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Out of the Box 2 On The EdgeT and fun read If you like a good vampire sexcapade mixed with a club scene and trunk full of adult toys than this is a series I recommend you check out This review can also be found on my blog Bitches n Prose There is just something about this series that draws you in and hold your attention the whole time Kallysten really has a talent for crating a beautiful tale that easily enthralls the reader Virginia is a great character being curious myself I could really relate Anando is delicious and charismatic Loved this pairing and they make a delightful coupleThis book "IS BEYOND STEAMY OH HOLY HOT "beyond steamy Oh holy hot heavy Seriously sit in a tub of ice while reading this Do not make the mistake of reading in public You will be blushing and feeling naughty everywhere Loads of smexyiness throughout each encounter hotter than the lastI listened to the audiobook narrated by Hollie Jackson who does an awesome read She has a great pace that helps draw out the heat I love the slight rasp in her tone it makes naughty bits really singI am very happy I listened to the whole series in one book rather than reading it piece mail on my Kindle I would have hated having to wait for the next part This book merges the story and I really could not tell how it was broken up previouslyI am not always in love with vampires but Kallyston really makes it HAWT I love her style and voice as an author I really hope she does a smexy bear shifter series to really make me happyDisclosure I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All thoughts opinions and ratings are my own. Cision But the innocent game she expected sets her body ablaze with passion and letting go might just be too hard to resi. ,

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Lay with Anando and his box Plus it doesn t hurt that he nows how to please a womanKallysten brings life to her characters like no other an I for one can t wait to see what else comes out of the boxI feel stupid I just noticed that the cover of each story hints at what type of game Virginia and Anando will play This is the second one in the Out of the Box series and I must say it s even hotter than the first one Virgina tried to stay away from Anando though that doesn t work out the way she wants to She gives in he gives in sparks fly Really liked it 45 starsThe Out of the Box books are a series of short and steamy novellas I only happen to Own The First Two But I Will the first two but I will be continuing on with the series I don t now why I waited so long to get to themBook Two of the Out of the Box series takes place a week later when Virginia finally caves in and returns to the On the Edge club This time she tells herself she will not give in so easily She will Herself Around The Dark "herself around the dark skinned vampire She again runs into him and is brought back his lair for another play session But is she truly the one who is in controlThis book was just as good as the first one but just as uick I personally found this one to be a bit sexier and it accurately played up to what I would enjoy doing were I to stumble across a gorgeous vampire I liked watching their relationship expand a little bit as Virginia tests herself and learns what she really wants and how he can best give it to her I m really bummed I don t yet have book threeThis was a steamy fas. He’s determined to eep things under control this time and she nows what to choose in his toy box to hold on to her de. ,
Really nice series Wow What a rush This story is the second of Kallysten s Out of the Box series First off I absolutely must say that this book was fantabulously HOT AlsoI ve decided that I need a box of my own After reading about Anando s box my drawer seems almostemptyAfter a week had gone by Virginia could no longer deny the urge to go back to On The Edge and Anando She had tried to convince herself that their encounter had been a mistake but she just HAD to return While watching Anando dance an unwanted thought occurred to her With all the women flocking around Anando there was no way that
He Had Gone Home 
had gone home the week that she had managed to eep herself away from the club The unexpected jealousy that she felt gave her pause and she decided that she shouldn t have come back That is until Anando changed her mindIn this installment of the Out of the Box series Kallysten delve s a little deeper into the psyche of both Virginia and Anando We learn a little about Virginia s insecurities as well as Anando s reasons for choosing her This is something that I really "liked about this story besides the hot pun intended sex The way that treats "about this besides the hot pun intended sex The way that Anando treats is really heartwarming making him even desirable Despite the fact that pretty girls surround him he chooses Virginia She may be confused by his choice but he makes her understand why she was the desirable choice I love the fact that he takes a moment to address her insecuritiesAnando not only seduced Virginia with his words but me as well I would love to be in Virginia s position I so want to Virginia tried to stay away from On The Edge yet in the end she returns to the club – and to her lover vampire Anando