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Intelligent and she will just overall frak ou the frak up She s also very strategic having been trained as a leader and she s always thinking a few steps ahead of everyone else I think that she and Renata are going to be a serious force to be reckoned with and their mates are just going to have to hang on for the ride Shifter S Mates Book 3 s Mates Book 3 Earth spirals toward death is there any hope for those left behindSPOILER ALERT THIS IS BOOK THREE IN THIS SERIES THIS SERIES SHOULD DEFINITELY BE READ IN ORDER IF YOU HAVEN T READ BOOKS 1 AND 2 "THE TIGER UEEN AND THE TIGER KING "TIGER UEEN AND THE TIGER KING Who plot against me Someone is stealing shifters from their homes and the thief is none other than the brother of the male chosen to be my mate Can we work together to stop him And can we find love despite everything that stands against

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Meran to help get all the shifters to a safe planet The problem is she didn t get matched as much as she got kidnapped Dakar has been matched with Daiyu but he has sworn to not take a mate He thinks that he s not worthy which means that he #s going to do everything he can to fend off his feelings for Daiyu It doesn t help that she shows #going to do everything he can to fend off his feelings for Daiyu It doesn t help that she shows in his dreams and tries to get him to find her Dakar has a serious cranio rectal inversion for a good chunk of the time Apparently men can be men no matter what their species is I love Daiyu Just like with Renata Daiyu is fierce smart tricky. Were wrong My mate doesn’t want me and I convince myself that fulfilling my duties want me and I convince myself that fulfilling my duties be enough My snow leopard and I both know I’m lying We want him And despite his words to the contrary we know he wants us tooYet there are those. I love this shifter story Dakar and his war mate was a great
story i wish 
I wish had been a bit longer though I thought their story could use development I love how they defeat Norkad together And Dakar making his war mate bite him was hot Loved it I have loved Raisa Greywood s Shifter s Mates world since the very first book and each succeeding one has made me love it even This book is the first one about the snow leopard Chen Daiyu and her uest to find her mate Dakar Daiyu spent Kidd, J: Hoarder years andears walking from her Tibet home Get To Atlanta So get to Atlanta so she could be with a Xi. I traveled across two continents to guide and protect the shifter clans during the exodus to our new home in the Ximeran system Though my journey was hard my ancestors promised me happiness with a mate when I finish my tasks The ancestors.

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