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Herself and continues to feed and welcome the cat into her home AND BED Please do yourself a favour and leave this book on the shelf Another smut that knocks you out of the part It gets downright furry at times and I say that with the anthro lovers in mind LOL That panther was wild and had me like ew girl dont do that but it doesnt go that far Again another sex driven adventure with a slight girl dont do that but it doesnt go that far Again another sex driven adventure with a slight Okay did I ust read what I thought I read view spoilerI can t believe the author actually had sex acts performed while in beast form hide spoiler Hunky were panther Rafe is set out to avenge the murder of his wife and sons Alaina is stunned to find a wounded panther on her property who seems to be domesticated Rafe injured in Panther form he is attracted to Alaina she thinks Ralphie the name she gives the panther is a bit perverted but keeps him hidden when hunters from next door the police all come to her place looking for the wild beast Rave takes a o This is my favorite of what I ve read by Madelaine Montague as of yet It was a very satisfying read that left nothing hanging unanswered and I love when a book satisfies that aspectTwo people that have experienced a great sense of true loss One is hell bent on revenge and the other is ust living life day by day Once fate has its course set there is no stopping what unfolds and the magnetic pull to another whether it s wanted or not Alaina is immediately drawn to Rafe and the same goes for him to her They work together on an exciting sensual fun and dreamy path to tie loose ends and put a stop to Alaina s home getting bullet holes on a freu. Y' two hundred plus pound great cat though He's amazingly intelligent and when she takes him into her home she finds he's also disturbingly affectionate To keep the hunters off her property she hires a man to build a fence But Raphael Doucette the dangerously. Ent basis What happens after that surprised me and I know other readers will enjoy Did not finish with only like 80 pages to goRight after he showed her that he shapeshifted I gave upThis book is dumbI wasn t fond of the main character I thought she was dumb low self esteem and umped from one abusive relationship to another This was to garner sympathy Sorry hun your an idiotRaphael had no personality Why the fuck did she call the cat Ralphie That made no sense No one calls their cat Ralphie The first and only name she decides to call him is nearly close enough identical to his actual name Sure SUrrrrrrre What was the point of Bobby the vetex boyfriend He was ust over the top ridiculousI didn t even care about animal sex which has other readers freaking out I was rolling my eyes at her reactions to it OMG I hated all the assumptions she made Literally the entire book is her The Prodigal Prophet: Jonah and the Mystery of God's Mercy jumping to conclusions I hated her inner monologue exclamation mark used sarcastically since her inner monologue used them all the timeThe over all plot wasust dumb Gave up Lots of actionHunky panther shifterNice likeable heroineNot ust a sex bookand of course the heroine gets pregnant Anthology part
"Of Big Bad Alpha "
Big Bad Alpha Holiday Box Set 20 Alpha Hero of Contemporary Military Big Bad Alpha Christmas Holiday Box Set 20 Alpha Hero Stories of Contemporary Military Werewolves Vampires Angels Billionaires Demons Fae MoreEnjoyed this book especially the ending The romance was a little hit and miss and then hit again When Kaitlyn O Connor writes under this pen name her style is different enough that for a time I thought it was a different person Overall a good story 3 12 star. Attractive stranger she hires seems to have an unhealthy interest in what's going on at the hunting club and his own agenda Rating Contains explicit sexual content violence graphic adult language and some situations which could be offensive to sensitive reader. ,
Really good paranormal romance This was a weird book I actually know nothing about the hero at all after having read the whole thing Very strange and unexpected The entire book is about the heroine but because she has no friends to speak of it has a somewhat surrealistic feel with most of the information we get as readers filtered through the heroine s eyes and mind The hero of the information we get as readers filtered through the heroine s eyes and mind The hero a catalyst for things to happen to the heroine I guess But on the other hand the heroine doesn t really go through much development This was so bad I wouldn t say the heroine was weak because that isn t completely true but she had no self esteem seemed to lack the ability to make good udgment calls and was overly needy I didn t like that she was coming out of a on again off again abusive relationship I sort of expected her to get stuck in something like that rather than empathizing with her situation And of course the next man s arms she runs to is someone with a mucky past and a vendetta against a group of people who is actively seeking his revenge through committing a number of murders plural Of course he doesn t really want anything to do with her long term So OBVIOUSLY she falls in love with him And when he leaves her right after he also leaves her a large sum of money and she finds out she is right after he also leaves her a large sum of money and she finds out she is she breaks down into tears and is thankful that he didn t leave her alone SeriouslyAs if that wasn t bad enough he is also a big panther shape shifter That s all well and good except for the fact he sexually molests her on several occasions while in cat form She s conflicted by this naturally but keeps it to. Stray bullets from the hunting club have hit her house before but when one pierces her wall Alaina decamps to the wash shed for safety She nearly has heart failure when she discovers she's sharing her 'safe harbor' with a wounded panther Ralphie is no 'ordinar.