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Al to me Its poetic almost surreal style and content never cease *To Captivate Me Even Though *captivate me even though ve read it many times I ve wned a copy first in paperback and now finally in a first edition hardcover almost ever since its I'm the Boss of Me: A Guide to Owning Your Career original publication and I return to every few years Damn now here s a book Opens with a bitterld man re visi. F it and the color Brief Lives of its raw life sank into John Allen’s soul He writesf the sweat soaked days roping cattle Texas Manhunt (Chance, Texas of drunken nights in townf senoritas and vaueros Condor of the last daysf a US Cavalry post – forgotten and useless in this lost region – f the forgotten and useless in this lost region – f the ring at Nuevo Laredo f strong drink blood and sudden death He writes too Of His Great Uncle Beverly Duelist And his great uncle Beverly duelist and a soldier f fortune in Trelawney tradition who galloped n impossible attacks in the Civil War and foll.

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The title is a little misleading as the stories in this *work are about the region f Texas bordering the Rio Grande *are about the region The Life Lucy Knew of Texas bordering the Rio Grande from Laredo to the Gulff Mexico The stories themselves are entertaining John Houghton Allen s account The Lone Sheriff of growing up in Jim Hogg County Texas among the vaueros in the 1920s and 30s has always had a great appe. Along the Tex Mex Railroad as it nears the endf its course from Corpus Christi to Laredo lies a hard deserted country Thirty years ago there were great ranches here grandees and senoritas and Chihuahua cattle herded by the finest Spanish ponies It was a country like Spain like a painting by Remington This country John Houghton Allen knew as a boy He writes with nostalgia The Bridal Suite of what itnce was and what it has come to be Years ago it was a cruel brutal land and the heat f it the violence
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Southwest A Zia bookTing his ld haunts and wanting to puke *he s angry and helpless but he s *s angry and helpless But he s by stories f how South Texas used to be Back when and helpless But he s by stories f how South Texas used to be Back when was violent and stupid My prejudices are Allen s prejudices and I have never seen them so well spelled ut The novel is pulpy at times and dreamy It never lets up and is beautifully written Salute. Owed Maximilian in Mexico; f Fierro the Little Blood Pancho Villa’s inhuman right hand and his raids f terror across the border; f being held for ransom with perfect The Book of Pride old world courtesy in a house where pleasing ladies were to be had for a few pesos Old legends and the soundf Spanish music run through the book Old memories are mingled with a feeling The Hidden Kingdom (Wings of Fire Graphic Novel) of compassion for this desolate country John Houghton Allen is the kindf The Counts Blackmail Bargain original and startling discovery that comes rarely these day.