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35A 5 11 female cage fighter brings a 9 Vaxxlian Warrior to His Knees In Ways knees in ways one This was most probably my favourite story so far The cute VAXXINESS FACTOR IS STILL RUNNING STRONG factor is still running strong I m off to read Fynd s storyline next Kindle UnlimitedRecommended as Filler onlyNot as titillating as one might assumeSweet story 3rd in seriesHeroine is stranded on a seedy space station supporting herself as a cage fighterHero is from a race of aliens who have had their home planet decimated by war They lost the majority of their women Humans are a compatible speciesInstalove on Hero s sideI just keep thinking sweet in a young adult kind of way but not actually YA due to the use of the word cock HFN ending I m normally very against alien abduction romance unless the

is iven free choice at stage maybe not right away but damn soon after This one came really close to DNF for me because it starts out with the h King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies getting abducted but it s actually for her ownood and oh when she thinks about it she didn t really want to be alone foreverugh BUT Kirn as an absolute sweetheart and she would probably have been Rescuing Gus given her freedom if she d insisted I think and hope So I miving this 35 and reading with a lot of hope This was a hot and sexy short story I would have Class of 92: Out of Our League given 5 stars if only there was to it to read Great characters and reallyood story that so much could have been made of There was a lot of scope for the author to really expand on the story and make this a full length book but instead its a hot heavy Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story get to the climax short story Aood idea for the work commute I finished in under 2 hrs uick alright readI believe this is my first time trying these authors It was definitely the first time I tried this series But since it was a standalone that was fine I was still able to follow along with the story perfectly fine The alien hero was attractive sounding and he came across as extremely sweet and How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead gentle The heroine was a cage fighter and apparently A nine foot tall alien warrior just kidnapped meHow's your dayoingDiana is a survivor It's all she knows But she has big plans once she escapes the dangerous outpost where she's been stranded for the last ten years Plans that involve buying a ship of her very own and traveling to a sparsely populated planet to live out th. Alien Giant (Vaxxlian Mates, #3)

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N his mate in any way I uess all three novels are a reat example of Stockholm syndrome in actionThe writing style is very pedestrian so than book two and I was able to finish the book in under an hour If you re looking for a sweet undemanding alien romance that you probably are unlikely to remember that long after you read it but will meet a challenge role and engage you for an hour then this book and the others in the series are probably a ood bet Diana is a cage fighter she s tired of all that she s had to do to survive She dreams of a warm planet away from the cageIn a battle with an alien another nine foot tall alien kidnaps her claiming she s his mate Diana does not need anyone rescuing herKirn is a nine foot tall alien and when he sees Diana in the cage he knows she s his So he takes herCan Diana find purchase on her new home with KirnSweet and spicyI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review This was a reat story featuring some sort of instalove a Moonrise giant and a fighter Diana is a cage fighter who has been trapped on a terrible outpost for years Fighting was the only way she could survive But when Kirn a 9 foot talliant jumps into her fight to protect her she s than just a little frustrated When he tells her that she s his mate she starts planning her escape I love how Kirn really pays attention to Diana and makes her his total focus and when she talks to him about things he truly listens to her and trusts her It s pretty awesome This was a short but very ood story I kind of liked that Diane was a cage fighter and that as soon as Kirn saw her he knew she a cage fighter and that as soon as Kirn saw her he knew she his I don t read many sci fi stories but Ms Mercury always writes really ood ones This is an OK sci fi alien romance but it is just a bit too short to have enough character development There was uite a bit of background on Diana but I really needed back story on Kirn It would have really helped me to enjoy the story I also thought it Ts his advances at first but he's confident she will agree to become his mate soon He's a highly respected Vaxxlian warrior How could she not want him Mindful of his enormous size he promises to be as After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire Since 1405 gentle as possible when he finally mates with her But as he's about to discover claiming a human female neveroes as planne. Ood at that The story was middle of the road and not emotionally moving or memorable necessarily I found that of her actual fighting skills should have been and not emotionally moving or memorable necessarily I found that of her actual fighting skills should have been cases and when it ot repetitive and they ended up together back in the cage instead of the beasts it should have been other aliens When his two brothers showed cage instead of the beasts it should have been other aliens When his two brothers showed instead of all of a sudden weak femaling her and holding her back there should have been a scene where they also ot to see her fight and were impressed So lad she did not fight being his mate severely And SOOO lad there was no forced sex or punishment scenes That is overly played out in SFR and needs a rest 275 Sweet and undemanding the physicality of the iant was a bit jarring and pulled you out of the story he was just too BIG to make the relationship seem viable Same pedestrian prose and slim plotcharacterisation issues as the previous two instalments A uick read especially for those sci fi challenges Disclaimer I only read this book and the rest of the series to fulfil a challenge as the kidnapped by Aliens trope isn t really a favourite of mine and I don t read too many in the enre so I m not particularly disposed to rate books from this sub enre highThis is the third instalment from the Vaxxlian Mates series by Sue Mercury Although this novella had a similar page length 99 pages to the second book Alien Healer it didn t really have the same level of characterisation and plot development and is the weakest of the first three booksI actually read the first two books so I could Get To This One to this one fulfil a Giant read for a challenge I liked the depiction of the alien male as a entle iant but the way the female protagonist Diana capitulated in an almost 180 to a completely different way of life from being a warrior cage fighter to mate intent on making babies and not having to work was a bit jarring and made my feminist sensibilities wilt and sigh Again props to the author for not having the male alien force his attentions E rest of her days in the sun No crowds no recirculated air and no cage fights She certainly doesn't plan on being rescued by a sexy alien iant with Beautiful Ghosts glowingreen eyes who wants to make babies with herKirn is enchanted by the fierce little human he's stolen away from the outpost Ah what a beauty she is and strong She resis.