(E–pub) I Am Not a Cop! A Novel By Richard Belzer

I Am Not a Cop! A NovelEntertainment concepts seem to evolve over the course of a decade and as the reality experiment has begun to yield the floor it appears that a hybrid sub genre of reality fiction is emerging In film we ve had My Name Is Bruce and in literature I Am Not a Cop Richard Belzer has crafted My

Name Is Bruce And 
Is Bruce and literature I AM NOT A COP RICHARD BELZER HAS CRAFTED FICTITIOUS Not a Cop Richard Belzer has crafted fictitious in which he as himself is caught up in a mystery involving a missing medical examiner friend who happens to be Russian Or is he UkrainianFans of The Belz know from his stand up routine and revious work of non fiction UFO s JFK and Elvis Conspiracies You Don t Have to Be Crazy to Believe that this is a guy who does his homework when it comes to intricate City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York plots and he has spun a doozy here Elements of thelot draw heavily from the history and The Runaway Prophet Jonah Study Guide 1998 politics of Russia and the former Soviet states you don t need to do your own homework though because Belzer has made sure that all the information you need to know isresented in an accessible manner throughout this novelI have long been an avid yet admittedly slow reader and so it is rare that I read anything cover to cover in one setting I Am Not a Cop has earned a spot on that short list Despite Belzer s years of Književna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje portraying television s most ubiuitous character Detective John Munch I Am Not a Cop is much a literary descendant of crime noir novels Not only does Belzer admit as much in his epilogue but there are freuent references to and uotes from them sprinkled throughout the narrative From start to finish though the sarcastic wit of Belzerermeates I Am Not a Cop and I found myself easily envisioning him in character In this captivating often hilarious debut mystery one of the great comedians of our time blends fact with fictio.

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Uring many assagesAt 272 Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. David Shields pages this is a novel that harkens back to the days ofage turning aperback thrillers meant to be read during a train commute the kind that ian fleming insisted his the kind that Ian Fleming insisted his Bond stories were Despite or erhaps because of this there is one chief complaint I would register with the author All too often a turn of Dangerously Placed phrase is recycled to theoint that it becomes distracting The most glaring culprit is a variation of famous Just Destiny person would beroud Saying that these moments took me out of the book would be taking it too far especially given the nature of its Paradise Run premise Still they re the kind of thing that one expects an editor to catch and ask the author Can wehrase this differently You used the same expression thirteen ages agoFans of the series in which Detective Munch has appeared should not expect any name dropping or behind the scenes glimpses INTO THEIR PRODUCTION DESPITE THE FACT THAT BELZER S their roduction Despite the fact that Belzer s occurs during an eight day shoot the actual series and its elements are ambiguous The only direct allusions are to Mariska Hargitay in both of which the Help Me, Jacques Cousteau promise of an autographedhoto of her is bartered for cooperationWhile I Am Not a Cop may not be the definitive mystery story of our times it is fun throughout and sustained by its Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen plot steeped as it is in real life situations I cannot guage how a reader unfamiliar with Belzer would enjoy this novel many of hisersonality traits and views can be alienating at times for instance in 2008 was it really necessary to have five different lines to remind us that he dislikes George W Bush An. N as Richard Belzer's Law Order Detective The Book of Mordred persona comes to life on theage when our hero employs investigative. Audiobook reading would be welcomed though one has not been issued to date I love Richard Belzer He is a hoot His writing reflects this I liked this book but got a little mixed up between Munch and Belzer Once I got that straight I enjoyed the book I was very surprised how good the book was Especially considering it was Belzer s first fiction book and his background was as an actor rather than anything vaguely to do with being a fiction writer Yes he has written a couple of non fictiion works but fiction and fiction have little do with each other He has ut himself as the little to do with each other He has ut himself as the character in the book doing something in fiction that main character in the book doing something in fiction that never did in real life His good friend Rudy has disappeared and he tries to use the skills of his character Detective Munch from Law Order SUV s to find him When I Wie war das noch? Schulwissen, neu aufpoliert picked this book up at a yard sale I thought it might be a fun biography of a terrific actor and comic I missed two words on the cover A Novel After spending the first two chapters wondering why Richard Belzer was chasing the Russian Mafia I noticed those two words Okay so I was wrong I ll treat it as a novel and see what happens I kept reading and wondering where the book was going Before I knew it I was finished and still was unsure why I had continued reading it all the way to the end It s an amusing story but somehow unsatisfying You never really get a look into Belzer s TV world you never really get a meaty mystery and so manylot Hidden Boundaries points were left unanswered Just one of those books that comes along that when you get to the end you wonder what you read it fo. Know how and comedic timing in eual measure to solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a trusted frie.