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Effie: The Passionate Lives of Effie Gray, John Ruskin and Millais oHeir story is interesting and the side characters do no detract but make the story even interesting These stories are different in a very good way Love itI received a complimentary copy from the publisher through NetGalley 25 starsThis makes me utterly utterly sad but I did not love Dalliances Devotion As a Jewish reader I m alwaysn the lookout for books with Jewish protagonists and bonus points if they aren t horribly depressing A nice romance book with Jewish MCs and bonus a historical romance my favorite and I m all in I was so so thrilled to see this book and

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series and I t wait to try it But *ALAS IT WASN T ALL THAT WAS EXPECTING *it wasn t all that I was expecting the Jewish aspects Peppermint Tea of the story mostf all I liked the signs Sunny Holiday of the characters religiousbservances like the male MC s tzitzit and kippah and the little ways that their Judaism affected their life However I struggled with the characters themselves Both seemed a bit fickle and immature both toying with Zhang Xin: On the Return to China one another and going back and forth with their emotions I had a hard time getting behind them both individually and as a couple But an even bigger issue was the pacing It took me absolutely ages to finish the story and I found it to be very slow and hard to get through After two weeksf forcing myself to read I had to skim a bit in 親指の恋人[oyayubi no koibito] order to finish Maybe it s the fact that I don t really read any American romancer maybe it s that this was my first experience with this author but the book didn t uite measure up Too bad since the world needs Jewish romance goodreads instagram twitter blog I really loved Felicia s first book Appetites and Vices and was immediately grabby hands for the second as soon as I d put that ne down I was thrilled to be approved for an ARC from NetGalley so I could plunge right back into her delightful words This book did not disappoint I found it curious that rather than setting the book in a contemporaneous time with Appetites and Vices Felicia chose to follow the next generation f Truitts and that allows us to move along in history to see how things have changed Eureka Street or not The romance itself felt very different as well because the characters had different freedoms and new problems to contend withI adored David and Amalia They re unite after many years apart with a history between them that they need to unravel But the immediate mystery afoot is Who is sending death threats to Amalia As they travel together David is sent to protect Amalian her journey home they search for answers to uncover the identity Turkestan Solo: A Journey Through Central Asia of her would be assa What an amazing addition to the first book in this series Appetites and Vices I have to say I am excited to have discovered this author as she takes youn a journey f romance and world building I learned a lot f history and was captured by the characters she created which actually come I nostri giorni con Anna off the pageAmalia Truitt is a determined lady and is really a crusader for women and everybody is not happy about that David Zisskind is anld love who had his heart broken by Amelia in the past but is now protecting her Ferrugem Americana on a trek tobtain money for her charity A Pinkerton I love the stories Storie ciniche of this agency and swoon worthy to say the least the attraction is still there for the two It sparks rightff the pageBut can they make it safely to their destination and find they are meant for each Party in the Blitz other Don t miss this exciting read that will keep you turning the pages until the end Felicia Grossman is the singular reason I as a non historical romance junkie have developed a new appreciation for a genre I had all but writtenff Her debut Appetites Vices was the first historical romance my contemporary loving heart adored So needless to say I was champing at the bit for the next in The Pruitts series from Carina Press Dalliances Devotion An Yet another brilliant and engaging historical romance from Ms GrossmanI am a huge romance lover but historical romance isn t my go to unless the author is The Russians Tender Lover (The Sisterhood, one as gifted as Ms Grossman She won mever with book Fred Cress: Stages one in her Truitt series Appetites Vices so I was SUPER anxious to get my handsn this puppy and it did not disappoint Dalliances Devotion stars the daughter The Nibelungenlied of Urs and Jay from Appetites Vices fame I absolutely fell in love with Urs kinda want to be her when I grow up and her charming counterpart Jay Amalia manages to embody uite literally somef Ursula s traits such as her resilience and inner strength She has been thrice divorced which is incredibly scandalous in this time period She picks herself up after such painful moments and creates a career for herself as a beauty col. Nation When her family learns she's been receiving anonymous death threats a solo journey is Cleopatra's Palace: In Search of a Legend outf the uestionEnter David Zisskind the ragtag peddler turned soldier whose heart Amalia broke years ago He's a Pinkerton now and the promotion he craves depends Enquanto a Inglaterra dorme on protecting his long lost loven the unexpectedly treacherous journey across PennsylvaniaThat their physical connection has endured the test f time and then. Dalliances Devotion by Felicia Grossman
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book Two in Truitts *Series This Is The Story *This is the story David Zisskind and Amalia Truitt I have read the previous book but felt this could be a standalone book if you wish to do so Amalia is a beauty columnist who is also a twice Divorcee who help ther women seek divorces who can t afford it So she wants to return to Delaware to claim some Werewolf PTA of the Truitt family fortune which will help her fund her cause But there have been death threats from a stalker and her family doesn t want her to travel without protection Enter David who works for Pinkerton and looking to be promoted after doing this job But Amalia and David have a pastf love and heartache due to them breaking up and the lost The Little Demon of her brotherhis friend in the war David struggles with the past horrors that still effect him today David and Amalia have a long way to travel physically and mentally to get to where they need to be along with the danger that is following them Enjoyed their story Felicia Grossman is the singular reason I as a non historical romance junkie have developed a new appreciation for a genre I had all but writtenff Her debut Appetites Vices was the first historical romance my contemporary loving heart adored So needless to say I was champing at the bit for the next in The Pruitts series from Carina Press Dalliances Devotion And just as her first book left me swooning and in love so did this Prince From Her Past oneGrossman tackles her genre with a uniue flair and a steady gifted touch There s nothing about her writing I d call predictabler dry She delves into the time period in which her stories are based and paints a picture so vivid and beautiful yet somehow perfectly balanced so as not to steal the show from the plot itself that I get utterly lost within the historic tapestry She draws in the most minute details clothing gadgets customs even accurate locales and allows the reader to travel effortlessly back The Lady In Pink and the PinkertonFelicia Grossman s sopho book is in a word wonderfulAmalia Truitt is a glorious heroine On the Vademecum Per Gli Operatori Nei Beni Culturali Ecclesiastici outside she appears flighty and shallow Twice divorced fashion forward and the spoiled babyf her family the exterior and the usual societal expectations that go with those things mask an interior that the rest Chicana Falsa: And Other Stories of Death, Identity, and Oxnard of the world does not expect Amalia knows exactly what most people thinkf women who present themselves as she does and she uses those expectations to her advantageDavid Zisskind is the Pinkerton her family hires to protect her as she travels home from the Midwest to Delaware for her nephew s bris And he and Amalia have a history So we have historical second chance enemies to lovers bodyguard road trip romance with a Jewish hero and heroine Maybe I should have led with that Because Grossman packs so much into this book And not just tropes I highlighted a LOT Mass Murders of uotes but I ll share just a few to give you an ideaf how good it is First up here s David being wryly confessional about how he knows how to pleasure a woman despite having vanishingly little experience First I m very skilled at finding interesting reading material And second there are Blessed Are You Who Believed only two topics men in the military talk about and I wasn t that interested in weaponry Oh I didn t mention that David was a soldier in the Civil War with Amalia s two brothersne Archeologia del Sottosuolo Metodologie a Confronto (2 Vol Set) of whom died in frontf them His PTSD from the war takes Buried Secrets on a particular poignance with this memory We have to bury him The sun s setting and tomorrow s Friday and we have tor it ll be too late and we won t at all We can t leave him like this We have to bury him We can t wait You know we can t waitWe get to visit for a little bit with Amalia s parents Ursula and Jay from Grosssman s first book Appetites Vices Ursula continues to be very awesome For her part Mrs Truitt sidled up to him to whisper the words consider yourself lucky I have a long memory and am not a hypocrite in his earAnd in the end we get a delicious swoony speech from David I love you have always loved you and just want to find a way to be with you but so neither Operación Primicia: el ataque de Montoneros que provocó el golpe de 1976 of us is at a disadvantage where neitherf us has to change too much I want us to build a world together not fit into each Why Pandas Do Handstands other s to be a family no matter what we call it I was given an Advance Reader s Copy in exchange for an honest review This is a story that some might pick up and not really give it a chance but just like Appetites and Vices you have to stay with the story Beta heroes are not normally my go to reads but I have to say David isut f this world The connection between David and Amalia is intense A change in course can be refreshingwhen it's done together 1871After two disastrous marriages beauty columnist Amalia Truitt's life is finally her wn well it will be if she can get herself back to Delaware and demand access to her share The List: el día en que mi vida cambió of the Truitt family fortune After all the charity she'srganized for women who can't afford their wn divorces won't fund itselfHowever not everyone wants her to reach her desti.

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Umnist teaching all women how to BEST CARE FOR THEIR HAIR SKIN care for their hair skin Nails But In nails But in personal life she draws n her eternal Submission With a Stranger optimism and perseveres in believing thatne day her prince will come Even if deep down she knows she s already met himEnter darling David We need LOTS Shadow Commander: The Epic Story of Donald D. Blackburn-Guerrilla Leader and Special Forces Hero of heart eye emojis just for saying the name because I literally happy sigh thinkingf him He is a caring and empathetic male lead which we sadly do not see enough f in romance be it contemporary r historical I adore him and his begrudging ceaseless devotion to the girl he fell in love with so many years earlierAmalia finds herself in the crosshairs The Rat and the Tiger of a sadistic stalker think Fatal Attraction boiled bunny kindf stalker and David is charged with finding who it is with his Pinkerton counterparts A series Pirate Princess of incredibly unfortunate events *befallur beloved characters and they find themselves *our beloved characters and they find themselves deep in survival mode I refuse to spoiler ANY Otogi Zoshi: Volume 1 of this fabulous roller coaster that is Dalliances Devotion not simply because I hate spoilers as a reader but because you need to experience it for yourselfFive stars is not nearly enough to encompass Ms Grossman sopho release I can t wait to read by this talented author and SINCERELY hope this isn t the endf the colorful and intriguing Truitt tribe This review Arcadia originally appeared as partf Pink Heart Society s August editionRating 45 starsYes yes yes This was just what I wanted to read A newspaper columnist and two time divorcee is the target The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery: A Guide to Her Magical Performances of harassment and needs a bodyguard in the formf her first love YES And let s also mention that they are both Jewish plus he s an immigrant All set a few years after the end Il bicchiere scrivente of the American Civil WarOur wonderful couple consistf Amalia and David former young lovers who have a misunderstanding and part ways with Amalia going as far as to get married to another man in reaction Yes really Amalia comes across as initially frivolous and superficial Damaged on the surface until you realise that you re being very judgemental and that she s actually a clever useful and fun person to have around She s also incredibly resourceful and caring dedicating herself to helping women escape bad marriages Davidn the flip side comes across as serious though Amalia does bring Table For Two out the teasing sidef him Swoon He s rather stubborn though and holds a lot Disney Manga: Descendants - The Rotten to the Core Trilogy Book 2 of beliefs about who he is and what people thinkf him that are uite frankly just silly And they are perfect for each L'ispettore Alì al Trinity College other Who doesn t like a second chance romanceThe book isn the longer side but don t let that put you Kejsarn av Portugallien off In fact I just wanted to keep reading stay in this narrative with two characters that clearly wanted eachther but hadn t been clear in the past and made themselves unhappy in doing so They had such great chemistry with this back and forth Fol of thinking they weren t suited but still not being able to resist eachther There were some excellent sexy scenes I must say It wasn t just the heatwave in London having me fanning myselfI learned so much from this book further proving how awesome romance novels can be For example I learned about the Pinkertons the first detective agency in the US which David was The True Tale of Castaway Daniel Foss onef I learned that immigrants to the US like David volunteered to fight in the civil war I learned about the difficulties Myths and Legends of Russia of getting a divorce and how you had to go about it in the 1870sI also realised just how little I actually read from the perspectivef Jewish people I ve read non fiction accounts from the Holocaust but novels And set in ¿Quién yo? other time periods Not so much Earlier this year I read my first YA historical novel the absolutely brilliant In the Neighborhoodf True by Susan Kaplan Carlton all about a Jewish teenager who has to move to Atlanta Georgia to live with her Christian grandparents and see the effects SJWs Never Lie: Censorship is Tolerance! Freedom is Slavery! Ignorance is Strength! of the KKK s presencen her community in 1958 Then came this book I have a feeling I may have read Il terrore viene per posta oner two books in the past but I can t recall them But it s still such a low number The Adventures of the Black Hand Gang of Jewish main characters And Dalliances Devotion went a step further by showing the diversity even within the Jewish populationBut you re not just reading this book for the history and cultural lessons What you re really reading it for is the electric connection between the characters as well as their personal growth The action excitement and funny supporting cast also keep things engaging Dalliances Devotion is a delightfully different historical romance that has converted me into a Felicia Grossman fanI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copyf this book All thoughts and pinions are my w. Some is problematic to say the leastIn very close uarters with danger lurking around every curve with each kiss and illicit touch the wrongs Bellezza crudele of the past are righted But David can't weather another rejection especially with his career in jeopardy And Amalia can't possibly take a lover never mind another husbandnot with so much dependingn her repaired reputation Not when she’s hurt David her David so badly befo. Dalliances Devotion The Truitts #2