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N t put it down Read it nd to nd in one sitting I hate rating this so low I really do specially since there is a genuinely interesting plot thread snaking through the novel But ven that isn t nough to make this an njoyable read for me Part of it is that I don t understand the world building I found it really hard to understand hell as a location and I nded up assuming it was a parallel plane of xistence similar to the Fey world Then I didn t understand the instant attraction and loyalty between Zadeon And Grace Probably Because Grace Probably because a hot guy who showed interest in me and then proceeded to make out publicly with another girl in front of me for ANY reason it would take than two chapters for me to fall into bed with him Also the forced playlist nded up getting on my nerves I totally get that many authors listen to music while writing but in this book very fight scene and training scene and bar scene has a song Like it s announced complete with band name and song title Bub and I ntered a massive training room where Disturbed s Indestructible was blasting through unseen speakersImagine that but A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, every chapter or so with a different band and song At best it was distracting at worst alienating for a reader There s some really specific references to music and language that will soon be dated at best or is already really cringe worthy at worst Madison and I shook our groove thangs atach otherSo if you don t know that song this sentence just sounds really gross And here s something REALLY nit picky I have always hated when heroines screech which Grace does often in people s faces and then turns stomps off and slams the door I feel like screech is so unlikeable and immature and it makes me think only of harpies bald The Shadow Reader eagles or annoying spoiled girls I think this series has potential I think the author could be great I m just not a fan of this book because of the thin world building and character connections and the abundance of specific cultural references which I feel will make the book un relatable in a few years Then again it could just be me This book was a pretty amazing start to a whole new world This world really pushed the goodevil paradigm and left you uestioning your own biasesGrace has been raised to fight and kill demons Sounds light a legit calling right She is half demon herself from what the Organization tells her it s because her mother was raped by one Things all start to get a little muddy when people she trustsnd up throwing her literally into hell Once there all of her previous understanding is thrown out the window Oh and did I mention the hottie There s ways a hottie rightIn between fighting for her life coming to grips with being used and making unexpected friends Grace is also navigating the world of dating in the underworld Not too complicated right She is just starting to truly find her own independent voice when we have to Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies end this tale Iagerly anticipate from this author and this world Grace is rapidly shaping herself into a warrior for true goo. Order to win a barbaric tournament to secure an important prize for the Nephilim To survive Grace will be forced to mbrace her dark side and accept the help of her greatest opponent yet Lucifer’s son The very sexy Prince of Hell Zadeon will have Grace uestioning just how bad the bad guys ar. I was finally seeing all the shades of grey between the black and white and there was beauty in the darkness45 starsWow this book came out of nowhere and just rocked my world I was so intrigued by the blurb o 375 stars Originally posted on A Reading Brit455Upgraded to a 5 after coming back to this after a few days I want to read the next book uite a bit so it s worth the upgrade Overall I really njoyed reading this and am impressed with this as a debut book For a debut it s pretty amazingI liked how music was used in this It set the scene uite well when you knew what songs were playing in the background And there was some great music and the ones I haven t heard of I ll be listening to if they re anything like the others mentionedThere was a definite romance in this but it wasn t one of those where they tortured The Power Of A Choice each other forever and there was no love triangle Two positive things to me The over protective nature of Zadeon was a littleye roll worthy but at the nd of the day he s super powerful and she was an unknown so I guess it kind of makes senseThe main character was well developed she had her own backstory and it tied in neatly with who she was Her personality matching her xperiences wellMy favourite part of this was the world building The nephilim vs demon thing ven though the nephilim were relatives of the highest level demons was a fun take The abilities and uirks of the demons were fun their demon marks making for some great description The setting was fun I njoyed reading about what hell looked like and how it didn t follow 90% of the stereotypesI ll admit this isn t a book I d necessarily recommend as a serious read but as a light FUN READ I ENJOYED IT AND read I njoyed it And I Want A Few Hours Of Entertainment I Ll Look want a few hours of ntertainment I ll look the next in the series I m hoping one is coming at some point There s a hint of stories to be told so I think there ll be and I look forward to it Fantastic Great cast of characters and the plot keeps you guessing and wanting Read full review hereI "was hesitant the first few pages into the book because I wasn t sure which "hesitant the first few pages into the book because I wasn t sure which this book was going to take and I couldn t decide if I liked how brief the first chapter was or if I was annoyed that I didn t get a chance to properly get a feel of the other characters and surroundings I feel that if the first two chapters had been a little longer with a bit detail it would have really helped set up information the readers could use later in the bookPlaying with Demons follows Grace as she goes into the home of the Devil on assignment where she uncovers secrets about herself and the two races This could give way to a lot of whining but I was honestly surprised and happy to see that Grace was uite a levelheaded character and at moments where I would xpect a tantrum she was mostly calm and thought about the new revelation I can honestly say that she was a developed character from the first page and just continued to grow as the story progressedAs for Zadeon I have one word SWOON I can proudly say that I am. In a world where humans are unaware of the demons that roam amongst them it’s left to the Nephilim to keep it that way or at least that’s what Grace Campbell was brought up to believe Grace might have been born half Nephilim and half demon but her loyalty is wholly on the side of the good. ,

In love with him and Son of Satan has made it to the top of my list as favorite potential love interests I won t go into too much detail but I loved how he tried to ase Grace into the truth and his world He facinated me than Grace did and I can t
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to find out about particular characterAlong with Zadeon I fell in love with the other secondary characers With books the characters Monsieur Pain either make or break the story and they definitely made this one Playing with Demons starts out a bit slow but uickly gains in momentum till you find yourself sucked into Grace Campbell s taleGrace has been raised by the the Organization of Nephillim to kill demons Her mother was raped by a demon so she is a half breed and the best fighter they have After returning from a test run of a new weapon Grace is summed down to the organizations leaders office where she is given orders to infiltrate hell s tournament a straight up suicide missionGrace reluctantly accepts and starts herndeavors to join in hell s competition where she uickly discovers verything is nothing what she imagines And her guide through this new world is none other than Lucifer s son ZadeonI really njoyed Playing with Demons and here comes the butBut it was xtremely predicable Take on a suicide mission only to discover that the good guys are not what they seem the bad guys are also not what they seem and there is good and bad to both sides Bottom line I was ntertained I loved the humor Edward writes great characters that you can really get behind And ven though I uickly worked out where the plot was heading I still had a great time getting thereI received this ARC copy of Playing with Demons from Cally Edwards This is my honest and voluntary reviewMy Rating 4 starsWritten by Cally EdwardsPrint Length 240 pagesPublisher MoshPit Publishing Publication Date January 6 2019Genre Paranormal Romance Noble I came across this book through an mail book rec and It caught my attention I am huge PNR and Urban Fantasy fan but this was a new author and I wasn t sure what to xpect the blurb really had me curious so I dove right in I was not disappointed After the first few chapters I was hooked First off the the way the author writes is great I liked the pace and style I really thought the whole stories concept was uite intriguing Grace is a really well developed character and I loved to see her grow as the book continued One of my favorite things to read in a book is a character coming into their own learning and growing This book has this with Grace and boy does she have some big issues to deal with This book as a great amount of mystery drama bad ass fightsaction and romance I was not prepared for how amazing the Prince of hell Zadeon and the other men in this book were going to be The world the other men in this book were going to be The world and general care and detail that went into the development of the whole story is fantastic The depth this book has is really great and I found myself completely ngrossed I am so glad I came across this book and I hope to read I could. Guys She’s dedicated her life to protecting the innocent and her mixed linage only makes her better at her job Unfortunately her blood also makes her the only one capable of Patrick the Wolf Boy, Volume 1 entering Hell’s hidden wards Now her latest assignment will see Gracendure the trials of the seven deadly sins in. ,
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