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N readers can relate to the story except the romantic aspect of the author The author is cut rom a different material when it comes to love His aspect of the author The author is cut rom a different material when it comes to love His or an american girl with everything she puts the author through is little too much to an american girl with everything she puts the author through is little too much to or any self respecting man But I suppose when you are in love you are in love Journey rom a refugee camp to PhD at UC Davis and then eventually as a police officer at LAPD is what this book is about but the debate this book tries to answer is whether an evil person is inherently evil or does the circumstances around that person makes him soOverall I think this is a good book It s an easy read and certainly
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checking it out your local library While I m glad Mr Dutta was able to tell his story in his inal years rest in peace and enjoyed the color of life in India and his transition to the US I have to rate this one low because I Noni Speaks Up find the ultimate messaging to be extremely dangerous and irresponsible Conflating crime with a choicevictimhood complex woefully underestimates sociologicalactors that aren t even touched upon in the book The ultimate message really disregards the trauma historical and psychological Handbags and Gladrags factors that may shape someone differently than another person I could go on and on and plan to at my book club about this but woof. Mangoes Dutta takes usrom his An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) family home in Rajasthan to America to France to the streets of southeastern Los Angeles homing in on the uestions that tore him and Raju apart Can you outgrow the madness that made you Can you make peace with the ghosts of your past  A memoir with sweeping spiritual ambitions Stealing Green Mangoes tells the story of a man who pushed back against theorces that captured his own brother and built a compassionate meaningful life in a broken world.
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No answer This does wander a bit at times but it s a ascinating story Thanks to the publisher or the ARC A worthy read Two brothers born and in India One for the A worthy read Two brothers born and raised in India One a US policeman one a murderer How can such a difference happen in humans having the same background The author sets out to Wish Upon a Wedding find answers He is looking not only at brothers but opposing religious political and societal groups What keeps the circle of unjustice alive in our world Nature vs Nurture is an age old debate and in this book the author Sunil Dutta has tried his best to help the readers pick a side and decideor themselves The reality is that it is difficult to say which one has a total say in how a person develops and acts I personally We Got the Neutron Bomb: The Untold Story of L.A. Punk feel they both are at play to varying extent in defining his or her personality The author is a scientist by training and what better to test the hypothesis but on your own life Two brothers both turning out 180 degree diametrically opposite in personality Oneollowing the path of love meaning patience and other one ollowing path of greed manipulation and crime The description #of life in India at that time is airly accurate except couple of things that I #life in India at that time is Richard Nixon: The Life fairly accurate except couple of things that I little imaginative but overall good description of socioeconomic and cultural practices at that time I think most India. Dren together chasing whateverun and solace they could I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! find in impossible conditions Sunil looked up to Raju He admired his strength his characterRaju took a different path He was arrested heled the law he became a ugitive He became a terrorist Then he became a ather and then a murdererAfter being diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer later in life Sunil urgently wanted to understand what choices had led he and his brother down such radically different paths In Stealing Green. Sunil Dutta s book Stealing Green Mangoes Two Brothers Two Fates One Indian Childhood is essentially the memoir of a dying man Dutta died of lung cancer right after the book s completion in the summer of 2019 He left behind a wife a mother and a brother It is the brother who is referred to in the book s title he s is currently incarcerated in the French penal system or murdering three peopleSunil Dutta s life story is an interesting one Born to a lower middle class amily in the Punjab area of India he was raised in a not particularly loving HOME LOTS OF FAMILY FIGHTING AND THE FACT THAT Lots of amily Janae (Blacktop, fighting and theact that brother turned into a criminal and Sunil literally turned into the opposite a cop in Los Angeles Is A Testament To The Vagaries Of Fate He Fell a testament to the vagaries of ate He ell love with an Ameri It s always difficult to review a memoir because it can eel as though you are making a judgment about someone s life and life choices That s not the case here because Dutta has written a ascinating book about not only his life but that of his brother Raju Could this be a case of nature versus nuture one brother emigrated to the US gained advanced degrees and joined the LAPD while the other became a murderer Clearly Dutta has spent a lot of time thinking about why their lives are so different and ultimately there is as in so many things. A memoir written in the wake of a cancer diagnosis that zeroes in on the crux between two brothers one who became an LAPD officer and the other a terroristSunil Dutta is a twenty year veteran of the LAPD Before that he was a biologist at the University of California and a translator of classic Indian poetry Before that he was a destitute refugee one of so many uprooted by the genocidal violence surrounding the Partition of India Back then he had a brother Back then they were chil.