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Wicked Stars This book starts right where Shades of Wicked left off with Ian having vague memories and determined to recover his memories and importantly find Veritas He s finally reunited with Veritas who took very opportunity to ditch Ian but Ian was tenacious and he wasn t having any of it They finally come to an understanding and decide to work together to finish what they started with Dagon Ian Ian who was formally allergic to commitment and marriage took very opportunity to remind Veritas of their martial status much to Veritas dismay It s hilarious how protective Veritas is of Ian which is sweet and fun considering Ian s uber powerful and certainly than capable of taking care of himself We are introduced to few new characters and I m totally intrigued We ll definitely be getting of these characters in the next book I love that we get cameos from the Night Huntress characters it makes this fan super happy Final thoughts This Book wasbusy for lack of a better word There was a lot going on but oh lordthat nding Yikes Let s just say that the next book is gonna be so freaking good Veritas family history is definitely interesting and it s starting to intrude so along with a new character theres some major troubles ahead for Ian and Veritas This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in BooksI loved this book It is no secret that I adore the Sinner's Heart entire Night Huntress universe Ian has always been a great character and I was thrilled when I learned about this spin off series featuring his character I loved the first book in the Night Rebel series Shades of Wicked and couldn t wait to get my hands on this newest book Let s just say that I went into this book with sky highxpectations and I wasn t disappointed This book was just as good as I had hoped it would be This is the second book in the Night Rebel series which I would recommend reading in order This book picks up shortly after the vents of the previous book Ian and Veritas are not together Ian shouldn t remember any of their time together and Veritas is committed to finding all the souls that were freed in order to save Ian There is one big problem Ian doesn t want to forget Veritas or let her go I love Ian and Veritas I was a bit frustrated with Veritas at the start of this book because I just wanted to see Ian and Veritas together and she was making things difficult It all works out though because Ian rises to the challenge I thought that their personalities really shined in this book and their feelings for ach other made my heart happy I think that I liked Spirit of the Wolf each of these characters a bit withvery page They are both smart tough and willing to take risks I thought that the story was really xciting Even though I feel like I know this world really well I love that there were a few surprises in store in this book There was plenty of action and there were times that I didn t know how things would work out IT REALLY SEEMED LIKE THEY WERE OUTMATCHED AT TIMES really seemed like they were outmatched at times it was great to see Ian and Vertias rise to the challenge I would highly recommend this book to others I had a fantastic time with this book and loved that it was verything I hoped it would be I cannot wait to read of this amazing series I received a digital review copy of this book from HarperCollins Avon Books via EdelweissInitial ThoughtsI loved this book Ian and Veritas are both great characters and I just love them together There were uite a few surprises in this story and tons of xcitement There were some key appearances by some key players in the Night Huntress Universe and we also met a few new characters This was one of those books that I found almost impossible to put down TITLE WICKED BITEAUTHOR Jeaniene FrostSERIES Night RebelRELEASE DATE January 28 2019GENRE PNRTHEMES TROPES Vampires DemonsRATING 4 StarsCLIFFHANGER You BetREAD MY REVIEW ON MY REVIEW ON BLOGJeaniene Frost is a sure bet for a good time WICKED BITE is par for the course I was ager to finally continue after the cliffy of SHADES OF WICKED she left us hanging with Please mind that it is vital you read the first book before you read this one I also want to point out that you may njoy this series if you ve read all the other stories in this universeI have to say that Veritas made it a little harder for me to like her this time She ventually succeeded but her irritation with Ian her denial of the bond they shared the way she treated him at times was unfair and unwarranted She gave him little credit to be able to hold his own while she was trying to fulfill the task she was ntrusted with yet was reckless and ven interfered out of pride when he had the chance to kill her archenemy because he was hers to kill Was this was this what trust felt like If so it was like sinking into a warm bath after an achingly brutal day I wanted to wrap myself in the glorious unfamiliar feeling but it was also an indictment on Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) everything I d done since Ian had come back from the dead I thought Ian couldn t survive the threats I still had to face yet he d proven than able to meetvery challenge I d feared plus several I hadn t ven thought. Nting down the dark souls that were freed in order to save Ian But the risks are high For if she gets caught she could lose her job And catching the sinister creatures might cost Veritas her own life Some vows are forever Ian's memories might be fragmented but this master vampire isn't about to be left behind by. If you would have told me during the first few books of the Night Huntress series that A I was going to love Ian and B His books would be better than Vlad s I would have called you a dirty liarBut it is totally true and the reason for that isn t just Ian but it is also Veritas She is such a cool character with a lot happening and she is the perfect match for Ian in very way Clever calculating and cruel Ian s voice dropped to an insinuating purr No wonder I married you Once again Veritas and Ian need to team up to search for a demon both has past dealings with As they travel around the world both dodging him and trying to find a way to kill him we learn of what Veritas s nature really is and how she is really one of a kind Ian is all kinds of smooth and it is funny the number of people that still can t believe he is a changed man and willing to try out monogamy let alone marriage I Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, enjoyed seeing some of the tender parts of Ian and his utter acceptance ofverything Veritas is As always seeing a few of the members from the Night Huntress series mixed in was great and did I catch a few hints of possibly another story in the Night Huntress world involving Cat Bones and a little munchkin they call daughter I think I might have fingers crossedThe The First Ghost ending is a bit of a shocker once again but at least Veritas and Ian are in a whole slew of trouble together this time I m looking forward to seeing how it is all going to shake outspecially with that reveal at the nd So until next book remember sometimes you have to kick the darkness until it bleeds daylight It s been a long time coming I feel like I have been waiting for this story for forever and I think with that came a lot of xpectations WICKED BITE is book two in the Night Rebel series Because I was such a fan of the original Night Huntress series I was looking forward to seeing what Frost would do for Veritas and IanThe best thing about this book is that Frost stays true to the beloved characters of the series Their personalities came out strong in this series which I think will make readers very happy The beginning takes a bit of time to warm up but once the action starts I found myself Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential enjoying the book There s a touch of humor that runs through thisntire book but when you pair the sexiness with the action it really makes for an interesting read The overall tone of the book is set by Veritas character who I think is the true star of this novel I am looking forward to the next book in the series Hopefully it won t take over another year before we get the next installment in our hot little hands Read my review on Fresh Fiction 1 Shades of Wicked 2 Wicked Bite My heart hurtsMy most anticipated read of the year and it didn t meet my xpectations how sad is that Shades of Wicked was just too good to live up toSome SPOILERS ahead proceed at your own riskFirst of all I loved the amnesia turnabout in book one but now I kinda wish Jeaniene Frost hadn t used it and just let them continue their amazing chemistry without interrupting itThe magic was just gone Veritas spilled verything pretty Humanism early on I really thought she d be resistant which made me agree with Mischa s belief that the use of amnesia is plain lazy What was the point it that It didn t add anything to the plotxcept that Ian and Veritas now had new hurdles to jump through ven though Ian remembered most of the details anyway I was not a fan of this half thing they got going on they partly had to start their relationship anew and partly not The strong chemistry I felt got left behind somewhere back then when I first read SoW in January last year After Ian suddenly got all his memories back their chemistry should have been back to normal but I didn t feel It At All And Leaving at all And leaving the amnesia have been back to normal but I didn t feel it at all And leaving out the amnesia they were basically back to their very first beginning as well hunting down Dagon Now that I think about it book two is basically a recycled version of book one Jeaniene Frost should have made SoW a standaloneMaybe it s just me but I also didn t like how motional Veritas suddenly became in this installment She didn t act like someone who s over a thousand years oldAnd can we talk about that Placing Memory ending Because wth It was totally unnecessary to drag this outven longer on top of that with a newly introduced character that came out of NOWHEREThere were good things too of course though I had to scrape really hard to find a few things Overall I did njoy the book to a certain degree ven though I know it doesn t seem that way but this installment just can t compare to the firstAshael I would love to read a book about him sometime If Jeaniene Frost could make that happen I d be happy to buy it Though he came off as a bit shady at first I instantly took a liking to himIan Well Ian weirdly nough I don t have much to say about him Here I thought he was great as always but he kinda took a backseat in this installment He s still present throughout the whole book so that s not what I mean but his usual mischievousness was missing beginning xcluded and he got overshadowed somehowSilver The cutest winged dog Wanton Nights ever lol 35 In the newest Night Rebel novel set in New York Times bestselling author Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress world beautiful daring vampire Veritas risks all to protect Ian Some promises are meant to be broken Veritas spent most of her life as a vampire Law Guardian Now she's about to breakvery rule by secretly hu. .

Of Throughout the story Veritas was fighting with the other half of her personality that would make her whole I loved that she trusted herself and Ian when it was time to let her second nature loose Maybe you don t realize it I said between clenched teeth But I m having a problem at the moment Does that problem have While My Soldier Serves eyes that shoot silver beams while darkness billows behind her like a cape He grinned Made me rock hard seeing it He was aroused by my supernaturally sociopathic other half Fuck You I bit out He nodded Solid plan Ian doesn t back down on principleverything for him was a challenge I loved his cunning the way how he kept surprising veryone because they d underestimated him He is the kind of character who cheerfully laughs death in the face I didn t think it was possible but I think I love him ven than Bones He s so protective wickedly sensual and charming and so so funny All I felt was how tightly he held me how his power sparked against my skin and how he kissed me with delicate savageness as if he sensed my turmoil and sought to turn it into raw need instead At the ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe end of this book we get another twist totally out of the blue but felt very familiar with what Cat and Bones went through in DESTINED FOR AN EARLY GRAVE I m not a big fan of repeat plot toolsspecially if it s in the same universe but we ll see how this will turn out in the next installmentOverall this was a fun ride and a great addition to the Night Huntress world As always Jeaniene Frost s writing is totally The Fiend Next Door engaging and captivating We get a little Cat and Bones Mencheres Vlad and Leila I am looking forward to the next installment and hope that Veritas will go back to being the badass character she was in book 1 And of course I need Ian Boy the guy is sexy SHADES OF WICKED was fucking amazing and I need this so badly like you don tven knowAlso back off bitches Ian is mine I will shank you with a vampire fang awesomeRTCShades of wicked Review Another fabulous read by the amazing Jeaniene frost I love her vampires And Ian has been a fan favorite of mine from the beginning You can t help love this snarkycharming and sexy vamp with a piercing on his junk And veritas the bad ass law guardian is just the women to keep this bad boy in line and together their one hell of a couple In this new series spin off jeaniene is introducing all kinds of new and interesting characters like Ashael a handsome demon with black wings who is feared ven by other demons and who has a secret connection to veritas Also the old and secretive Yonah who was once a powerful demon Prince who hides away on a island were all kinds of creatures live One of the coolest creatures is the Leviathan a water creature who guards the shore of the island to touch one is to drown forever In wicked bite veritas has left Ian behind to protect him from the vil dagon a demon who had a score to settle with Ian and as long as dagon lives he is danger so veritas goes on the hunt to find and kill himBut Ian refuses to stay behind and if that means going before the vampire council and getting shit stirred up He will He doesn t remember muchbut he knows that
"what him and "
him and had was real and he ll be damned if anybody will keep him away from her Awesome storytelling and characters with great chemistry and full of Passionate Steamy Vampire Sex It Doesn T steamy vampire sex It doesn t ANY BETTER THEN THAT NEXT any better then that Next book 3 Wicked All Night Coming in பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் early 2021 Jeaniene Frost is one of my very favorite vampire writers of all time and anytime I get to sit down with one of her books I know I m in for a hell of a ride Until next time Luv s Okay first did I miss something I thought this was meant to be a duology why is there another bookSo since I have a feeling that this review might be a bit of a mess here is a little TL DR I was reallynjoying the book I thought it would The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 end up with a good rating But then thend hit and it seriously threw me off and last night when I finished I was seriously angry with the book Today when I slept on the review I m just disappointed So back to the review When I started the book I was really A Meditation on Murder enjoying it and I had a hard time not grinning It was fun So I already mentioned in the review for the first book that I m uncertain with Veritas For someone that old and powerful she just reads a bit too immature for my liking and does way too many reckless and not logical things And that did not really change in this book Same with her and Ian I do not necessarily feel any chemistry between them Which definitely drags the story down But still the plot and Ian were able to hold the story without mexactly rooting for them as a coupleIan is my all time favourite character from the Night Huntress Universe I was terrified that he would lose his backbone and will be just walked over all the time While that did not happen he s definitely loosing some of his charms But ven despite that he s still the best character view spoilerI just need to say that I loved how he went to the Council and filed charges against them to get Veritas to talk to him That s what I xpect from him hide spoiler. The woman who ntranced him bound herself to him and then disappeared So what if demons other Law Guardians and dangerous otherworldly forces stand against them Come hell or high water Ian intends to remind Veritas of the burning passion between them because she is the only person seared on his mind and his sou.

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