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Y in exchange for an honest REVIEW IN HER LATEST THRILLER NOVEL In her latest thriller novel Bleeker gives us 20 year old Tara a young woman held captive by her foster mother and treated very cruelly Tara is forced to masuerade as a pregnant woman in order to steal from stores but late at night talks to her dolls and watches YouTube videos One channel in particular that of the Feely family has Tara dreaming of what it would be like to live in the perfect family When an opportunity to be part of the Feely family presents itself Tara takes it and manages to break free from Mother But Tara *will soon discover that the feely family is *soon discover that the Feely family is from perfect I enjoy Emily Bleeker s writing and her characters tend to find themselves in really intriguing situations I was uite terrified in the beginning but as the story unraveled it seemed less thriller like and contemporary drama I now it s a book of fiction but the implausibility meter was off the charts in this one In the end I liked it but didn t fall in love Goodreads review published 010320Expected publication 170320 What It Seems by Emily Bleeker is a tense and taut thriller that ept me fully engaged and turning the pages with a growing sense of unease This is the first novel that I have read from this author but I am certainly looking for to add to my always growing TBR listTara was adopted by her foster mother when she was eight years old Never having a clear understanding of why her birth family abandoned her Tara is a damaged young woman who has found herself the victim of emotional and psychological abuse at the hands of Mother Her only outlet is watching YouTube videos of seemingly happy families When the opportunity of an internship arises with her favourite blogging family the Feelys of seemingly happy families When the opportunity of an internship arises with her favourite blogging family the Feelys now calling herself Angela finds it within herself to escape the clutches of Mother and lands not only the job but a place within the family that she has come to love But not everything is as perfect as it appears from the outside and Tara must find a way to not only reconcile herself with this surprising dose of reality but to also break free from a mother who does not want to let her goThis was a fast paced read that ept me sufficiently and satisfyingly unsettled throughoutMany thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for this ARC I haven t read a whole lot by Emily Bleeker yet in fact the only other book I have read is Working Fire so I wasn t uite sure what to expect with What It Seems What I got was a real page turner that I had a hard time putting down What It Seems had a couple of surprises but overall I could definitely see the direction it was going It is not a thriller but suspenseful and I spent a lot of the book wondering where things would end up I didn t feel like there was too much mystery but the writing was really good and I found myself glued to the pages I loved that What It Seems was different from the books I ve been reading lately and that Bleeker went a different direction than a lot of authors right now Even though I felt like I new what was going to happen which I did it didn t remove any of the enjoyment for me and I loved the pacing If you are looking for something uick that you can read in one sitting that is suspenseful than thriller I would check this outThank you to NetGalley for my advance review copy All opinions and thoughts are my own I need to give this a 375 rounded down to a 3The first bit was gripping It had me wondering about the circumstances of this story Plus the emotional impact everything was having on this gi. Everything is as it seems As secrets slowly surface the image of the perfect family begins to crack For Tara it’s another trapTo claim a life of her own she’ll need a new escape plan Because as the show’s popularity explodes reaching even fascinated viewers Tara can’t shake the feeling that Mother is among their ranks She’s watching She’s waiting She’ll never let her OK I m gonna be pushy right now If you have never read an Emily Bleeker book please please please go immediately and get one Preferably this one because it s it s book birthday today but also just get them all Because every single one is SO FLIPPING GOOD Emily Bleeker is one of "my most favorite authors I anticipate every new release and devour them like a ravenous lion feverishly attacking it "most favorite authors I anticipate every new release and devour them like a ravenous lion feverishly attacking it prey OK that was weird but no joke I have never read one of her books that I didn t love Not even a meh book on her roster And this one was no EXCEPTION LOCKED AWAY HER ENTIRE CHILDHOOD Locked away her entire childhood a controlling psychotic foster Mother Tara finds solace in an internet sensation family she wishes was her own When she finds a way to apply for an internship with this perfect family she plots her escape But she soon realizes these vloggers may not be as wonderful as she thought And will she ever really be able to escape Mother Full of nail biting situations and so much creepiness and unease I was unable to put this one down and read it in just one sitting Fast paced *totally unpredictable and full of twists and turns that are so enjoyable What It Seems is a psychological *unpredictable and full of twists and turns that are so enjoyable What It Seems is a psychological homerun and should definitely be your next read Special thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free electronic ARC of this novel received in exchange for an honest review Expected publication date March 17 2020 Tara was adopted by her foster mother when she was eight years old Since then she has barely left her house spending most of her days locked in closets and catering to her foster mother s nasty moods and attitude Now twenty Tara sees an escape through the form of The Feely s her favourite YouTube family when they post an ad looking for an intern Does Tara have what it takes to escape her mother s clutches once and for all What It Seems is Emily Bleeker s fifth novel I have not been fortunate enough to read most of her work although I did get the chance to read The Waiting Room which intrigued me enough to give this one a shot This was a tough one to review as the beginning of the novel had a Room vibe to it and I was desperately intrigued and then it veered off course only to return toward the very end Bleeker narrates this novel from the protagonists perspective and we hear Tara s story as she lives it I thoroughly enjoyed the beginning and the ends of the novel and I wanted to hear about Tara s foster mother and her descent into crazy Needless to say I did not get such indulgences as the novel took a surprise detour into the world of YouTube videos and popular Internet families What It Seems was trying to be modern including the popularity of media influencers and vloggers but for me this part of the story was far less entertaining I wanted to now of Tara s story when she was with her foster mother before during and after and I was disappointed That being said this novel was still entertaining Although I really didn t connect to any member of The Feely family I wanted Tara to do well and I rooted for her to succeed I was satisfied at the ending of this novel as it answered all uestions and brought the appropriate people to justice What It Seems is the first book I have read by Emily Bleeker and although I liked it I didn t love it I guess my expectations after reading the blurb of the book were pretty high and the book didn t turn out to be how it sounded in the blurbThe strongest point about the book was 20 year old Tara and her story about the dismal life and the psychological and emotional damage she suffe. A page turning novel of suspense about the perfect family and the perfect lies by the bestselling author of When I’m Gone and The Waiting Room Adopted by her controlling foster mother at the age of eight twenty year old Tara has seen little of the outside world Lonely punished for the slightest offense her only distraction comes from watching the Feely family’s online videos The.

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Rs constantly at the hands of her foster Mother with whom Tara is living since she was 8 years old By suffering both physical and mental torture at the hands of her foster mother Tara has lost all sense of self worth and self love she is constantly reminded that her birth parents gave her up willingly a point which she doesn t completely understand Her only friends are her dolls and a sparrow who visits her and her only outlet are the YouTube family videos she loves to watch especially of the Feely family For Tara the Feely family represent the ideal family for her and when an opportunity arises for her to both accept an internship with them and escape her foster mother s clutches she grabs it However she soon realises that her ideal family is not who they show themselves to be and on top of that her foster mother is still adamant to get her back The weakest point in the book were the Feely family I thought that this family would be hiding some dark sinister secret but it was nothing of the sort Also the characterisation of every member of the Feely family was vague they just *Seemed Like Types Rather Than *like types rather than charactersThe best parts of the book were the ones that dealt solely with Tara her inner musings and her interactions with her dolls as they clearly show how vulnerable scared and starved of love she is while still clinging onto this hope that things will get better And it is for these parts that I rate the book around 3 35My thanks to NetGalley the publisher Lake Union Publishing and the author Emily Bleeker for the e Arc of the book I look forward to reading books of the author and will look out for her other titles Twenty year old Tara was adopted by her controlling foster mum at the age of eight She led a very solitary and isolated life but she did what she could to get through each day This was no life for a child but escaping never seemed possible or was itI really had high hopes for this book but unfortunately I felt there was something lacking and I just couldn t connect with the story or the characters Although this book wasn t for me don t let my opinion stop you from reading it as there are many people who enjoyed this book Give it a go and you can make up your own mind With thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for my digital copy to read and review 35 stars rounded up TW child abusetorture one brief scene of animal abuse one brief scene of attempted sexual harassmentThis is the story of Tara a 12 year old in a 20 year old s body For eight years she has been the victim of an abusive sadistic controlling adopted mother who has forced her to shoplift to help put food on the table Tara hasn t attended school since she was hit by a car at the age of 8 and then adopted by Mother She doesn t watch television play games or leave her room except to eat mealsWhile in her room Tara s door is deadbolted from the outside and it s her job to list all of her stolen items on eBay But while she has a computer she s not allowed to use it except for her job Mother ensures her eystrokes are monitoredWhen Tara misbehaves Mother s wrath is swift and nearly deadly S So I did that thing that reviewers aren t supposed to admit but we totally do I spent the last 50% of this book hate reading itI m actually admitting that with NO SHAME WHATSOEVER because This Iskind Of A Train WreckI Never iskind of a train wreckI never in a single one of our characters Our 20 year old 12 year old main character who apparently literally stinks and who is smart Thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for an egalle. Y’re an affectionate vlogging uintet and an internet sensation Most important they are Tara’s mental refuge Then the opportunity arises for them to be something When Tara accepts an internship with the close nit clan they’re her escapeDaring to run away and defying Mother’s rules Tara is welcomed into the loving fold But the Tara gets to now them the she realizes that not.
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