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Girl in Pieces eSemaid since she was twelve years old She is the natural daughter of an Earl and a barmaid Thearl was a profligate but did manage to provide a small cottage for them while he was alive but he made no arrangements for them when he died The only thing he did for them was to arrange for Verity at age twelve to have a job at a newspaper The Londoner Verity has worked there for almost twenty years and finally worked her way into being a reporterBefore he was kidnapped as a child Marcus North was known as Percival Northrop heir to the Earl of Maxwell Marcus doesn t remember anything about that time and doesn t want to He doesn t want the title or the Battleground Chicago: The Police and the 1968 Democratic National Convention encumbrances that come along with it Connor Steele has found him and has seen to making the claim legitimatetc but Marcus doesn t want anyone to know he s the arl nor does he want them to know where he lives or anything lse about him He s adamant about keeping his secrets almost paranoid about itWhen Marcus Bridging Liberalism and Multiculturalism in American Education encounters Verity in the sewers he saves her gets her out of the sewers then lets her go only for her to get attacked again and another rescue He does something he has neverver done before he takes her to where he lives She NEVER tells him she is a reporter and that she is looking for the Earl of Maxwell She noses around and makes the discovery of who he really is He tells her he doesn t want his story told but Does Verity care about what Marcus or anyone lse wants No she does notIt took me a while to get into this novel because I just couldn t make myself like Verity I finally got to where I tolerated her but I never really came to like her She seemed very mbittered totally uncaring about what her stories did to others particularly Marcus It did finally register with her and I warmed up to her a bit I liked Marcus from the beginning and his anger with Verity was definitely valid I did find it surprising that he was attracted to her when she had deliberately uncaringly caused him so much harm I Cruise Control enjoyed the story and thought it was nicely uniue However it was ambiguous in a number of things like the time period There were a few hints and I finally came to believe that the setting must have been somewhere between 1820 and 1837 but I shouldn t have to try to figure out any of that kind of stuff it should be plainly obvious Also be aware that the female lead is a rabid feminist who seems to hate men and has some very contemporary thinking You ll also find some contemporary wordingtcStill I njoyed the read and look forward to the next storyI voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own I didn t last than 25% in the book it wasn t my cup of tea SadlyCould nt connect with any of the characters and got somewhat confused here and there I like this story and the writing but I had a hard time connecting with Verity and Malcolm s characters together hence the reason it took me so long to finish this bookIndividually the characters were amazingVerity was a smart witty and spunky character Her sense of responsibility and honor was admirableMalcolm was a great broody character to meet Considering what happened to him as a child he still demonstrated compassion and mpathy for those he considered his associatesHowever Malcolm and Verity together I just didn t get the chemistry between the two It just seemed rushedI City Limits enjoyed this story and I ll definitely continue reading this series but it wasn t one of my favorites by Ms Caldwell I m voluntarily reading an ARC of this book which has been provided by the publisher inxchange for an honest review In Bed with the Earl Lost Lords of London Series 1Christi Caldwel date 03172020Publisher Montlake Romance Blurb To solve a mystery that s become the talk of the ton no clues run too deep for willful reporter Verity Lovelace Not ven in the sewers of London That s precisely where she finds happily self sufficient scavenger Malcom North lost heir to the Earl Of Maxwell Now That Verity S Made Him Front Page Maxwell Now that Verity s made him front page what will he make of herKidnapped as a child with no memories of his well heeled past Malcom prefers the grimy spoils of the culverts to the gilded riches of society Damn the feisty beauty who xposed the contented tosher to a parade of fortune hunting matchmakers How to keep them at bay Verity must pretend to be his wife She owes himThe intimacy of this necessary arrangement Verity and Malcom thrust together in close uarters soon sparks an irresistible heat But when the charade nds the danger begins Will love be nough to protect them from a treacherous plot devised to ruin themMy review What a lost heir to do once reinstituted to his right place when a woman is seeking out his secrets Oh my It was a pages turner read why I could not read it previously I needed a "free day devoted to this storyJust a few sentences in Percival s story and my heart was "day devoted to this storyJust a few sentences in Percival s story and my heart was for him and the childhood he had been robbed once he became Malcom NorthMalcom is no the sensible heir of an Culture and Enchantment earldom he has become a ruthless and merciless king of the underworld Surviving the gutters he has been stripped of any innocence and kindness he might have left after the brutal upbringing he was givenDespite his apparent coldness he is not the icy blooded monsterveryone appears to think he has become In his own way ven if he keeps veryone at arm s length he shows concern for the weakest under his protection Over the years he has gleaned a bunch of broken souls and risk takers and whatever he might told himself they are his kin and from all those he has won their indefectible loyaltyVerity without having the same dark past than Malcom was not cuddled in a classically portrayed family she had been shunned for her mother s sins whose sin was to have loved and trusted the wrong man A man who loved them too but too weak to fully take care of them Why at the young age of twelve she became her remaining family only support From then she worked her skin to D DAY Through German Eyes 2 elevate her circumstances alas it is well known women were seen as not fit for intellectual labors Andven if she is not one to cover proving women s worth is a challenge And it is not prepared for the worst of the city she runs head held high in the sewer and whatever are her mistakes she fights like a hellionBoth have xperienced a good life with confort or some until they find themselves with nothing left and must fend for themselves or sank downNow together they need to find their right place she the illegitimate daughter and a woman sank downNow together they need to find their right place she the illegitimate daughter and a woman for acceptance in a world made by men for men and he the Earl raised in the slums of the city to seek his bearing among his peers Their story is one of small trusts won one at a time until these morph to a deeper sentiment Yet with the. Finds happily self sufficient scavenger Malcom North lost heir to the Earl of Maxwell Now that Verity’s made him front page news what will he make of herKidnapped as a child with no memories of his well heeled past Malcom prefers the grimy spoils of the culverts to the gilded riches of society Damn the feisty beauty who xposed the contented tosher to In Bed with the Earl is Democratic Art everything I have wanted in a love story but didn t know it The most imperfectly perfect characters tug at your heart strings in this tale of loss and love One of my favorite things about this book is the description of the characters Verity is describes as a short larger breast and wide hipped woman that isgasp thirty years old Malcolm is described has having scars fr I received an ARC from NetGalley inxchange for an honest review425 starsIn Bed with the Earl kicks off Christi Caldwell s brand new series The Lost Lords of London This series does connect with a couple of her older series but In Bed with the Earl is a true standalone This series is connected to the Wicked Wallflowers series when Connor Steele Did the Greeks Believe in Their Myths? embarks on his investigation on the lost lords The actual investigation leading to Malcolm s discovery is not recounted in this book because it happens in the Wicked Wallflowers series Regardless if you ve never read Caldwell before you can most definitely start here With this latest book Christi Caldwell wins infinite points for originality which is unfortunately lacking in the historical romance genre nowadays The historical romance genre has a lot of self made heroes who work their way up from the lowest of the lowest positions In this book Caldwell brings us all the way down to the sewers which is a first for me And I ve been reading historical romance for over 10 years Only Christi Caldwell could write a self made hero who works his way in the sewers as a tosher a sewer hunter who scavenges in the sewers to look for lost valuables and then sells them toarn money And he is sexy and vulnerable underneath all that hardness and gruffness all the things we love in a romance hero I meanwow Numerous historical romance authors including Caldwell herself have written heroes who lived on the streets have been prisoners and then worked their way up But the sewers Not only did Caldwell outdo all the other historical romance authors she ven outdid herself Malcolm North is a tosher who claims a good portion of the London sewers as his own property for scavenging As it turns out Malcolm is the lost Earl of Maxwell and his life turns upside down when his identity is leaked to the press Christi Caldwell also brings us a self made heroine in Verity Lovelace who is the bastard daughter of an impoverished late Earl Verity is not like the privileged aristocratic businesswomen wannabes who have saturated the historical romance genre Verity started from the very bottom sweeping the floors at the Londoner press office as a 12 year old girl and she made her way up all the way to reporter Unfortunately her new boss is a misogynistic asshole who tries to kick Verity out of the profession It gets to the point where Verity s article is stolen by a male reporter who also doesn t think that women belong in the world of journalism But Verity is determined to fight for her position because she is the sole breadwinner in her family This means that Verity has to find out about the lost Earl of Maxwell which leads her directly to Malcolm s sewers Obviously there are some things that Verity does that are not the most thical but honestly It didn t bug me because Verity was in dire circumstances and she was forced to do what she could to continue providing for her younger sisterThe hero and heroine don t meet until 18% into the book This would usually bug me because I prefer that the hero and heroine meet as soon as possible But Caldwell knows what she s doing here The first 20% of the book is dedicated to setting up the characters and their backgrounds so that you get a solid idea of who they were who they are and what their goals are All of this is incredibly important and only serves to Build The Level Of Anticipation I Was the level of anticipation I was salivating for Verity and Malcolm to finally meet and when they did I was HOOKED and couldn t put down the damn book They re forced into "proximity for many reasons and PHEW the chemistry It is there "for many reasons and PHEW the chemistry It is there the moment Malcolm catches Verity in his sewersThere are many things happening here and there are Codependent Forevermore: The Invention of Self in a Twelve Step Group even some plot twists that I didn t see coming And these aren t just random plot twists These are plot twists that actually make sense Themotional development in the last third of the book is very well written it is a bit slow paced to allow for deeper Conscience and Memory: Meditations in a Museum of the Holocaust emotional intimacy between Malcolm and Verity Throughout the book you know what happened to Malcolm and you sort of get a sense of where his story fits in the plot overall but there are pieces that are definitely missing They are not only missing for you the reader but they are missing for Malcolm as well It s only in the last third of the book that you finally get a firm grasp of Malcolm sntire story I really Conscience and Memory enjoyed this book and I cannot wait for books in this series Next book is about Henry s sister the hero from The Spitfire which I am SO EXCITED forPS Please I need Giles s book lol With the snobbish lady Lady Denton that he teased Please lol 45 stars Christi Caldwell writes such deeplymotional stories and this one is no xception Percival Northrup heir to the Earl of Maxwell is kidnapped as a child Renamed Malcom North He Malcom North he up in the sewers of London as a tosher someone who scavenges the sewers for lost treasure When he is discovered to be the new arl as an adult Edible Memory: The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Foods everyone in Polite Society wants to know his story Verity Lovelace the natural born daughter of an aristocrat is barely able to provide for her sister her nurse and herself from her job as a newspaper reporter To keep her position she bargains to get the big story of the time the lost heirCaldwell s stories always portray people struggling to deal with difficult circumstances Their loving relationship is the catalyst for a major improvement in their lives Malcolm is clinging to the things he knows because he has no real hope for the future Hends up caught between two worlds The same is true for Verity But together they conuer all There were uite a few tears shed before the Elizabeth I end A lovely story written with great depth and sensitivity Series Lost Lords of London 1Publication Date 31720Number of Pages 383This firstntry in the Lost Lords of London series introduces us to the first of the kidnapped children Connor Steele The Vixen has been commissioned to find These are children of the ton who were kidnapped by the malicious infamous Diggory I thought maybe we d get a visit from Stephen who was one of those children and who was also a supporting character throughout the Wicked Wallflower series he was heavily featured in The Bluestocking Unfortunately Stephen didn t make an appearanceVerity Lovelace who is now thirty has provided the support for herself her sister and their former nur. Christi Caldwell USA TODAY bestselling author of the Wicked Wallflowers series combs London’s underground and finds romance and danger for a missing lord and the lady who loves himTo solve a mystery that’s become the talk of the ton no clues run too deep for willful reporter Verity Lovelace Not Education in a New Society even in the sewers of London That’s precisely where she. Past looming over them and some shadowy figures still ready to pounce will their burgeoning feelings benoughAs I came to learn with Mrs Christi Caldwell s work she has it mapped out her heroes have oft connection with previous worksAnd here she does not disappoint while her heroes have not been seen previously they are linked to an other coupleYou can perfectly read this first in a series as what it is a standalone story yet as I have read Courting Poppy Tide I confess I adored watching the couple of heroes finds its own Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education epilogueAnd what a sweetpilogue with the best revenge verI can only praise Mrs Christi Caldwell for her so very uniue insight of the historical period far from the ballrooms and closer to the real people She is the bearer of amazing tales which feed the reader a kaleidoscope of motionsA 5 stars for this tale of approval and The Baby Swap Miracle embracing one s true identityA particular mention for the cover which reflects perfectly the story said atmosphere and the characters descriptionsI was granted an advance copy through Netgalley by the publisher Montlake Publishing I also preordered my ownHere is my true and unbiased opinionhttpswwwfacebookcom429830134272 This review was originally posted on Books of My Heart Review copy was received from Publisher This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewBeing a woman in a historical romance in London kind of sucks and yet I find myself whisked away to another place and time anytime I pick up a book by Christi Caldwell In Bed with the Earl the first book in the Lost Lords of London series isxactly my kind of tale with the headstrong female trying to break the norms of society and a man who is broken but just needs the right kind of woman to love him through all of his scars both physical and motionalVerity is my kind of heroine She has spunk and isn t afraid of much in this world well xcept for losing her job being thrown out on the street with no way to care for and feed her younger sister The normal stuff So trying to find the lost Earl of Maxwell when he is trying very hard not to be found by anyone is nothing compared to that Even if it means she might have to go down into the sewers to look for himAh Malcom he is just broken nough for me to really love Kidnapped as a child he doesn t remember anything of his past and has become a brutal adversary in the sewers of London He doesn t want anything to do with his new life as the Earl and ven less to do with all the gossip reporters searching for him Verity though she intrigues him and ven though she is trouble than he is prepared for there is just something about the spunky reporter that calls to him as much as it infuriates him He ll give her a story but Verity is going to have to give him something in returnThe characters in this story were good As much as I liked Verity and Malcolm some of the side characters were my favorites from the other toshers Malcom kept around him to Verity s surprising sister they added dimensions to the story that raised it from okay to really goodA solid start to a new Historical Romance series for Christi Caldwell Narration Tim Campbell is no novice to the narration of Historical Romance and brings a very nice voice and tone to the book I really njoyed his performance of the moody Earl of Maxwell and the incredibly spunky Verity I m sure my Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation enjoyment of this book was greater due to his narration I listened to this at my usual 15x speedListen to a clip HERE Check out all of my reviews at BED WITH THE EARL Lost Lords of London Book 1 by Christi Caldwell is the first book in a new historical romance series that had mengrossed from page oneWhile sick in bed and his parents dead Percival Northrop is kidnapped and his life becomes a day to day struggle to survive in the St Giles area of Victorian London He blocks his memory of his younger life and learns the life of a tosher He now known as Malcolm North and is ruthless as life and learns the life of a tosher He is known as Malcolm North and is ruthless as fights to survive and thrive in the sewers of LondonMalcolm does not uite fit with his fellow toshers He can read calculate and speaks as if he is upper class He is located by a private detective and told that he is the actual true heir to an Earldom Malcom wants nothing to do with that lifeVerity Lovelace has worked for The Londoner since she was twelve years old She worked her way from inkwell girl to reporter but because she is a woman she is only given the opportunity to write the gossip column She is the bastard daughter of an Earl and has been the sole support for her sister and nursemaid for years since her mother died After having one of her stories stolen her job is on the line and she must find the missing Earl and interview him or be out of a workVerity is rescued in the sewers by Malcolm The two butt heads as Verity refuses to be give up her chase of the story Malcolm has never let anyone get close but there is something about this female that he cannot forget Verity is determined to get her story but is she ready to pay the price I loved Malcom and Verity so much I could not put this book down Malcolm s fight for survival and life as a tosher was interesting and a life that was new to me Even as he refused his memories and Gender Justice emotions he took care of others Verity was a survivor as much as Malcolm and that is what made them so perfect forach other The author s writing is Generations and Collective Memory emotionally charged banter that made me laugh out loud as well as tear up The sexual tension between these two was well written and there is only one sex scene towards the verynd of the story It is xplicit but not gratuitous All the secondary characters were fully fleshed and wonderful additions to the storyI highly recommend this historical romance and I am waiting anxiously for THE NEXT BOOK IN THIS SERIES next book in this series STARSI njoyed the romance between Malcolm and VerityThis book holds one of my favorite plots in historical romance that of the lost lord Especially if he has been raised in the East End of London and is rough around the From Notes to Narrative edges Malcolm is a tosher which I have to admit I had never heard of before this book It is someone who scavenges in the sewers This was so interesting because itxplored the literal underworld of London Although he has been wronged and stolen of his birthright he has made a success of himselfVerity s personality was perfect for being a journalist She is Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America extremely persistent and stubborn She has had to make a living for herself in a man s world and a man s profession to support herself and her sisterInjoyed the interaction between these two The pacing of the novel is moderateI didn t read in one sitting It is definitely a slow burn romance with some twists Great dialogue with a surly and sarcastic hero refreshing and funny I recommend this book. Parade of fortune hunting matchmakers How to keep them at bay Verity must pretend to be his wife She owes himThe intimacy of this necessary arrangement Verity and Malcom thrust together in close uarters soon sparks an irresistible heat But when the charade nds the danger begins Will love be nough to protect them from a treacherous plot devised to ruin th. ,

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