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CEO Muscle lAnge for an honest review This was me trying to read internationally This was me trying to read ualityiterary books I actually put down a silly creature feature and grabbed this one thinking it would be a step Up No No And No Emphatically So No no and no Emphatically so waswhat s a polite way to say ita pile of crap a steaming one at that It s actually been a The Mad Wolf's Daughter long time since I ve hated a book so there s been some books I didn t enjoy but understood how others might there s been some books where the authorreader chemistry was off and there have been some turds but thisthis one took the proverbial sht cake And because I can t stand it when reviews just say this book was crap with no explanationset s get into it shall we Put on your best wellies cause you Hawkes Prey Sonny Hawke Thriller ll be wading up to your knees in this andet s go Plot first of course And here we have Frank and Grace and Frank and Grace have a perfect marriage Picture perfect or accurately vlog perfect since that s what Grace does she posts videos on Youtube the place where anyone can be somebody even those who shouldn t about how Get Over It Fab Life loved up her family is Two decades of marital bliss two freakishly Stepfordlike perfect kidsyou go Grace She s as positive and optimistic as a person can be in fact optimism is her defining uality which is as annoying in a character as you can imagine She s basically asking forife to teach her a No Prisoners Star Wars The Clone Wars lesson andife does You re just not sure #S Smart Enough To # smart enough to something from it But at any rate the Husband for Hire lesson comes following a series of bizarre unpleasantries in theirives that results in Frank suggesting and then orchestrating move across the country The happy family piles up into a Class A RV and whee off they go Only to find out that there is an unhinged female stalker on their trail with a very personal and very specific agenda So far so good right Sounds An Egg Is Quiet like a decent enough thriller It does in fact readike a fairly decent thriller to begin with although slightly disjointed owning for one thing to Paul Pen s penchant for fleshing out side characters that only appear for a minute or so and situations that are nonessential But then once you figure out what s going on and the standoff begins it uickly spirals into something that gets progressively stupider with each chapter And the thing is if the book was just dumb and predictable that d be one thing and frankly it would be fine Not great but fine But no what this book is is a statement Or at Cinque indagini romane per Rocco Schiavone (Il vicequestore Rocco Schiavone Vol. 6) least it readsike one It reads very much Professor Astro Cat's Human Body Odyssey like a personal statement of the author s wokeness It s allikeaw would you Squash Basics - How To Play Squash look at how progressive this dude is when it comes to gender dynamics check him out spouting all the right jargon and espousing all the correct views And Pen does this repeatedly tiresomely so through different characters he hammers his messageike his What Is a Googly?: The Mysteries of Cricket Explained life depends on it If someone talkedike that in real Of Magic and Mating New Canton Republic life you d probably thinkoh oh theady doth protest too much But alas this is fiction and fiction shouldn t be used as a message platform especially when the platform is essentially a mediocre retelling of Fatal Attraction Does anyone watch Fatal Attraction and contemplate gender politics No You watch Fatal Attraction and contemplate how anyone cast Glenn Close terrific actress but unless you re into mannish women not all that sexy as a femme fatale Then again that s the 80s for you They even tried to make Kathleen Turner into a sex symbol Seriously The most believable role she s ever played was that of Chandler s dad on Friends But anywayso yes back to Paul Pen s shtshowso cheating is terrible And men are terrible for rationalizing it And women are not terrible though they go through 竹光始末 The Bamboo Sword And Other Samurai Tales life considering themselves to be in a perfect marriage and manage to avoid sex for months many months at a time And women are not terrible when they decide to teach menessons there are just disturbed And no fury Bloodleaf like the woman scorned though that may actually be too enlightened of a reference for a bookike this one And all is black and white in Pen s universe and every other sentence is obnoxiously sanctimonious all the so when provided by an abnormally politically correct forgiving balanced children And none of it all is even enough to offset Grace s insanely at The Confusion: Books Four & Five of The Baroque Cycle levels where her intelligence might be uestioned sunny outlook So to sum up thus far we have a trite plot heavily seasoned with obscene amount of proselytizing thoroughly unlikeable. In a catastrophic accident and a bizarre poisoning that’seft Grace feeling especially unnerved Packing up their RV for a move across the country they’re ready for a fresh start expecting to eave all their problems safely behindThen one night on the road to their new home the figure of a young woman emerges from the dark. 455i can always count on Paul Pen to deliver a thriller I am going to enjoy Full review at Paul Pen is a Spanish author whose work is routinely translated into English My first experience reading one of his novels was Desert Flowers a highly uniue haunting yet disturbing story It s one that remains with me to this day despite the fact I read it in early 2018 A book Going All the Way Planning for a Marriage That Goes the Distance like that sets a high bar for anything that follows When I saw Under the Water I couldn t wait to download itThe story started off with a bang a family of four moving from Seattle to Boston traveling across country in an RV planning to sightsee along the way We get the idea they are hoping for a new start after a series of misfortunes The ten year old sonost his eye in an accident the teenage daughter s two pet ferrets disappeared the mother s hair is now healthy again after falling out in clumps Weird huh This is when the book is good offering sketchy details that are never uite filled inThen while night driving in a secluded area the husband clips a woman who Test logiciel en pratique leaps onto the road Here things started to sour instead of kicking into high gear My first problem was accepting that a family of four traveling across country wouldn t pack a single flashlight in their RV An RV Instead they rely on their cell phones for flashlights and of course those end up missingAfter that the story degenerates into a hot mess especially when the woman s reasons for being on the road are revealed It reuires a stretch of the imagination and dedication to stay with the book Had it been any author other than Paul Pen I would have probably stopped reading I wanted mystery A haunting disturbing plotike Desert Flowers Instead I got infidelity and revenge I ve read plenty of books with unlikable characters that I found enthralling but this one fell short Toss in the fact the opening chapter seems gimmicky and unnecessary after you know the ending and I can t give this book than 3 stars Now that was a thriller I had to put it down several times as my heart was beating fast and I could barely breathe That doesn t happen often when reading it was Two Badges The Lives of Mona Ruiz like watching a movie Wowza The story was dark and disturbing to be sure but incredibly written plotted and translated from the Spanish Five HUGE stars for this one Well worth paying for the Kindle Under the Water by Paul Pen is described as aiterary thriller It often felt A Queen's Spy Plus The Tudor Heresy - Mercenary For Hire Series: Tudor Historical Fiction Novels - Adventure Fiction (Tudor Mystery Trials) like horror I don t want to give away anything so I won t comment on the plot I will say the opening scene really grabbed me and made me want to know I was compelled to read on throughout even though I came close to giving up on it a few times Just when I got fed up with the current state of affairs a twist made me want to continue Ideally the twist would come before that happens but everyone s tolerance is different If youike thrillers or domestic horror this one may be before that happens but everyone s tolerance is different If you The Structure of Biblical Authority like thrillers or domestic horror this one may be you I don t read much of this genre so I am probably not the best judge I chose this ARC from Netgalley because I had read Paul Pen s Light of the Fireflies Both books would make for good TV or film adaptations I think First of I really wanted toike this book People have recommended this author to me and was Niebla looking forward to reading his new book Oh boy The premise sounded very interested and the first chapter seemed promising then it went downhill fast The dialogue was appalling the characters were one dimensional boring and I did not find one sympathetic character to root for I think I huge problem was the translation I just couldn t connect with this story on anyevelI won t spoil it but seriously there are so many plot holes and just so many frustrating moments that I considered just not finishing it at all I thank NetGalley for Confederate Waterloo letting me review this book Nonstop Thriller Hitchcock LikeStarts slow and normal with the tension building until you find yourself propelled unknowingly to the uncertain end Great story and excellent translation Make sure you have enough time Frank and Grace abandon their oldives and try to Beyond Words: Daily Readings in the ABC's of Faith (Buechner, Frederick) leave their troubles behind Frank has gotten a job transfer and they are moving across the country in search of a fresh startI think the book started with aittle slow pace but with every chapter it got better and I was hooked in the plot and wanted to know what happened next but some scenes where kind of unrealisticThank you to Netgalley and publisher for opportunity to read this book in exch. What does the perfect family have to fear most The perfect stranger From the outside Frank and Grace seem to have the perfect family He’s a The Eatonville Anthology loving husband she’s a devoted wife and together they have two happy children But appearances can be deceiving A strange series of misfortunes haseft them reeling an unexplained break.

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Under the WaterAnd profoundly unbelievable not in a good way but iterally unbelievable characters and a fairly predictable narrative By the end of it you kind a fairly predictable narrative By the end of it you kind just want to throw them all into the sulfur waters and forget the entire thing In fact the book s best scenes occur under the water so the title is apt But the rest of the bookPen tries to maintain the suspense but can t get out of his own way The writing itself is decent enough it s meant to be iterary suspense it s nearly there just isn t that good Some of it might even have to do with translation every so often a sentence is just so awkward and unnatural it seems Das Glücksbüro like it was done by a shoddy autotranslation program Buto and behold Paul Pen sells wellhe s even working on something with Netflix though that s neither here nor there Netflix isn t known for their uality control specifically translated by this guy he does Maybe people just really respond to this pandering drivel Koontz has done well off of it But unless your goal in fictional reading is to have the author spew his enlightened PC opinions at you via a very and I never use this word the way modern culture does so this is a debut basic thriller passpass this book Violence against books is abhorrent but this one does belong under water somewhere Pages waterlogged and unreadable And the funny thing is this was meant to be to expand my international reading Paul Pen is Spanish though you d never know it either by name or writing Not even a courtesy of a foreign Bodies in the Bog and the Archaeological Imagination location although US is technically foreign to him Why would someone want to read a Spanish thriller set in the US about a family who nevereft not just their country but their state The entire book takes place over two states So it didn t even check the international reading criteria unless to serve as a reminder that sht writing is international and anyone can do it and it will most ikely sell So to wrap up terrible BOOK STUPID TERRIBLE BOOK METOO FEMINISM PANDERING RUBBISH THAT stupid terrible book MeToo feminism pandering rubbish that to speak of complexity of gender roles but fails dramatically due to the author s ack of talent and inability to give his characters enough dimensions to bare out his convictions It isn t all that The Santa Cruz Haggadah - Leader's Edition (Regular) literary it isn t all that thrilling and its well meaning intentions mostly serve to insult the reader s intelligence with their clumsy repetitiveness This book just pissed me off Which resulted in by far theongest review I ve ever written I don t know if anyone s going to read it in its entirety and if you have kudos and thanks but if you re skimming toward the end this is it Stay away stay far far away Thanks Netgalley Visit me at Book Blog InstagramI am extremely honored to be the first one to review this title I received this ARC from the author himself However my review is a 100% unbiased and honest Paul Pen has this incredible style and his writing is uniue This book starts a bit different from his other titles but it has the same hooking ability to intrigue the reader He plays incredibly good with anti heroes and the antagonists We usually root and read stories from the perspective of the victims and the good characters We read stories and we pick a side however Pen s books are not at all conventional and it is impossible for you to take Under the Water is a very difficult book to review without spoiling it so I m going to keep this as vague as possible Frank and Grace along with their two children Audrey and Simon are #making a break from seattle to move to # a break from Seattle to move to after a string of terrible This Could Be Our Future luck They are hoping for a fresh start in a new city to set things right again One night while on the road they encounter a woman andet s just say that their Keepers of the Record: The History of the Hudson's Bay Company Archives lives will never be the same again This book had such a feeling of dread and I had a hard time putting this down Who is this woman Is she a ghost Is something supernatural happening here I really had no idea and then the author casually slips in the connection and turns the entire story on it s head but in a really great way I really enjoyed this dark story I m 2 for 2 with Paul Pen now so Iook forward to what he comes up with next 4 stars One uick note The teenage daughter is a social justice warrior that preaches political correctness constantly and this will ikely annoy people It didn t detract from the story for me but it may for others Thank you to NetGalley and Crossing for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest revie. Ness causing them to swerve off the road The injured stranger says her name is Mara Miles from help they invite her to stay But Mara is hiding a secret And she is not the only oneWas it all just another inexplicable accident Or have they opened the door to an escalating family nightmare designed to tear their perfect world apar. .