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In Dealey Plaza under team leader ack ruby via trafficantegiancana redeeming the leader Jack Ruby via TrafficanteGiancana Redeeming the maligned Jim GarrisonThe Cuban archives sweep away much of the plausible deniability of Richard Helms et al and certainly makes for a highly revealing read It is also disturbing to note that Furiati s work could not find a publisher in the land of the free even in the late twentieth century The blockade was broken thanks to Ocean Press of Australia. Iled a lawsuit challenging the government's asserted authority to ANASTASIA DE LISY Anastasia de Lisy | ZR RIFLE ZR RIFLE a été écrit pour révéler notre histoire cachée afin ue l'Amériue n'ait plus à répéter son passé Nous Croyons U'il Vaut Mieux Connaître u'il vaut connaître vérité aussi douloureuse soit elle plutôt ue de se fier à la vision parfois déformée ou incomplète de l’histoire résultant de la destruction de tant d'informations essentielles.

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Z R Rifle the Plot to Kill Kennedy and CasThis book proves I ll read anything YES Having read hundreds of books on the JFK ll read anything YES Having read hundreds of books on the JFK I think Claudia Furiati has relevant names in the hat than so many other research worksHaving read General Fabian Escalante s The Cuba Files 2008 some time back it has been a revelation to come across ZR RifleThe Plot to Kill Kennedy and Castro which was published in 1994 The author worked in Cuba and gained access to Cuban Ministry of Interi. ZRRIFLE project Spartacus Educational In November William Harveywas ordered to activate an assassination plot against Fidel Castro This became part of what became known as the ZRRIFLE project Harvey decided to transfer David Sanchez Moralesfrom Mexico City to the JM WAVE station Johnny Roselliwas also recruited into the project fr ZR Rifle Plot to Kill Kennedy and Castro Not Retrouvez ZR Rifle Plot to Kill Kennedy and Castro et des millions de livres en stock sur fr Achetez neuf ou. Or archives and also interviewed Escalante The result is this great book that is both revealing and highly plausibleNot only does ZR Rifle fit pieces of this multi puzzle together linking CIA Mafia and Cuban exile forces from Operation Mongoose onto Atlee Phillips inherited ZRRifle JMWave operations but we also see the false flag sheep dipping of the patsy Oswald under Banister in New Orleans and the Mafia participation of mechanics. D'occasion Cryptonym ZRRIFLE William Harvey's handwritten notes on project ZRRIFLE is among the few documents about the project which were committed to paper Ironically it contains the admonitions No projects on paper Except For Cover And Never Mention Word Assassination It Also for cover and never mention word assassination It also the need for false documentation ZR Rifle License to Kill GlobalSecurityorg ZR Rifle license to kill on august the american civil to Kill On August the American Civil Union and the Center for Constitutional Rights CCR