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Est Salesman in the World A Better Way to Live The Choice Return of the Ragpicker and Og Mandino s University of Success the latter being one of my favorites Enjoy This was one of the books I read when I was in Grade School as part of our reuirements for our English class We were not ABLE TO FINISH THE BOOK BUT I DID WHEN TO FINISH THE BOOK BUT I DID WHEN finish the book but I did When I it it did not interest me that much I ust read it for my report on the fourth chapter After a while I no longer read it for the sake of our class discussions but because I was simply driven with the story The ending left me in tears One of THE GREATEST BOOKS I READ MY greatest books I read My had been suggesting this to me since last year And I ve only decided to read. Down to the besieged village of Kalvala in the folds of Tulo's red kite was far than thatFor one thing Star Acabar could talk Hear me Tulo Adversity is not a curse it is a blessing Show me a human being who has never suffered adversity and I'll show you the most unhappy person on earth You live in a world filled with people making excuses for their failure because it is always easier to uit than to keep tryingWh. ,

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I liked the book overall it was This last week As a break to the current genre i ve been reading this book genre I ve been reading this book really great Inspirational and all If not it ust serves as a reminder Even if the facts the star states are p Though I find it a little preachy the
inspiration and lessons 
and lessons book states are p Though I find it a little preachy the inspiration and lessons this book is timeless The chapter on the Credenda is like a condensed edition of inspirational lines one reads one at a time at the start of each day Though this is not found on the Credenda the one line that stuck with me is adversity is not a curse it is a blessing This is a great read for schools church or support group gatherings The fictional presentation lends some entertainment value making the book s lessons effective. Y did this small star risk his very existence on this unusual mission to earth his first in many centuriesI came here to help you live at peace with yourself Tulo so that you can fulfill your own destiny with pride and a contented heart And you will if you heed my words and also make good use of my giftFor all those who dream of changing their lives for the better Acabar's words and his gift now also belong to yo.