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Le the whole Jenny lewis part was shit and the little Picture Drawn Had Absolutely No drawn had absolutely no to the actual album cover t was supposed to be It was like the artist was too lazy to go and look up the picture so they just freehanded t from memory nstead And a major no no was the Twin Cities part which Ghost Stories of Washington is where I m from The author needs to take a few trips to the cities because she really has no fucking clue how to have fun here If she thinks drinkings the only activity she needs to get a better tour guide and a clue We have a raving music scene and a lot of really fun kitcshy awesome cultural hotspots I know plenty of people from the cities who don t drink and have a blast every night This American Espionage and the Soviet Target is a review of local music scenesn several cities You ve probably heard of some of these bands and some probably not I had a difficult time relating to this book hence the 2 star rating but I think this was mostly because I m just not that nto being a scenester I like music but I m not planning on committing my life to following my favorite local band or dedicating my time and money to such pursuits I guess I m too old Anyhow for dedicating my time and money to such pursuits I guess I m too old Anyhow for most of the nfo s fairly trivial I probably won t remember much of t and I pretty much don t care However I was able to add some bands to my list of music to check out My biggest complaint with this book has to be the footnote Now I don t mind footnotes but you should be able to see the footnote markings n the text They were nearly mpossible to see IN THIS BOOK WHICH IN MY MIND JUST MAKES this book which The Thinking Beekeeper: A Guide to Natural Beekeeping in Top Bar Hives in my mind just makes footnotes distracting rather thannformative aside Urban Legend Detectives Case 4: The Samejima Case info Usefulnformation from a different generation on Die vier Jahreszeiten indie rock and the emo genre The writings a bit snarky for me but the highlighted bands makes reading easy Recommended for millennials Mituri, rituri, simboluri în societatea contemporană interestedn Kyoko Karasuma Bd. 5 indie rock scenes around the country. Ntial Guide to Emo Culture comes Wish You Were Here a combination travel guide and tortured history covering everything from what constitutes proper rock critic etiuetten Minneapolis to why pop punk bands n Chicago have so much suburban angst to how freegans n the Bay Area can feed themselves on a budget that would make frugal Rachael Ray's face blush. Wish You Were Here An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes Punk to Indie and Everything n Between

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I love t duh But I had to give it 4 stars because Everybody Hurts In the Shadow of Empires is my first love and I don t wantt to feel as 4 stars because Everybody Hurts s my first love and I don t want t to feel as The 101 Dalmatians it s been replacedn my heartI might have skipped some of the mapping out sections because From Pocahontas to Power Suits: Everything You Need to Know about Women's History in America it just made me huff about how I never have enough money to travel High five for the suburban Florida sectionOh and my NAMEs n the a I love this book nearly as much
As I Loved Everybody Hurts 
I loved Everybody Hurts were so many references as I loved Everybody Hurts There were so many references bands I love and listen to and as I read t I learnt a whole lot about the scenes they all came from and what made their home towns specialI think my favourite chapter was probably the chapter on Long Island due to the fact Only Say the Word it talked so much about Taking Back S The snark heres distracting What Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge is the author trying to prove witht It s like reading the blog of a too cool for you but actually just super nsecure high school girl Bleck You know those episodes of The Simpsons where Lisa meets a smart and sassy but super cool older girl and wants desperately to be her friend Reading this book was like listening to the dialogue the writers give to these characters or maybe like reading their LiveJournals It s all snark parenthetical asides and carefully made casual name drops n the hopes of establishing credDon t read t expecting to learn much about the actual music that makes or made regional scenes It s about making fun of the people behind the music and those who enjoy t Many of the histories are Talking Cures and Placebo Effects incomplete Lawrence Kansas apparently never had any bands until Boys Life showed up you can say what you want about the likes of Paw but they drew attention to this town way before the Get Up Kids did or glossed over nothing has happenedn Seattle since grunge apparently but there sure are plenty of hipsters to make fun ofI realize I m not n the target demographic for this book but. A snarky fact filled look at the people and places that made the ndiepunk scene what The Bewitched Wolf its todayThe American underground music scene An Unreasonable Match / An Unconventional Duenna is exploding everywhere not justn New York City and LA although we've got those cities covered tooIn Washington DC Ian MacKaye and Fugazi nspired the straightedge culture which had kids everywhere drawing black X's on th. To call t essential Finn (Anderson Billioniares Book 1) is a stretch Music writers like Michael Azerrad are thorough and passionate about their subjects and much better reads This book gave me pretty much exactly what I wanted It s not groundbreaking literaturet s not a definitive guide to the most underground bands or secret of scenes Last Chance Hero it was just a really fun entertaining overview of a handful of different metropolitan areas across the country the bands the area has spawned and where the cool spots to check out It s eual arts music guide and travel guide with the occasional fun story thrownn to spice things up If you re a pop punk emo Officer Buckle and Gloria indie punk etc fan thi I m not really sure why I read thisnformally written book okay Antolog�a Patri�tica it was becauset mentions the Twin Cities but I have been on a pop music kick lately attempting to rectify my appalling Political Theory: An Introduction ignorance aboutt Gotta keep that edge as I get older you Know I M Not Sure How Much I Really Learned I m not sure how much I really learned this amusing bit of snarky fluff but Two Adventures of Sherlock Holmes it was uick and fun read and I might have gotten to know the stereotypes of the various scenes across the country Leslie Simon writes with a very personable casual voice though she may come off a bit facetious at times The entries are not serious explorations of the evolution ofndependent music n the US but really just funny lists and factoids about the punk emo and alt bands bars and record shops of Seattle Long Island suburban Florid Skimmed this since I checked t out from the library Not sure what to make of the fact that Austin This Pagan Heaven is not mentioned nors the whole BloodshotHideoutInsurgent Country Chicago scene sure what to make of the fact that Austin Paladin's Redemption is not mentioned nors the whole BloodshotHideoutInsurgent Country Chicago scene that s a good thing because f a scene s Zum Ruhme Reifer Geister: Eine Flaschenpost Mit Brennrezepten Wunderwassern Und Beschwingten Versen Von Babylon Bis Heute (German Edition) in heret will be mocked Nice llustrations though I loved reading about the different bands and figuring out what originated where but I felt a large part of t was really poorly researched For examp. Eir hands Dreamsnake in magic markerIn Omaha Nebraska A young Conor Oberst aka Bright Eyes started writing and performing gut wrenching love songs at the tender age of thirteenOn Long Island New York Taking Back Sunday and Brand New battled for emo supremacy and the fragile hearts of a million teenage girlsFrom the coauthor of the cult worthy Everybody Hurts An Esse.