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When discussion banked the minute she entered the dining room I have been looking forward to Cast in Wisdom ever since I read the description and I ve got to tell you it does not disappoint This novel embodies everything that made me fall in love with the series to begin with and then some It was brilliant and intense and so full of the magic that makes this series stand out in a crowd Honestly I m not even entirely sure where to begin with my review The magical system is one that I ve always loved so hearing how happy I was with it here is probably no surprise Michelle Sagara has a way of establishing and maintaining complex systems It s extremely impressive The fiefs and their towers are something that have been constantly fascinating for me I ve been desperate to see of them and I feel like Cast in Wisdom finally gave me a chance to really indulge in that craving There was something so deeply personal about this novel Perhaps it s because so many of the secondary characters had to acknowledge their wants and needs and see change because of it Or perhaps it was the Arkon s plight that made it feel so personal I m not entirely sure But I do know that I loved every minute of it And in my experience a happy safe home is a daydream It s an idle wish an impossible yearning Michelle Sagara s writing is so painfully profound at times Kaylin may not be the most experienced or knowledgeable character out there but her perspective is everything we needed here She sees the humanity in the strange in the ethereal and immortal All of this was shown to beautiful effect in Cast in Wisdom It s taking all of my willpower not to gush about everything I loved about this book Mainly I m resisting because I don t want to begin tossing major spoilers around I will say that there is a lot that happens within these pages and much of it advances the plot and permanently alters the world we ve come to love One highlight I will mention I feel that Cast in Wisdom did an excellent job balancing the massive variety of characters I won t say that each of them got a moment that is far too much even for a book of this size But I do feel like a lot of the fan favorites had a chance to shine and that s enough for me I don t know where this series is going to lead in the long run Or how many books are left I do know one thing for certain I already hate the wait I ll be facing for the next book in this series I m desperate and anxious for But ntil then enjoyFor reviews check out The Red Couch uirky Cat s Fat Stacks Overall 45 StarsWorld Building 55 StarsSeries ContinuityExpectations 35 StarsPersonal Opinion 45 StarsI am yet again struggling to review a book in this series that I love I could almost copy and past my review from the last book as the issues I had with that one are still very much present in this oneThis is now the at least the third book in a row where you see little to no character growth from Kaylin You see little to no page time from some of the original favorite characters like Marcus the Hawklord or SanabalisThough we do get time with Nightshade that interaction is done almost entirely through his mental link with Kaylin and no actual interaction There is a great deal of Kaylin s interactions in this book that are handled in this manner This is frustrating because it seems that somewhere along the way the deep tensions between Kaylin and Nightshade and Kaylin and Severn have been lost Whatever tension existed between them has vanished Severn s place has turned into a less personal bodyguard kind of a role while Nightshade has been relegated to of an advisorinformation bankI did love that we got to spend time with the Arkon This really was about his story than anything and I was glad to see the focus shift from the cohort You still get a good dose of them in this book but they aren t the focal point It was also nice to see that Kaylin didn t collect anyone or anything new in this bookAnother piece that was different in this one from many previous books is that Kaylin seems like of an observer She participates and has a few points where her abilities are key but it isn t her actions that are the most important In a way it is nice to see her not always being the one to come in and save the day but she is the basis for the series I would have really liked to see this be a book that helped her character grow in some wayAs far as series expectations go this is where I tend to get tangledp If you look at the last several books in this series this is absolutely right in line with those books But if you look at the earliest books in the series this doesn t have Letting Go (Letting Go, uite the same characteristics and feel It does have going on and brings about some drastic changes to the world than the last couple of books so I d say it falls in between the early books and the last couple as far as those expectations goAs I mentioned in my review of Cast in Oblivion I still love this series and these books but characters need to grow There are also things about characters that readers fall in love with and if you leave those things behind you may endp leaving the readers behind as well This one did a better job of bringing some of those things along than the last few but not ite as much as I would have likedI received a copy of this book from NetGalley Opinions stated are honest and my own Book 15 and we re really no further ahead While interesting in a way and serving to settle the Arkon firmly in a new role it really feels like a detour in the series because there was no mention of this Academia at all previously It just popped out of nowhere to become the focus of an entire book I also have to say the writing feels very fractured and sloppy There were many many times "where I could not figure out who was speaking and also times when it seemed to momentarily switch viewpoint Kaylin is " I could not figure out who was speaking and also times when it seemed to momentarily switch viewpoint Kaylin is what she perceives as a book eventually they enter a library and the Arkon acknowledges that it is finally a book even telling her what it was about but then later the Arkon says that no one except her has ever been able to see the book as a book When Nightshade went missing Kaylin awoke
and could pinpoint 
could pinpoint where he had been when he went silent in her head despite the fact that Helen keeps him out while she s at home and at the time Kaylin was asleep But somehow we re told that she was half listening nconsciously Er She has a lot of people that pop in and out of her head and she never has any awareness of them ntil they start actively talking to her She doesn t even know when they re spying on Her Which Reminds Me Which reminds me she never did get around to asking Ynperion about why Candellar became outcaste and Nightshade implied that might be important to know When Kaylin and company decided to check out the border lands in the middle of the night Severn was somehow with them at the point where they found the Academia but he was not present before then Severn refused to let Kaylin heal his burn at the end even though it mentions in an earlier book that he always does There s a point where Kaylin wonders if the Arkon can speak True Words in Dragon Um If True Words are a language thenno you can t speak one language in another They go and visit an altar room belonging to the Arkon ooh can t take that with him and to get into it was difficult IIRC Kaylin once entered this room without permission to se the altar for her own purposes How did she manage that when it s so protectedThere is a LOT of everyone not seeing the same thing ironically Kaylin says it s getting old True Words cohort existing in different phases etc etc There s a young. Ere and yet somehow familiar to Kaylin NeyaWhen a Shadow escapes Kaylin must find out howand why If Shadows can breach the barrier erected by the Towers the whole of Elantra will be devoured It’s happened on other worlds Bellusdeo Kaylin’s Dragon companion absolutely believes it can happen on theirsThe border zone holds se. .
Oh goodness I have such mixed feelings about this particular entry in the series 15 books in obviously I love the series so weight these 3 stars accordingly Positives I love Kaylin s found family and will cheerfully follow along on their traipsingsnarkingguessing at super powerful magics The Dark Son until something looks like it s maybe Doing A Thing any time I have the chance They re the parts of this story that shone for me Severn was present and participating than just offering a sardonic eyebrow lift or two which was nice to see and Nightshade was also allowed to develop a bit character than issually given to him I enjoyed Bellusd Were I you I would abandon all hope of what passes for normal in your life and assume that everything will as you collouially put it be on fire in the worst conceivable way possibleCast in Wisdom by Michelle Sagara My thoughtsKaylin Neya Chosen healer of broken things is once again caught The Messenger of Magnolia Street up in an investigation that snowballs into an all out arcane brawl If you are new this series or simply curious I think you would enjoy this book but I highly recommend starting from the beginning with Cast in Shadow or the preuel novella Cast in Moonlight We are now 15 books into Michelle Sagara s Chronicles of Elantra series We know by now nothing is as it appears and that Kaylin s propensity for stumbling into trouble is almostnparalleled She s making her way through with the help of her friends and by Famous Paintings In Cross Stitch using her instincts She does get it right often than not but it does make me wonder just how powerful she d be if she had full mastery of her power Over the last 14 books and now this one we have seen her grow and mature almost exponentially given that in reality this series covers a relatively short period of timeI believe that her relationships in general are also progressing There s a lot of reading between the lines Sagara implies through wording and context what the emotions and intent are behind Kaylin s interactions For example she is at ease with her communications with Nightshade which tends to imply a greater trust andnderstanding She is comfortable with his continued presence in his little corner in her mind to the point that the lack of his presence wakes her Hands-On Functional Programming in Rust: Build modular and reactive applications with functional programming techniques in Rust 2018 up out of her sleep As a matter of personal opinion I crave direct interactions between Kaylin and Nightshade I am willing however to follow the flow of information that Sagara provides to its natural conclusion Toote a line in Cast in WisdomThe answer had to be couched in words before it arrived as if it needed a carriageIn this most recent Elantra entry Kaylin continues to win over irascible immortals Even Ynpharion expresses the wish that she survives which a serious departure from his previous attitude towards her Nightshade once commented on Kaylin s influence being like a regalia changing those around her I think and this is purely my opinion that he wishes to be changed and challenged by her Kaylin is often described as telling the end of someone s story freeing long dead dragons from the burden of duty and returning the freedom of choice to transformed Leontines Kaylin seems to collect the lost and by her very nature changes the story of their lives to direct them towards their purpose and free them from their bindingsWhich does bring me to my next point what we mortals would call finding our true purpose is expressed as the dragons desire for their hoard the focus of all desire all purpose Bellusdeo seems a bit afloat in a sea of purposelessness There s a sense of heartache with her Like she s finding purpose where she s able but is not fulfilling in the way a hoard less dragon needs Bellusdeo continues to develop relationships with the other dragons and it was a joy to see of Emmerian Bellusdeo says in this bookAnd in my experience a happy safe home is a daydream It s an idle wish an impossible yearning I will be happy to see her find her hoard and her home after the heartache she s been throughMichelle Sagara s Chronicles of Elantra series is a multilayered cake full of subtle flavors Details about the characters the setting and the overarching storyline are added to and compounded over time every book adds a new over time Every book adds a new and depth I think the main issue some are having is the subtlety that Michelle Sagara ses in her writing I don t find her subtlety to be a fundamental flaw but rather a "fundamental DIFFERENCE Something different is not bad as long as it s done skillfully And it is skillfully done "DIFFERENCE Something different is not bad as long as it s done skillfully And it is skillfully done are too sed to novels that are as subtle as a jackhammer driving the author s point home with no finesse Not everyone has the patience for nuance and that s fine I don t always want to have to focus too hard On Reading Between The Lines reading between the lines but if my analogy of this series being a layer cake stands then for me it is also a comfort food I can come back to this series again and again and know that I will catch something new some detail I previously missed that adds so much to the overall narrative On a personal note this book made me FEEL I m fully capable of enjoying a book without having felt anything strong or lasting about it However this book and the ones previous made me feel like you don t have to be perfect to make an impact You can go through trauma and come through it stronger and compassionate than you were before You can be broken and made whole You can make mistakes and still be worthy Nothing truly great was ever birthed in a vacuum Nothing is made strong where there is no struggle There is light to be found in any dark place Your voice is heard if you are brave enough to speak There is hope when all seems lost and irrevocably changed She who saves a single soul saves the Crystal Reports .NET Programming universeAlice s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll One last thing the Arkon Oh sweet cranky Arkon The only thing I m able to say about his journey is thisThings we lose have a way of coming back tos in the end if not always in the way we expectHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by JK RowlingI was provided an ARC by the publisher in exchange for an honest review 15 books and it s still struggling along No doubt sagara love words Unfortunately they are repeated over and over throughout the books Mostly it s self wallowing about she s so caught Newtons Cannon (The Age of Unreason, up in her own internal dialogue It grows old especially when it s repeated over and over how neya can t this and that She s setp as a hero and yes she does some good but the constant sobbing about her life just Nah Actually she s a lot like jewel markess Immature a bully and not worth following in books any If you love words which is repeated over and over about how Bonsái unfair it is to be neya and how everybody else gets it so much better than her this is your book and books I m done I received a copy of Cast in Wisdom in exchange for a fair and honest review Cast in Wisdom is the fifteenth novel in Michelle Sagara s Chronicles of Elantra series and it is still going strong It s hard to believe that we re already fifteen books in But we are Kaylin has come a long way in these tomes and I for one and looking forward to the next step in her journey They say that you can never truly leave the fiefs Perhaps that is true There is something growing something waking in the fiefs Kaylin and her allies have been tasked with investigating which means they re about to get into a world of trouble The fiefs have long been the final boundary that keeps the Shadow at bay So one cannderstand all of the concerns about maintaining their status We already know that fractures have been found and made So the real A Want of Kindness uestion is what happens next Kaylin knew it was going to be bad. SOMETHING IS WAKINGThe fiefs that exist at the heart of the city of Elantra are home to sentient Towers that guard the world against the incursion of Shadow But between the fiefs exists the gray world of the border zone In it geography changes between one passage across a border and the next The rules of magic are different th. Street boy that apparently is so smart that after only a short time at the Academia among other things he needed to learn to read he can correct an ancient notite alive giant spider I really felt like Sagara was borrowing from Harry Potter here on how to do his spells Despite never seeing these spells before and only having attended a couple of classes about it It doesn t really explain why Killianas had only one eye why suddenly he s known as Killian at the end what damage occurred to him and Helen s concern for him was mentioned they were friends of a sort as fellow sentient buildings but then dropped Can he now communicate with her again I assume Bellusdeo will take over the now rulerless fief At this rate there won t be much of a Dragon Court left in the actual Imperial Palace I do think it s interesting that Nightshade is now a student and that he s probably going to become even dangerous now Apparently even being in the new student classes was intriguing so I can just imagine what sorts of things he can study nowAs happy as I was to see the Arkon go in a new direction I felt the story was too disjointed to do justice to his journey The title should ve clued me in but so much Arkon throughout DForeshadowing of the A Little Kinder upcoming Baranni political intrigue most likely set to explode in the next book Originally published at Reading Reality Do notnderestimate librarians Words to live by as said by Lannagaros the Arkon of the Dragon Empire in Cast in Wisdom He s talking about the importance of returning a book a very particular book to the Library of the Academia an Academia that has been lost in the borderlands between the fiefs of Elantra for a very long time A time measured in centuries if not millennia A time when Elantra was whole Ravellon had not yet fallen and Lannagaros was a young student at the Academia in a time before the wars between the Dragons and the Barrani devastated both of their peoples and the world on which they livedA time that has lived forever in his heart A time that is so far back in the distant past that Kaylin Nera cannot imagine such a thing ever existed To her brief mortal eyes Lannagaros has always been ancient beyond reckoning and he has always been the ArkonWe see this world through Kaylin s eyes She is human and mortal and fragile in a world that is dominated by the immortal Dragons who rule Elantra and the eually immortal Barrani whose political infighting often threatens to tear the world they all inhabit down to its foundationsElantra is a world with epic fantasy proportions but its stories are often on an JAPAN 1/1M3. urban fantasy scale Kaylin is a ground Hawk the euivalent of a police officer who serves the Halls of Law which are or less what their name implies Kaylin s job is to help keep the peace even as her extracurricular activities threaten to break itDue to incidents that have happened to or around Kaylin in her past she is mixedp in both the Dragon and Barrani Courts and her actions often shake the world to the surprise of nearly everyone around her especially herselfKaylin s adventures began in the novella Cast in Moonlight almost 20 years ago with Cast in Shadow the first full length novel in the series This is definitely a series where you need to start in the beginning to get a grasp on this world Kaylin herself and the found family that has gathered around her sometimes without any of her intention at all And we discover ourselves caring about these people because she does And because we care about herKaylin is a chaos magnet she is a person to whom things happen whether she wishes it or notThe story of Cast in Wisdom is absolutely a case where Kaylin is given an assignment an official one even that seems relatively simple and Hechizos de amor unambiguous on the surface but as issual turns out to be anything but And as so often happens to Kaylin those complexities The Parisian Prowler uncover plots and counterplots that are intended to change this world in a way that will likely lead to destructionBut no plot seems to survive contact with Kaylin Nera not even her owncast in shadow by michelle sagaraEscape Rating A I love this series for Kaylin her snarky voice and the even snarkier characters she has gathered around her I fell for it because the opening books were definitely in therban fantasy vein even if the world in which they were set felt like epic fantasy As the series has continued Kaylin s initially small world has gotten bigger and wider and events have often taken her out of her cityYou can take the girl out of the city but you can t really take the city out of the girl Cast in Wisdom is a story that explores a tiny and obscure portion of Elantra and gives that exploration huge implications without ever leaving the city bordersWell not exactly leaving but that s part of the storyI ll admit that I especially fell for this one because the entire thing is set in a school that has been lost in time a school that considers its heart and soul to be its library And that of course had me from the beginningBut it s also a story about fighting for what you believe in and it s a story that breathes life by dragon fire into the idea that it s never too late to be what you were meant "To Be So As " be So as as the series is absolutely Kaylin s journey Cast in Wisdom is Lannagaros journey Kaylin is barely two decades old while Lannagaros has lived for not just centuries but actually millennia His whole life has been dedicated to preserving the past and learning from it All he wanted was to be an academic but he left his studies to serve in a war that is long past By the time it was over the Academia he loved was lost to the shadows between the fiefsWhen it is found again broken and barely functioning as a ghostly shadow of the place he once loved he is forced to rethink his entire life in order to defend the place where his heart has always belonged even when he believed it no longer existedAs the fight for the heart and soul of a school and a library Cast in Wisdom is a terrific adventure As a story about it never being too late to grasp the dream of your heart it is Marvelous As The Latest In A Continuing Saga It Is As the latest in a continuing saga it is wonderful addition to the seriesAnd now that I have left Elantra for the nonce I am in withdrawal ntil the next book in the series whenever it appears Shadow escape new worlds to explore and a border zone with secrets that can destroy them all Kaylin knows one thing trouble is brewing but she has her gang at her backNothing like jumping into a series 15 books in but that is exactly what I did and I really enjoyed it Michelle Sagar writes a complex compelling and totally original world that blew me away Magic mayhem and mythical secrets take center stage when a group of highly engaging characters make Cast center stage when a group of highly engaging characters make Cast Wisdom a great book cation into another world I received this ARC copy of Cast in Wisdom from HARLEUIN Trade Publishing US Canada MIRA This is my honest and voluntary reviewMy Rating 4 starsWritten by Michelle Sagara Series The Chronicles of ElantraPaperback 544 pagesPublisher MIRA Original edition January 28 2020ISBN 10 077830938XISBN 13 978 0778309383Genre Scifi Fantasy Magic Noble Just hit the end of book 14 Whoa Can t wait for the next oneI hate EVERYONE who reads this book before meThe very short reviewIt was a good story but also not moving the story forward but sideways I m not angry at that I kinda wish when we have these moments we get I m always left wanting My favorite parts of the book are the elven court I just call them elves because they sound like elves to me I d like to know and how things are working out It s like she fixes a problem and. Crets and ancient histories and people are gathering there in search of its power Without even nderstanding what that power is or why it exists Kaylin is in a desperate race against time to find those secrets first She doesn’t know who her enemies are She doesn’t know how many she’ll face But she won’t face them alone.