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Erves The very first chapter is an absolute feat of writing I felt like I watching the scene from above peering into the lives of these characters And the constant wave imagery is perfect It cements the emotions complexity and intricacies of human experience in a very imaginative way I wish I could capture the essence of it in a review but I think this is one that really needs to be read in order to be understood The novel traces the development of six friends from childhood all the way through to the trappings of middle age There are five of them and they grew up together They finish school bonding over how much they hate it and break apart when they no longer have to sit in the classroom Their friendships become and distant as the ears pass as the waves of the sea continue to crash they experience the realities of growing old and the isolation that can come with it This is a hard book to read some of it may wash over ou though that is the nature of stream of consciousness writing It is governed by shifting patterns of thoughts and feelings The voices of each section were also uite similar In keeping this level of similarity Woolf explores identity The voices cross over and sound alike they merge into each other like separate facets of a greater whole Identity is a shifting concept and can be different things in different places I am made and remade continually Different people draw different words from me I knew there would be a Woolf novel I could love and this is it The language is poetical and deep Woolf explores so much of human experience here and the way she has written it is so ridiculously clever If anything it s a book about identity and how hard it can be to define it In a way others help to shape it as much as we do ourselves This certainly won t be the last time I read it The Waves Playlist Pop songs not classical or Jazz charactersRules One song each Gender matching Must express as many of the key character traits as possible I must love it Bernard Bob Dylan To RamonaSusan Kate bush Mrs BartolozziRhoda Throwing Muses FearNeville Anthony and the Johnsons Crazy in LoveJinny Julia Holter Gold Dust Woman Louis Jeff Buckley A Satisfied Mind Percival John Cage 4 33 The novel4 rules here reference to water in title or song mist or fog counts thematic connection over and above this to the novel something about the feel matches the novel too and it has to be a song I love Grouper Heavy WaterI d rather be sleepingJoanna Newsom Time a symptom Joanna Newsom DiversSmog Rock bottom riserJudee Sill Kiss Julie Holter Sea calls me home Beach house On the seaThis is It This is The Book The One The collection of carefully crafted words I hold most dear in the world It is for this very reason I cannot write a reasonable review I cannot simply tell ou that this is a masterpiece that this deals with the most profound and important issues of Being in the most beautiful ways imaginable nor can I simply say that though I have read it many times I still find new pearls to treasure in almost every line So I will take a uote a relatively famous one and ramble on a little about what makes it so wonderful From this one can extrapolate the restTowards the end of the novel Bernard says the following How tired I am of stories how tired I am of phrases that come down beautifully with all their feet on the ground Also how I distrust neat designs of life that are drawn upon half sheets of note paper I begin to long for some little language such as lovers use broken words inarticulate words like the shuffling of feet on the pavement I begin to seek some design in accordance with those moments of humiliation and triumph that come now and then undeniably Lying in a ditch on a stormy day when it has been raining then enormous clouds come marching over the sky tattered clouds wisps of cloud What delights me then is the confusion the height the indifference and the fury Great clouds always changing and movement something sulphurous and sinister bowled up helter skelter towering trailing broken off lost and I forgotten minute in a ditch Of story of design I do not see a trace then This is of course a comment by Woolf on her art and illuminates some of her key concerns as they relate to the confused and tattered nature of reality But I do not wish to speak of that here I want to talk about the music of this passage the song of her writing We begin with an

Old Rhetorical Trick Repetition 
Rhetorical trick repetition is tired that much is clear and do we not feel a similar fatigue The fall of those sentences like an exhausted sigh raising themselves up to the exclamation point at the end Then alliteration that echo of anglo saxon origin propels us through the next short sentence All those hard ds the rippling between life and half deep ripples those though I will not explore them hereAnd the alliterative magic continues bouncing like bows on taught strings L s for longing little language and lovers the repetition of words shuffling the sentence like those feet on the pavement Then as if to prove such shattering and shuffling inevitable a sentence which falls on its own sword ending with its feet over its head and undeniably unstuck But we shall right ourselves Pulled back by the gentle arms of another L and those commas like the beats of a conductor s baton getting us back up to speed ready for the pounding out of those key words confusion height indifference and fury And we understand how fury can be delightful how indifference can fill us with joyous aweThe next sentence is according to Microsoft Word incorrect It is a fragment which I should consider revising But how can one truly speak of the fragmented without using broken and un finished lines Here too all our alliterative friends return those Cs Ls Ds and Ss the repetition of ing like light and dancing footsteps following the music they themselves create This is Design This is Song This is the tension between the beauty and craft of great prose and the dirty broken Truth of the World Woolf is the Master of this tension she walks on the thin thread tied tight between them And when the thread broke she drowned and the World lost too much to be easily comprehended Of all books in the world of all the voices I have been lucky enough to overhear through the magic of literature hers is the one I love most and the one I miss most Read overhear through the magic of literature hers is the one I love most and the one I miss most Read Read all of her Then go back and start all over again a great recommendation from a friend Seems like it could be life changing or possibly a little sad or maybe both The hand written inscription in the copy I found used was worth the entire purchase anyway read it21484Martin I m sure ou know that ou ve been on my mind a great deal over the last few days I ve struggled for words to capture my own grief at How to Restore Your Bmw Motorcycle Twins 1950-1969 your mom s death to express my appreciation forours and perhaps to offer some solace by explaining to Faerie you how strong an impression she made on me during the few months that I knew herI haven tet decided which of my memories of Elma will be my favorite her stealing my blackberry pie fingering my brand new Perry Ellis coat as a potential rug beating the pants off me at Shanghia Rummy or just gazing out the window at the beach But I do know that she was a deeply loving a For the unprepared reader the first fifty pages can be as baffling as an unknown code But once the code is cracked the whole experiment has a brilliant simplicity Imagine this a biography of ou and our five best friends From early childhood to death Told not within the usual matrix of bald accountable facts social landmarks of achievement and failure But through a linguistic transposition of the ebb and flow the forging and eroding of the waves of our inner life Those secret and unspoken moments known only to ourselves when we feel at our most isolated or connected our most transfigured lost or unknowable The narrative a flui. Of individuals but on the eternal connection of everyone The novel that most epitomizes Virginia Woolf’s theories of fiction in the working form The Waves is an amazing book very much ahead of its time It is a poetic dreamscape visual experimental and thrilli. .
A poet If only I knew who I was but I feel the six of them as if they shared my soul Yes there are six and I am only one But each talks to a part of me A part that I recognize or a part that I try to hide As a woman I am Jinny Susan and Rhoda and at the same time I am not But I am also Bernard Neville and Louis in their daily struggles despite sometimes feeling so foreign to them But I am all of them and they are me I do not know myself sometimes or how to measure and name and count out the grains that make me what I am We play on along and we live we are human in our frailty and our imperfections We live in our different scenarios but all in the same planet And I weep and smile with them for what they fought and are loved for for their fears and for their insecurities and their lovers The activity is endless And tomorrow it begins again tomorrow we make Saturday Some take train for France others ship for India Some will never come into this room again One may die tonight Another will beget a child From us every sort of building policy venture picture poem child factory will spring Life comes life goes we make life So Goodbye Soldier War Biography you sayI that had for long forgotten to look inside myself now crave to know why I lost so many friends or was lost by them I am jealous of their friendship as I sometimes feel so solitary and desperate for that human connection that seems some days so far away I am a chameleon for I am all six at the same time Even Percival for I have died even having survived How curious one is changed by the addition even at a distance of a friend And I still feel the sorrow of those friends that I do not see any and so seem dead to me He is all the friends I lost their long gone memories and all the friends I gave up He is the isolation that I built for myself Was it pride or simply forgetfulness I grieve and want toell for help Is there still time Could we meet for dinner and perhaps share all our happiness our misgivings and our sufferings I have had one moment of enormous peace This perhaps is happiness Now I am drawn back by pricking sensations by curiosity greed I am hungry and the irresistible desire to be myself I think of people to whom I could say things Louis Neville Susan Jinny and Rhoda With them I am many sided They retrieve me from darkness We shall meet tonight thank Heaven Thank Heaven I need not be aloneDespite all that I imagine I have in common with all six of them I feel a special connection with Bernard Why is that so Should it not have been with Susan a female with her family life and her children I that am also a mother But no it is Bernard that talks most to me Maybe that is because he is the storyteller of the group of friends what keeps them together Or perhaps he is one but is at the same time all six of them Light almost pierced the thin swift waves as they raced fan shaped over the beach The girl who had shaken her head and made all the jewels the topaz the auamarine the water coloured jewels with sparks of fire in them dance now bared her brows and with wide opened eyes drove a straight pathway over the waves I watch as the waves break close to my feet and I cannot devise how it feels to be confronted with such force and immensity to hear its deafening bellows as it crashes and almost kills me The waves fell withdrew and fell again like the thud of a great beast stamping And I feel I am always eavesdropping on Bernard Neville Louis Jinny Susan and Rhoda and I listen to them and journey with them from day to day I now can say that I met the grave and uiet Neville and understood his love for another part of himself The leaves now are thick in country lanes sheep cough in the damp fields but here in Cinnamon and Elephants: Sri Lanka and the Netherlands from 1600 (Rijksmuseum country series) your room we are dry We talk privately I encountered the ambitious and insecure outsider Louis I repeat I am an average Englishman I am an average clerket I look at the little men at the next table to be sure that I do what they do I shared experiences with Susan her idyllic visions of family and rustic life At this hour this still early hour I am the field I am the barn I AM THE TREES MINE ARE THE the trees mine are the of birds and the Valkea kuin lumi young hare who leaps at the last moment when I step almost on him Yes I have felt for Rhoda s fear of life her terror of always being lost and unheard Identity failed me We are nothing I said and fell I encountered the passionate Jinny and her volatility and her need to feel loved Now with a little jerk like a limpet broken from a rock I am broken off I fall with him I am carried off Weield to this slow flood We go in and out of this hesitating music And I know Bernard the eternal storyteller who failed in his first love but unites the friends not only with words Who am I thinking of Byron of course I am in some ways like Byron Perhaps a sip of Byron will help put me in the vein Let me read a page I am in love with their names and their destinies I am always with them and outside of it all but present in spirit Words and words and words how they gallop how they lash their long manes and tails but for some fault in me I cannot give myself to their backs I cannot fly with them scattering women and string bags There is some flaw in me some fatal hesitancy which if I pass it over turns to foam and falsity Yet it is incredible that I should not be a great poet I read each word Virginia Woolf s words and her lyricism makes me feel very luxurious inside She uses words that are metaphors for our everyday life such as waves and storms Words that are each and every one a treasure to our intellect and our souls She is a poet and reminds me of Fernando Pessoa and The Book of Disuiet She has led me through an ephemeral life or better six lives and I feel replete and indulged And I feel alive despite dying in the end And now I ask Who am I I have been talking of Bernard Neville Jinny Susan Rhoda and Louis Am I all of them Am I one and distinct I do not know My full review as well as my other thoughts on reading can be found on my blogOne of the greatest works of literary modernism The Waves follows the inner lives of six friends from birth to death the novel rejects conventional notions of plot in the interest of tracking the ebb and flow of consciousness over the course of a lifetime Woolf alternates between the main characters perspectives in each of the novel s nine sections focusing upon the ways in which the friends perception of each other and their environment shifts over time and she breaks the sections up with poetic interludes that sketch from an omniscient viewpoint a portrait of the sea at different times of the day Even as Woolf explores the interiority of each character then she frames selfhood as neither stable nor unitary in addition to highlighting the artifice of her project The sun rose Its rays fell in sharp wedges inside the room Whatever the light touched became dowered with a fanatical existence A plate was like a white lake A knife looked like a dagger of ice Suddenly my copy of The Waves became alive as the clouds on the cover page started floating in resplendent movements and the water of the ocean moved swiftly over the edges of several dog eared pages carrying along thousands of words written upon them to a world they rightfully belongs to Drifting in the cradle of na The Waves is an absolute masterpiece it s an incredible novel that flows beautifully with torrents of majestic prose I see nothing We may sink and settle on the waves The sea will drum in my ears The white petals WILL BE DARKENED WITH SEA WATER be darkened with sea water will float for a moment and then sink Rolling over the waves will shoulder me under Everything falls in a tremendous shower dissolving me This is creative genius at its absolute finest within fiction I felt like I was floating awash in words dreams and ideas It s a profound exploration of the human soul and I lack the words to describe it as elouently as it des. F draws her characters from the inside revealing them through their thoughts and interior solilouies As their understanding of nature’s trials grows the chorus of narrative voices blends together in miraculous harmony remarking not only on the inevitable death. I came across this link How To Think Like A Manager for the CISSP Exam yesterday 33020 supposedly the only known recording of Virginia Woolf It s appropriate that it s about words poetry than prose critics have called this her greatest work and also the most difficult one It s written in dreamy paragraphs creating an atmosphere but with little plot I struggled with it having trouble keeping the characters separate even trying mnemonics at one point Then I caught on The book follows six people from when they were tots to old age three men three women one of the men dies You have to accept that fiveear old kids playing on the lawn think complex philosophical thoughts If I were to pick a typical paragraph I d say this one Yet we scarcely breathe said Neville spent as we are We are in that passive and exhausted frame of mind when we only wish to rejoin the body of our mother from whom we have been severed All else is distasteful forced and fatiguing Jinny s The Lady of Larkspur Lotion yellow scarf is moth colored in this light Susan s eyes are uenched We are scarcely to be distinguished from the river One cigarette end is the only point of emphasis among us And sadness tinges our content that we should have leftou torn the fabric Five Wealth Secrets 96% of Us Dont Know yielded to the desire to press out alone some bitterer some blacker juice which was sweet too But now we are worn out Italicized paragraphs about nature flowers streams act as chapter breaks as the characters move from one stage of life to another The six meet periodically usually for dinnerIt s Virginia Woolf so we expect and get great writing Some of my favorite passagesa train There is the very powerful bottle green engine without a neck all back and thighs breathing steamLouis glancing tripping with the high step of a disdainful crane picks up words as if in sugar tongsNothing should be named lest by doing so we change it Let it exist this bank this beauty and I for one instant steeped in pleasureThe sun fell in sharp wedges inside the room Whatever the light touched became dowered with a fanatical existence A plate was like a white lake A knife looked like a dagger of ice Like Nabokovou have to have Photoatlas of Inclusions in Gemstones Volume 3 your dictionary on hand A few I looked up were emulously emulating assegais spear guillemot type of tern charabanc bus conglobulated just whatou think clustered nacreous pearly iridescent I will definitely read this book again It s a book that Blood Magic Divided Realms you absorb than read I am in a fever Awareness is heightened Words have purple shadows Sentences gleamellow greenParagraphs are lined in reddish goldEverything shimmers sharp as waves in sunlight The normal is abolishedVoices roll towards me one upon another declaim their truth and roll away again one upon another the arc of each voice different the rhythm the same Bernard Susan Louis Bernard Rhoda Neville Jinny Bernard Louis Neville Susan BernardSusan Louis Neville BernardBernard Bernard Bernard BernardSix names six faces surging toward the light Six names six faces falling away each in turn Until only one remains BernardAnd Bernard says Sit with me and I do And he describes the voices describes them all And he drops phrases one upon another Measures out life drop by drop I strike the table with a spoon If I could measure things with compasses I would but since my measure is a phrase I make phrasesAnd meantime women shuffle past the window And the clock ticks on And Bernard makes his phrases I conceive myself called upon to provide some winter s night a meaning for all my observations a line that runs from one to anothera summing up that completesBut solilouies in back streets soon pallI need an audience That is my downfallBernard punctuates with repetitions a symphony with its concord and its discord and its tunes on top and its complicated bass beneath And meantime women shuffle past with shopping bagsAnd always the chained beast stampingAnd Bernard s phrases I only come into existence when the plumber or the horse dealer or whoever it may be says something which sets me alight Then how lovely the smoke of my phrase is rising and falling flaunting and falling upon red lobsters and Hooking Him yellow fruit wreathing them into one beautyAnd meantime women carrying baskets And the tablecloth and itsellow stain And the recurring drop that falls And time says Bernard lets fall its drop The drop that has formed on the roof of the soul falls On the roof of my mind time forming lets fall its dropThis falling drop is time tapering to a pointAs a drop falls from a glass heavy with some sediment time fallsAnd meantime women carrying pitchers on their headsAnd the constant naming of the days Tuesday follows Monday Wednesday Tuesday Each spreads the same ripple Drop upon drop says Bernard silence falls It forms on the roof of the mind and falls into pools beneath For ever alone alone alone hear silence fall and sweep its rings to the farthest edges Gorged and replete solid with middle aged content I whom loneliness destroys let silence fall drop by dropThere is the recurring theme of the shark fin revolving far out in the waves the fin of inspiration leaning over this parapet I see far out a waste of water A fin turnsthe fin that rises in the wastes of silence and thensinks back into the depths spreading around it a little ripple of satisfaction contentThere are the sheep advancing remorselessly through the narrative in that wooden way of theirs step by step on stiff pointed legsThere is the grindstone the rush of the great grindstone within an inch of my headThere are moths which sailing through the room had shadowed the immense solidity of chairs and tables with floating wingsAnd Jinny s ellow scarf is moth coloured in the lightThere is love and hateThere is the colour purpleThere is a red carnation in a vaseThere are stoats nailed to stable doorsThere are white petal ships floating in brown oceansAnd Bernard s voice no longer making phrases Nothing nothing nothing broke with its fin that leaden waste of watersBut always the waves fell withdrew and fell again like the thud of a great beast stamping 654 The Waves Virginia WoolfThe Waves is a 1931 novel by Virginia Woolf It is considered her most experimental work and consists of solilouies spoken by the book s six characters Bernard Susan Rhoda Neville Jinny and Louis Also important is Percival the seventh character though readers never hear him speak in his own voice The solilouies that span the characters lives are broken up by nine brief third person interludes detailing a coastal scene at varying stages in a day from sunrise to brief third person interludes detailing a coastal scene at varying stages in a day from sunrise to As the six characters or voices speak Woolf explores concepts of individuality self and community Each character is distinct et together they compose as Ida Klitgard has put it a gestalt about a silent central consciousness 1999 1377 248 1388 9789645577276 1389 9786005692129 20 1386 398 1387 1389 1393 9789643692131 1931 The sun fell in sharp wedges inside the room Whatever the light touched became dowered with a fanatical existence A plate was like a white lake A knife looked like a dagger of ice Suddenly tumblers revealed themselves
Upheld By Streaks Of 
by streaks of As I turn the pages of The Waves Virginia Woolf talks to me to my heart my spirit and my soul like I could not have imagined Such splendor and beauty come to me through her words and I feel like singing with her She sings life a life that begins and goes on and on So I keep reading and hope to get lost to blend with the pages whose sounds are just like the very waves that come and go inexorably The sun had not et risen The sea was indistinguishable from the sky except that the sea was slightly creased as if a cloth had wrinkles in it Gradually as the sky whitened a dark line lay on the horizon dividing the sea from the sky and the grey cloth became barred with thick strokes moving one after another beneath the surface following each other pursuing each other perpetually If only I could write if only I were. Set on the coast of England against the vivid background of the sea The Waves introduces six characters three men and three women who are grappling with the death of a beloved friend Percival Instead of describing their outward expressions of grief Virginia Wool.

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