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A great book and I take my hat off for the writer A fascinating and very important book describing the massive failing of western foreign policy in Ira and the Middle East and telling a few personal stories of those who chose to fight against US forces during the invasion of Ira voices rarely heard It is not without problems the stories told are difficult to verify the language used is often lacking or vague in the English dition and I believe they are worthy of attention His afterward conclusions are interesting and some I agree with though not all But I would like to have seen detail here as well Overall I think this is a good book worth reading but could definitely do with some The Crucified Ones: Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant expansion andlaboration It s very objective and informative book An honest man sacrifices his own safety to uncover the opposite side of the storyAs many living in the Middle East we believe that liberating Ira is just a mere xcuse to a war with hidden agendas The author has tackled this issue within the narrated stories of resistance fighters or when raising his opinion about it Nevertheless It is touching to see a foreigner stands up against such unjust whereas others including us fellow Muslims stand by and watch in silence and forget afterward about the miserable lives of the wretches Zaid is an Irai young man who refused to detonate a road side bomb because an old man was passing by This reputation fueled the journalist appetite of Jurgen Todenhofer who traveled deep into Ramadi to meets face to face with Irai resistance one of the most surprising parts was when he asked Zaid whether he cares about American parents losing their sons in Ira I most surprising parts was when he asked Zaid whether he cares about American parents losing their sons in Ira I have xpected a blunt answer like they should Have Not Been There In not been there in first place #However Zaid who lost two brothers in the war was of a human than a #Zaid who lost two brothers in the war was of a human than a he said that when he detonated the first road side bomb he did imagine the people inside the Humvee their parents but he also remembered his two brothers Zaid was anything but happy to kill No matter which side of the fence you might be on the book leaves you hating nothing but war itself A great book gives you the inside story of an Irai young man whom circumstance made him a freedeom fighte. Opean media group for than twenty years Before that he was a member of the German parliament for Logic, Labels, And Flesh eighteen years and the spokesman on development and arms control He has written two bestsellers about the wars in Afghanistan and Ira With the proceeds hestablished a children’s home in Afghanistan and is building a children’s clinic in Congo With the royalties from Why Do You Kill Todenhöfer will finance medical aid for Irai refugee children and an Israeli Palestinian reconciliation project in the Middle East. This book by J rgen Todenh fer a journalist and former German parliament member gives a Glimpse In To The Irai Resistance After in to the Irai Resistance after USA s Ira war It gives by no means an objective view but an interesting one At some points it made me realize how little I actually know about this battered country and how much my views on it are influenced by what the media chose to show me And while I still can t condone verything the people Todenh fer gave a can t condone verything the people Todenh fer gave a in this book told himme it did offer a sense of understandingUnfortunately the account of the author s travel to Ira The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths ends rather apruptly but he is a very brave man for going in the first place and of coure his safety mattered than a longer book The book also contains a foreword about the authorsxperiences in Algier and Iran and an analysis of ten theses about why there are troubles between the Western and the Muslim world I have to admit that about these parts of the books I didn t care so much although Todenh fer makes some convincing arguments The most interesting and also saddening part of the book for sure were the tales of the Irai people he talked to It s was a great account of reality a must read for sure I respect what the writer was trying to do Modeling and Analysis of Communicating Systems enjoyed following the stories of families who whistled him though many were painful But at times I had to skim through long monologues by members of the resistance and of the writer All that said this book is not meant for an Irai audience and so what I take for granted other readers might not know Also the book s revenues went to help Irai children get medical assistance and artificial limbs via the organization I work for and that too is admirable This book looks inside the Irai resistance and shows how it is not only fighting the American occupiers but also Al aeda terrorists and the various private militiasA person can argue about the conduct of the war in Ira how well or how badly it wasxecuted and whether or not waterboarding is torture Inventing the Medium: Principles of Interaction Design as a Cultural Practice etc The central premise that we are guided by noble desires to help Iraisnjoy the fruits of democracy can not be uestioned Supposedly Arabs are not ready for Western style democracy Opinion poll after opinion poll including those done by US. Jürgen Todenhöfer’s book sheds light on the other side of the story reporting on how Irai people talk about the war when there are no heavily armed GIs in the vicinity and when neither helicopters nor Humvees have been “cleansing” and securing the area for hours beforehand for politicians and press convoys Why Do You Kill gives a voice to those whom Pentagon press officers never take their visitor delegations to see members of the Irai resistance The book attempts to xplain why this resistance is not on. Officials in Ira show that large majorities of Irais want US troops to leave fully and immediatelyIf a US ally was invaded and occupied by another country under false premises and the invaders were unwanted by the local population don t they have the right to resist that occupation Unuestionably the answer is Yes such a person would be

hailed as a 
as a fighter But when America or an ally does the occupying there is no legitimate resistance Freedom Fighter automatically uals TerroristThe author ntered Ira through Syria in 2007 intentionally without the knowledge or consent of American authorities He wanted to avoid the Green Zone in Baghdad Potemkin fake villages set up by the American military and talking to approved Irais He was able to meet with and stay with many Irais who told him xactly why they joined the resistanceA central principle of Islam exactly why they joined the resistanceA central principle of Islam to never kill innocent people That is the difference between resistance fighters and terrorists Every family has lost someone during the occupation some arrested and never to be heard from again To the assertion that civil war will In Deeper erupt if American troops leave like that is so much worse than what is going on when this book was written 2007 If the American troops left the Irai resistance couldasily get rid of Al aeda on its own Early in the occupation American troops in Fallujah fired on a peaceful demonstration of Irais upset that the troops had taken over a local school killing 15 and injuring 65 American General Geoffrey Miller has been uoted as saying that Irai prisoners should never be allowed to think that they are anything than a dog After a bomb blast in Baghdad an imam asked for blood donations over the mosue s loudspeaker The American response was to bomb the mosue and shoot the imam The reason given was that that district supported the resistanceThis is an Personlighetspsykiatri excellent piece of journalism of the type rarely seen in America these days Itasily reaches the level of Wow This book introduces an honest opinion about what really happens and who s the real terrorist who s strive to return his rights and who s sufferingAlso you have to put yourself in others shoes to understand and know the real reason of their actionsIt Ly fighting against American troops but also against Al aeda terrorists and the foreign backed private militias of Irai politicians It clarifies the fundamental differences between resistance fighters and terrorists The author gives a voice to those who are truly fighting for justice and freedom And just as in Algeria in the 1960s and in Afghanistan in the 1980s these were and are in Ira in the year 2009 not the occupying troops but the resistance fighters Jürgen Todenhöfer has been an xecutive at a major Eur.

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Why Do You Kill? The Untold Story of the Irai Resistance