to all f her fansHer followers count American General on seeing her every day Butne day VIOLET IS GONEDid the woman trolling her finally force her to delete ALL Wishes and Worries of her accountsvernight Or has something far sinister happened to Violet Two The Downs Syndrome Handbook of her most devoted followers Lily and Yvonne are keen to findut and the story mostly unfolds through their alternating perspectives This is an enjoyable though not particularly dark tale Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, ofversharing When All Hell Breaks Loose on social media and I was drawn in as soon as I gazed at that GORGEOUS new cover right till the last page when all was revealed I was a bitf an Hell Fire (Corine Solomon, outlier when I read the author s debut novel The Rival which was just ankay read for me but found this book her sopho effort to be uite a bit entertaining If you enjoy the FUN thrillers like I do you can pick this ne up TODAY Thank You to Netgalley Crooked Lane Books and Charlotte Duckworth for the digital ARC I received in exchange for a candid review What has happened to vlogger Violet Blake Why has she shut down all her social media Her fans speculate wildly AND ARE DESPERATE FOR THE TRUTH THIS ADDICTIVE AND are desperate for the truth This addictive and paced thriller had me hooked from start to finish The story is told from multiple perspectives Yvonne who is married to Simon and is desperate to be a mum Lily a single mum to Archie permanently broke freuently drunk as she s so unhappy with her life Henry who is married to Violet and finally from Violet herself This book has so many themes but ne SOG of the main things which I found so thought provoking is the wellbserved and pertinent commentary Seven Bad Ideas on social media and people sbsession with it and addiction to it which can be unhealthy Here we have the cult Alien Diplomacy (Katherine Kitty Katt, of the social celebrity who gives hope to some entertainment tothers but can also promote envy and jealousy Lily for example is not living her Togo own life she s not taking proper caref Archie as she is living her life vicariously through her Bikini obsession with Violet s life However what is real and what is fantasy Add jealousy rage decepti. You Can't Stop Watching Her Violet Young is a hugely popular journalist turned mummy vlogger with three young children a successful husband and a million subscribersn YouTube who tune in daily to watch her everyday life unfold Until. Ing just a bit too closelyA buddy read with Susanne Thank you to NetGalley Crooked Lane Books and Charlotte Duckworth for an ARC to read and review Surprise surprise something juicy tasty deliciously witty fresh from the Better oven deserves 4 stars and it s time to be a generous grader because it s a uite fantastic entertaining twisty page turner about voluntarily letting your life playut in front f the prying curious and controlling eyes bookThis book definitely passes all the tests with flying rainbow colorsGreat writing CHECKIntriguing characters CHECKFast and unputdownable pacing CHECKSatisfying conclusion CHECKThe plot Violet CHECKIntriguing characters CHECKFast and unputdownable pacing CHECKSatisfying conclusion CHECKThe plot Violet is a vlogger an influencer starts her videos telling her experiences about postpartum depression and lately she started sharing her happy life including her beautiful house amazing kids and handsome rich handsome husband too good to be true right better than watch any kind f Real Housewives series with her growing numbers All Clear (All Clear, of followers Buyne night she deletes all Straight Up and Personal: The World According to Grapes of her social media accounts and disappearsut f nowhere leaves her curious stalkers without proper explanation The Book Starts With A starts with a psychologically damaged admirer s letter with those haunted words I know everything about you Violet As soon as I grab the book flipping those pages faster than light speed yes I updated my brain settings and choose the fast reading ption because the book was so intriguing and as I see two different women s POVS I really wanted to know what were their connection with Violet and family I realized both Saving Sweetness of characters in this book already lost their marbles Everyne A Great Day for Pup! of them shows stalker ishbsessive compulsive tendencies suffering from anger management problems which worked soooo finneee with me Much craziness always increases my appetiteSOOOO WHAT HAPPENED TO VIOLET BLAKE I thought it could be like Laura Palmer case and they can hire a detective as charismatic as agent Cooper But sorry friends this book is not a crime thriller It s all about illusions lies and perversions that social media accounts created in normal people s lives and make them volunteered slaves Modern Love of BIG BROTHER in exchangef some sponsors not necessarily lifesaver productsLet s move Bad Day in Blackrock our lunatic three amigoscharacters Lily 27 single mother introvert showing symptomsf depression and alcoholism feels lost after she cannot connect with Violet s virtual world She loses her wn identity by emphasizing too much with virtual realities costs her not having a proper friendship r relationship with a man Now she resumes her life consisted The Real Deal of too many lies We should be sorry for her right Hmmm think it againAnd Yvonne 40 married with a younger trainer successful photographer trying so hard to get pregnant and she finally succeeds So we should be happy for her right Hmmm think it againAnd Henry Violet s handsome devoted husband looks also exhausted and lost after his wife s disappearance from social media He had some kindf anger issues and last time the neighbors had seen his wife an ambulance had been spotted in front Nursing Care Plans of their house Did he hurt his wife Why his sister in law take caref the children Why does he visit hospital And finally what the hell happened to Violet I loved 3 different crazy characters POVS and their final connection all those revelations and Caste of course somewhat twisty conclusion at Violet s part Violet should be careful about who will she work withPacing writing cumulationf crazy characters surprises enjoyed me so much I didn t want to slap any The World's Sexiest Bedrooms of the characters because they were really damaged and brokennes who couldn t achieve to leave their pasts behindSpecial thanks part coming right now Thanks to Netgalley and Crooked Lane Books to share this ARC COPY in exchange my honest review and Win Bigly of course too many thanks to Charlotte Duckworth to create this amazing story and give some much thrillers and enjoymentbloginstagramfacebooktwitter HAPPY PUBLICATION DAYThe soundf my husband slapping his hands against his thighs in time to We Built This City makes me want to crash the car and kill us bothYvonne s hilarity in this book is EVERYTHING At Deal Breakers one point she calls some women in a mommy s chat group The Breastapo and I lost it againThe story itself absorbed me utterly I just HAD to figureut what was going Death Note One-Shot Special (Death Note, Chapter on but thene liner gifts along the way added so much levity to this thriller that it was the perfect read for meThank you Charlotte Duckworth Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for giving me this ARC in exchange for an honest revie. Has something sinister happened to her But do you really know who Violet is Told from the perspectives The Lynching of Emmett Till of her most avid fansbsessed with finding Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky (Tristan Strong out the truth their search uickly reveals a webf lies betrayal and shocking conseuenc.

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