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Enience for the sake of the children Jack can t take care of the kids on his own and Callie can t work the farm on her own so they compromise and ach hope that their own sacrifice will be for the benefit of the children when all is said and doneCallie is a character I loved from page one the children when all is said and doneCallie is a character I loved from page one s as accepting of her birthmark as any woman could be specially of the time period although she does hide herself behind big and ugly bonnets when not at home Maybe not as accepting as she thinks she is She genuinely loves the children at first sight and does her best to be a stepmother to them without trying to replace her best friend in their hearts Even when she overhears one of the children make a horrifically ugly remark about her birthmark to a friend she hides her discomfort and pretends she didn t hear it Later on she takes a walk in the woods away from the family and bears her anguish to God I found myself sobbing right along with her Jack noticing her missing goes in search of her and finds her crying Not knowing why or what she s crying about he simply kneels beside her and holds her while she cries I fell in love with Jack at that moment Jack is the hero who grows on you Initially he s dead set against Callie being in the kids lives but after some soul searching he realizes he really can t do this on his own I love the "way he never took out his anger over the circumstances on Callie which he could asily have done He also never "he never took out his anger over the circumstances on Callie which he could asily have done He also never twice at her birthmark What a man Knowing that there is to a person than looks or a birthmark he treats Callie with respect and honor On their wedding day he overhears two catty old women disparaging Callie and defends her in a subtle but very I mean business kind of way Jack goes out of his way to defends her in a subtle but very I mean business kind of way Jack goes out of his way to and make Callie comfortable around the kids and ncourages her to leave her ugly bonnets off at very opportunity Of course there s some angst on Jack s part along the way this is not the life he had nvisioned for himself and he struggles with the turmoil of that Although I thought the HEA was slightly rushed it definitely was a very touching one and well doneI would recommend this to anyone who s looking for a meaty introspective romance. Earns for a true partnership with the man who has unexpectedly captured her heart Now she must convince him what he truly needs is a lifetime of love faith and family with Callie by his side. This book just made me feel good I loved the characters and how they became a family Would definitely read of her books A great book i could not put it down it was a very touching story of a family brought together By faith and love of god I recommend this bllk a must read I promos you will notwant to put down Rounding up from 35 starsThis was a cute A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, easy read There s not a lot to say about it because it wasn t particularly stand out or uniue but Injoyed it all the same What can I say I m a sucker for heroine with a disfigurement finding love I will say that I liked the way the Christian theme was handled in the book It felt like a natural part of the story and the characters rather than preachy and sermonizing ven though there is a touch of it in the story sermonizing ven though there is a touch of it in the story the hero has lost a bit of his faith and has to rediscover itIt s not one I think I would Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies ever pick up again but it wasngaging and I nded up reading it all in almost one sitting The Hand Me Down Family was my first foray into Christian romance in a long time I was xcited to read this one because I ve The Power Of A Choice enjoyed books by Winnie Griggs in the past In addition I am a bignthusiast of marriage of convenience storylinesAll and all this was a pleasant read I did have some moments where I felt like things were moving at a sluggish pace Also I had issues with how the spiritual messages seemed to be somewhat cut and pasted in What I mean by this I really njoyed this unusual take on a marriage of convenience I njoyed how Jack and Callie grew during the story tough circumstances molded their lives and the lives of the children in a uniue way Loved the book setting story characters and time setting location tcgood book to read This is such a touching story about a woman with a birthmark who takes her friends place to be a mail order bride Winnie Griggs makes compelling characters that you root for From The Very Beginning the very beginning groom at first is very displeased with the switch but as the story goes on the way he sticks up for the heroine touches your heart It was one of those stories where I had to take a few breaks to get a hold of my motions as I got so involved with the characters Love this story I recomm. Callie Gray always assumed she would never marry until she took a leap and became a mail order bride But when she arrives in Sweetgum Texas she gets the shock of her life Her husband is dead.

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The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right emotion packed blended family story to pullach of your heartstringsI love books that include children the children draw me in make the story told realistWell done Winnie GriggsI chose to review this book it is wonderful story My mother will read this book soon I am going to read of winne s books for future this is WInne s books for future This is of those books that sneaks up on you unexpectedly I absolutely loved itCallie Gray has traveled to Texas to be with her new husband and children She married him by proxy She is Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling excited to be starting a new life away from her well meaning but smothering family back in Ohioven though she knows this is not a love match but one of convenience her best friend has died and the husband needs someone to help him raise their children You see Callie has a small but noticeable port wine birthmark on her face As such she s on the shelf and when this chance comes to have a family and a life outside of being pitied she s praising God for her fortune However upon arriving in Texas she finds out her husband has died in a fire A widow before she s a wifeRemorseful that she never got to meet her intended she instead focuses on the children who luckily were spared Unfortunately she doesn t count on her husband s Monsieur Pain estranged brother trying to push her out of the picture and take the children himselfJack Tyler has beenstranged from his brother for 11 years As the younger brother he always got the hand me down and castoffs and came to resent it The final blow was when he proposed marriage to a lovely young woman only to find out she was in love with his brother Coincidentally she was Callie s best friend Jack is now back in town to take responsibility for his nieces and nephews He s also dealing with a lot of guilt over his relationship with his brother and not being able to resolve it before he died As such he s also turned away from God instead choosing to believe the incorrect adage of God helps those who help themselves When he finds out about Callie he s naturally resistant to what he sees as the competition for the children With the help of the local schoolmistress Jack and Callie come to the decision that they will mploy their own marriage of conv. And his brother proposes she marry him for the sake of his orphaned nephew and nieces Jack Tyler warns her not to hope for a love match theirs is strictly a convenient marriage But Callie The Hand Me Down Family