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Accompany two people who love each ther but find the distance between them increasing as all the problems The Moon and the Thorn of day to day life seem to take precedence Neve is the wife the mother the worker the friend who is always there for everyone Fletcher is a struggling artist resentfulf his popular successful wife who appears to float through life uite effortlessly And Saul is the man who sees Neve for who she really is who sees her struggles and makes her feel alive again The Lying Room is about making choices and the conseuences f those choices This is a tautly plotted thriller with plenty f twists and a palpable air The Schooled Society of tension from beginning to end The characterisation is superb There is notne predictable moment in this book I loved it TheLyingRoom NetGalley THE AUTHORS Nicci Gerrard was born in June 1958 in Worcestershire After graduating with a first class honours degree in English Literature from Oxford University she began her first job working with emotionally disturbed children in Sheffield In that same year she married journalist Colin HughesIn the early eighties she taught English Literature in Sheffield London and Los Angeles but moved into publishing in 1985 with the launch Nude Pussy Amateur Girls Closeup Erotic Photo Book Full Nudity Uncensored Striptease Pictures with sexy Girls: Horny nude girl photography of Women s Review a magazine for womenn art literature and female issuesIn 1987 Nicci had a son Edgar followed by a daughter Anna in 1988 but a year later her marriage to Colin Hughes broke downIn 1989 she became acting literary editor at the New Statesman before moving to the Observer where she was deputy literary editor for five years and then a feature writer and executive editorIt was while she was at the New Statesman that she met Sean FrenchSean French was born in May 1959 in Bristol to a British father and Swedish mother He too studied English Literature at Oxford University at the same time as Nicci also graduating with a first class degree but their paths didn t cross until 1990 In 1981 he won Vogue magazine s Writing Talent Contest and from 1981 to 1986 he was their theatre critic During that time he also worked at the Sunday Times as deputy literary editor and television critic and was the film critic for Marie Claire and deputy editor Whooo-Ku of New SocietySean and Nicci were married in Hackney in October 1990 Their daughters Hadley and Molly were born in 1991 and 1993By the mid nineties Sean had had two novels published The Imaginary Monkey and The Dreamerf Dreams as well as numerous non fiction books including biographies Kayla Eli Discover Jazz of Jane Fonda and Brigitte BardotDISCLOSURE Thank you to Simon and Schuster UK via Netgalley for providing a digital ARCf The Lying Room by Nicci French All Oxford Examined opinions expressed in this review are entirely mywn personal Einsteins Generation opinions For an explanationf my rating system please refer to my Goodreadscom profile page Engendering Song or the about pagen sandysbookadaywordpresscom This review and Come Hell or High Water others are also publishedn Twitter and my webpage This stand alone murder mystery from the writing duo Nicci French was an entertaining read At times darkly funny sometimes almost farcical it is the tale The Great Railway Bazaar of a middle age married woman Neve Connolly who is summoned to the London flatf her lover Saul by a text Rue Marquis De Sade only to find him horribly murdered To avoid being framed and to save her marriage she tries to cover up her affair but gradually finds herself telling and lies to the police her family her friends even Saul s wife As the web becomes tangled she realises she needs to workut who killed him and why she was summoned the flat that morningAlthough is painted as a colorful friendly woman with a lot f friends and a busy social life her family seem to be doing less well and she seems to be juggling too many balls in her busy life to pay them enough attention She seems to spend a lot f time drinking too much with her friends and there is attention She seems to spend a lot My Rocky Romance Diary (Diaries of Kelly Ann, of time drinking too much with her friends and there is lotf drinking during the week this book is set as well as philandering with Saul who is her bos at work Her husband who does freelance work from home is depressed and struggling financially so that the family relies n Neve s salary to get by Neve s daughter Mabel who is about to leave home for University has had past issues that do not seem to be wholly resolved although a reason for her current distress is later revealed and there is some reconciliation between mother and daughter before the end f the book DCI Hitching who is in charge Pope Francis of the investigation into Saul s murder seems to think Neve knows than she s not telling the police He has a fine nose for deception and I loved the way he kept popping into herffice Redemption (Amos Decker, or dropping by her house to ask uestions trying to catch herff guard The plot was generally well developed and well written although I wasn t uite convinced by the motive given for the murder With thanks to Netgalley and Simon Schuster for a digital ARC to read 375I ve long wanted to read a Nicci French book The timing was just never right But after I saw the premise f this book Okay fine I peaked I knew I had to read it Before continuing is it just me I assumed Nicci French was a singular author I had no idea it was a husband and wife writing duo Nicci Gerard and husband Sean French Who doesn t just love that Neve slipped away from her family ne morning to pay visits to her boss Saul Did I mention she happens to be having an affair with him This mornings cozy little visit didn t go uite as plannedshe finds him dead in his flat Now in full panic mode she scrambles to cover all her tracks No Harry Potter Series Box Set (Harry Potter, one must know about the affairor that she was ever here in the flat this morningFor those who love a slow burn mystery novel thisne is a perfect fit Personally I wanted the pace to pick upmaybe just a bit I am already looking forward to reading Nicci French s next release Losing You presently sitting The Sheiks Love Child on my shelf waiting for meThank you to Edelweiss William Morrow and Nicci French for an ARC to read and review Subversion The Lying Room is a compelling thriller fullf suspense and clever complicity to keep you guessing who the killer is and how the main suspect although innocent navigates her The Zoo Story own guilty situation Neve Connolly is in her forties a wife and mother with three children The last numberf years have been a strain with various family problems and a depressed husband When events forged the prospect for Neve to embark Ghachar Ghochar on an affair with her new boss Saul Stevenson she took the step and sought some pl. Es she has so painstakingly stitched together threaten to unravelAfter scrubbing clean every tracef her existence from Saul’s life and death Neve believes she can return to normal shaken but intact But she can’t get The Most Eligible Lord in London (The Lords of London outf her head the ne tormenting uestion what was she forgettingAn investigation into the slaying could provide the answer It’s brought Detective.

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Easure for herself An affair that was exhilarating passionate and reckless was played ut mainly in his apartment in the city for which she held a key After having spent an evening together Saul texts Neve early the next morning asking for Captives one moment together before he goesff n a business tripIn the short time between the phone call and Neve arriving at the apartment Saul has been murdered and as she looks at the dead body with the murder weapon beside him she realises there are traces f her all Silent Surrender (Nighthawk Island, over the flat The dilemma is tantalisingly balanced should she report the murder to the police and explain her involvement with Saul and deal with all the family repercussions that will inevitably flow Or clean the flat to remove all tracesf her and pretend she was never there Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Read-Along Storybook and CD) or involved with him What had started as an affair had become death and she was at the centref it along with an unknown killer who may Utamaro or may not know her involvement with SaulThe plot is fabulously drawn with an intricately woven webf lies that spiral into deeper and deeper complexity which excel in this thriller The mental rollercoaster Latin Lovers Greek Husbands Bundle of Neve trying to remember what she had said previously how she should respond to uestions from her colleagues friends and family how she should act and how to protect herself when information could be validated fromther sources She had never understood how intricate and delicate the act Lohnarbeit und Klassenbildung of communication was how many clues and contexts there were Detective Chief Inspector Alastair Hitching leads the investigation and possesses that searching stare that implies he knows when you re lying The engagement with DCI Hitching isne f the clever and enthralling aspects f the story how he doesn t forget information and asks those seemingly guiltless uestions that wrong foot a liar It was fascinating to Hidden Witness (Return to Ravesville observe the delicate interplay between Neve and him how she tried to prepare her reactions and responses so they don t look fabricated Meanwhile there is still the real killerut there who may be getting away with murder literally if Neve continues to be the main suspect and if the killer can add compelling evidence to her lies and cover ups then they are clear I really appreciated that Neve never lost focus A Passionate Heart/To Kiss A Count/The Runaway Countess on the real potentialf going to prison and kept her guard up even though it wasn t a perfect story she was telling but the evidence was what the police really needed The drama circulating the evidence was very well plotted and the tension between Neve and the police and Neve and the killer were excellentWhile the writing has a wonderful descriptive uality it could have been cut down uite a bit to ensure a tighter momentum as I was regularly tempted to start rushing through particular sections to keep the pace high My The Earl and the Governess only complaintI loved the conceptf this novel and through the characters the authors unmasked all the worries deceit and panic that this plot provided I highly recommend this book and I d like to thank Simon and Schuster UK and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC version in return for an honest review I am DNFing at 37% because Prima Donna ohhhhhmygahhhhhhh I so don t careThanks Nicci French I ve loved you guysther books but I ll see myself شرح التعرف لمذهب التصوف -پنج مجلد out The Lying Room by Nicci French is a 2019 William Morrow Paperbacks publication Superb thought provoking thrillerThis is the first book released after the popular Frieda Klein series Shakingff the haze f bittersweet feelings at having to say goodbye to those characters I m now ready to tackle a new stand alone effort by this dynamic writing duo Neve s marriage is in a rut her family and social life is routine and predictable although the problems with her daughter are still at the forefront f her MIND HOWEVER WHEN SHE AND HER BOSS SAUL STEVENSON However when she and her boss Saul Stevenson spending time together it leads to an affair ne that uickens Neve making her feel alive and desired for the first time In A Long While a long while s all thrilling and exciting until she receives a text message from her lover instructing her to meet up with him When she arrives at his place she finds Saul dead having been beaten to death with a hammer With no time for proper mourning Neve immediately jumps into action cleaning the place up from top to bottom hoping to wipe away any trace f her affair with Saul She must protect her family especially her troubled daughter at all costs However Ten Orange Pumpkins once the investigation into Saul s death begins Neve discovers about her dead lover than she ever wanted to know Notnly that Saul s widow has reached Amarcord out to her announcing she is positive Saul was having an affair with someone at theffice asking Neve to help her find The Lady Elizabeth out who it was Allf this has Neve s nerves at a breaking point But when the detective working the case latches American General on to Neve showing up at the most inopportune moments to ask her uestions Neve s lies build into a precarious housef cards Shocking revelations come to light about her friends colleagues her Wishes and Worries own family and maybe even about Neve herself as the mysteryf who killed Saul deepens Yet the The Downs Syndrome Handbook one thing Neve never considered in her all consumingbsession to keep her affair hidden from her family and the police is that she too might be in danger This is a dark twisty thriller which takes so many little curves and travels down so many different avenues I could never figure Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, out who killed Saulr what direction the story would take me The first part When All Hell Breaks Loose of the book is almost darkly humorous as Neve is constantly trying to keep her cool as nearly everyone comes to her with their confessions She becomes so paranoid andn edge SHE BEGINS TO SUSPECT ANYONE AND begins to suspect anyone and in her Hell Fire (Corine Solomon, orbitf having a motive to kill Saul Friscos Kid (Tall, Dark Dangerous, orut to get her as well However as the story approached the last uarter SOG of the book a much darker tone emergesne that makes the reader very nervous Seven Bad Ideas on Neve s behalf The atmosphere and the suspense are so taut I was practically suirming in my chair from start to finish However I also found the book to be very thought provoking How well do we The authors behind Nicci French have written a terrific twisted standalone psychological thriller that so aptly illustrates just what a tangled web we weave when first we start to deceive Neve Connolly is a well liked wife and mother in her forties working at a publisher she and her friends had helped to establish She has been married to Fl. Chief Inspector Alastair Hitching and Neve’s worst fears to her door But with every new lie every new misdirection to save herself Neve descends further into the darknessf her betrayal and into danger than she ever imagined Because Hitching isn’t the Alien Diplomacy (Katherine Kitty Katt, onlyne watching Neve So is a determined killer who’s about to make the next terrifying move in a deadly affai. 4 5 stars I have read many Nicci French books Togo over the years and always enjoy them and thisne is a very twisty fast paced story The central character is mother Bikini of three Neve who is married to Fletcher and the unfolding plot shows how her life implodes following the murderf her lover and boss Saul Stevenson I like the way their meeting and ensuing friendship is described as they seem to dazzle each Better other Neve is a fantastic character she s resourceful caring lovingand fiercely protectivef her children in particular the fragile Mabel who has so many issues Mabel is so different at times she fizzes with energy at Slakes Limbo others she s malevolent and she can be very caustic In some ways she s a typical teenager butne All Clear (All Clear, of the facetsf her personality that shone through above all Straight Up and Personal: The World According to Grapes others is how much she cares about her family and the lengths she will go to inrder to protect them There is a very moving section towards the end where she acknowledges just how important Neve is in her survival through her most difficult times I think this is a fascinating story and The Killing Season (Trail of the Gunfighter, onef the key features is how Sauls death shone a spotlight Saving Sweetness on Neve s relationships with her husband her family her friends and work colleagues She seems to gather people around her and at times her house positively resembles a madhouse in fact thenly sane thing in the house is the guinea pig I don t know if I am supposed to find some A Great Day for Pup! of the scenes darkly comedic but I did I think there areccasions where it resembles a chaotic black French farce and I really like this aspect Modern Love of the book For example Sunday morning at Neve s is bonkers with friends turning up randomly in varying statesf inebriation some start to build a greenhouse Bad Day in Blackrock others make gin and tonics Mabel pierces her friends ear the guinea pig escapes and if that isn t enough the policefficer Hitching who is investigating the murder turns up He s a brilliant character who you couldn t help liking and he Penny from Heaven often added to the humour with hisne liners Eventually Neve works The Real Deal out who the perpetrator is and she realises that she is in great danger and somef the scenes towards the end as she fights for her life are very tense and dramatic My Nursing Care Plans only negative feelings are about the motivation for the crimes which I felt to be a bitf a stretch however people kill for real for the most tenuous Caste of reasons Overall a terrific and highly entertaining well written book from this dynamic crime writing duo There are some fantastic scenes that are so tense you almost hold your breath and atther times you are smiling at the chaos Many thanks to NetGalley and Simon and Schuster for this ARC I ve just spent the most tedious half hour in the company The World's Sexiest Bedrooms of this book during which the authors have given me the riveting detailsf what everyone in Neve s family f five have had for breakfast including how much salt Neve puts in her son s porridge Then we get every detail f what Neve chooses to wear She goes Deal Breakers off and finds the dead bodyf her lover exciting eh Well it should be except that it morphs immediately into pages Death Note One-Shot Special (Death Note, Chapter of descriptionf how to clean a house Why do contemporary writers stuff their books full The Lynching of Emmett Till of boring padding insteadf getting n with the story Do they ever read their books back to themselves and think is this interesting What do editors get paid for exactly I have deleted the book From My Kindle And Shall my Kindle and shall go and make breakfast I will put the kettle n and get The Bird Photography Field Guide: The Essential Handbook for Capturing Birds with your digital SLR (English Edition) out the coffee and put some slicesf bread brown in the toaster while getting موسوعة نينورتا التاريخية - قصة الخلق out the marmalade jar I shall use the plate I always use and the mug my sisternce gave me at Christmas Then I shall wash up the dishes and put them Answering Mormons Questions on the rack to dry DifficultAll through the book which is basedn a married woman finding her secret lover murdered when she goes to meet him at his flat and the repercussions A Heart So Fierce and Broken (Cursebreakers of thisn her her family and her lovers family all I could think was but this is based in Holborn in Central London the place is riddled with cctv and yet the police haven t mentioned it and the myriad Sweet Summer and Other Stories of people for various reasons who go to the flat before during and after the murder are not perturbed by it in fact never mention it and yet in real l EXCERPT he was lyingn his back and he was dead Somehow she d never even known the meaning Queen of the Sea of being dead until she saw thosepen eyes They weren t staring eyes They were just things now Beijing coma open and exposed His mouth was also gapingpen as if in vast unending surprise His head was framed by a pool Notso Hotso of blood dark red smooth His face looked dead but every bitf his body looked dead as well His arms and legs were splayed in unnatural positions His right elbow was caught under his body which made his hand stick up It was as if he was half way through the process Erebus: The Story of a Ship of turningver
"it looked uncomfortable "
looked uncomfortable Neve felt an impulse to make him comfortable to pull the arm free like when they had been entangled in bed together sweating Garro outf breath and she helped him ease his hand from under her bare back ABOUT THIS BOOK It should have been just a mid life fling A guilty indiscretion that Neve Connolly could have weathered An escape from twenty years Arabic of routine marriage to herverworked husband and from her increasingly distant children But when Neve pays a morning after visit to her lover Saul and finds him brutally murdered their pied terre still heady with her perfume all the lies she has so painstakingly stitched together threaten to unravelAfter scrubbing clean every trace Evbu My Love of her existence from Saul s life and death Neve believes she can return to normal shaken but intact But she can t getut License to Thrill (Spy Girls, of her head thene tormenting uestion what was she forgettingAn investigation into the slaying could provide the answer It s brought Detective Chief Inspector Alastair Hitching and Neve s worst fears to her door But with every new lie every new misdirection to save herself Neve descends further into the darkness Seven Magic Flower Vol. 1 of her betrayal and into danger than she ever imagined Because Hitching isn t thenly In Open Spaces one watching Neve So is a determined killer who s about to make the next terrifying move in a deadly affairMY THOUGHTS I loved this book I loved the characters and the plot and the fact that I had absolutely no idea who killed Saul let alone why The authors perceptively portray a marriage that is worn around the edges and all the problems that. It should have been just a mid life fling A guilty indiscretion that Neve Connolly could have weathered An escape from twenty yearsf routine marriage to her verworked husband and from her increasingly distant children But when Neve pays a morning after visit to her lover Saul and finds him brutally murdered their pied à terre still heady with her perfume all the li. The Lying Room