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Survivor Moms Women's Stories of Birthing Mothering and Healing after Sexual AbuseCe with their partners The thing is I just didn t connect the dots the way I should have I didn t think deeply about how these experiences could impact birthOne client for whom I was a volunteer doula clarified it all for me though I knew about her heartbreaking childhood and I could see that trusting anyone myself included was an act of heroism on her part I watched the nurses react to her mistrust as if she were an imbecile She succeeded in having a natural hospital birth but I can only describe the battle with her two nurses as a war We were all wounded by the endThis book Survivor Moms is the book that I the endThis book Survivor Moms is the book that I I had read before that birth and before so many others Now that I ve explored the wisdom offered here I shudder at the thought of thousands of nurses and obstetricians blithely attending women in birth without a single thought to their sexual history When women have survived unspeakable violence to their sexual selves it can have a tremendous impact on their aborsBut what I appreciate most is the call for non judgement Some survivor moms need support to take control of their bodies in ways that natural birth advocates do not always readily support They may need to schedule c sections in order to feel in control of their sexuality and reproductive selves They cannot bear having strangers gazing at and touching their genitals A c section feels empowering And other survivor moms need support to be as in control of their natural vaginal birth as possible They may need to refuse vaginal exams for instance These moms may #find birth healing as they use wounded parts of their bodies and souls to produce #birth healing as they use wounded parts of their bodies and souls to produce and new ife As a doula I feel better prepared to provide this support now that I ve read what dozens of survivor moms have to say about their birthing experiences I ove this book Great resource book You can read my thoughts her. Of women's experiences for their care and discover suggestions for working together during maternity care and beyondYou need Survivor Moms if you are a survivor a midwife a mental health provider or if you know a survivor who is on this path This book will teach you about abuse mothering and the ongoing journey of healing and surviving It will also help you discover what you can do to helpChapters cover Life before Motherhood Pregnancy Labor and Birth Postpartum and Breastfeeding Mothering and Attachment Healing and Survivorsh. Gray Bishop live in Ann Arbor Michigan the hippest place in the sort of Midwest and Ann Arbor is home to many amazing midwives doulas and obstetricians Really We have ateast FOUR awesome obstetricians in our town and those are just four whom I know personally There might even be than four which definitely puts us in hippest territory Anyway Ann Arbor is where Julia and Mickey Puckster's First Hockey Sweater lives so I have the pleasure of knowing Mickey and Julia personallySurvivor Moms is the book I didn t know I needed when I was a fledgling doula I supported many new mothers on their birthing journeys andeft the births shaking my head What happened there I would wonder Someone who said she wanted one thing turned into a completely different person in abor Or she got stuck at some point in abor and we just couldn t shake it Then she would cry and shake all over and Liar labor would get going again Huh Or her mistrust of the hospital personnel was so huge that it took overabor Keeping nurses out of the room became the only way to keep the mom from getting hystericalI knew the stats ike any feminist should I knew that many women experience childhood sexual abuse andor date rape andor domestic violen. R pregnancies births postpartum and mothering had been influenced by their history as survivors A total of 207 surveys were returned and from this number 81 women completed a narrative or contributed a poem Excerpts from these narratives form the basis of Survivor MomsThe book also includes some complete narratives along with resources and information from current research You'll be able to read the clinical perspectives of midwives and contributions from other health care professionals and you will earn about the implications. .

The survivor response to this is mixed from what have seen online and heard anecdotally Some survivors reading it have shared how triggering it what I have seen online and heard anecdotally Some survivors reading it have shared how triggering it for them And I completely hear that Sperlich and Seng s work is very through so i would be hesitant very through So I would be hesitant recommend it as a read to survivors But as a tool for professionals who deal with survivors Survivor Moms is indispensableSurvivor Moms begins at the beginning before the survivor is even a mom The authors Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are look at the range of affects that trauma can have on the woman in adulthood PTSD substance abuse issues disordered eating etceading up to pregnancy Frustratingly there isn t any mention of the Gaffer link between abuse and infertility which seems very obvious to me but there s no mention of that here that I could find The book ends with hope and tools for healing setting the stage of recovery as aifelong process 208 That phrase along with many interspersed in this book really underscore the many valuable messages in this book which often come from primary sources which makes the book all the powerfulSurvivor Moms is extremely well researched and offer up the voices of many survivors as testimonials to that research Those stories are what truly make this book both accessible and uniue I appreciate that the book includes a broader Circumstantial Evidence look at sexual abuse in general and doesn timit it s scope to childhood What is missing in my mind though is the Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers linkage to intimate partner violence Not only would that be helpful for survivors to understand but for professionals as well Sexual assault doesn t happen in a vacuum it is part of the power and control dynamics of intimate partner violence Sexual abuse is planned and purposeful unless it is perpetuated by a stranger Threats intimidation scare tacticsike harming beloved pets or siblings are hallmark indicators of intimate partner violence They are. Sexual abuse and the reactions to it affect mothers' whole ives from thinking about having children all the way to being grandmothers Survivor Moms was written to help break down the isolation pregnant women and their caregivers often feel as though they were the only ones having to cope with these challenges In 1998 together with a team of survivors therapists and midwives Mickey Sperlich developed a survey project called Survivor Moms Speak Out This survey asked basic uestions about the ways in which survivors felt that thei. .