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Cursed public figure he takes a private job working FOR WORLD ARCHITECT OSKAR DESILVO ON HIS NEW TERRAFORMING world architect Oskar DeSilvo on his new terraforming Solace Along the line he iscovers Solace is Drunk On Chocolate doomed to a failure in the terraforming process and further all terraformed planets areoomed His attempts to alert DeSilvo are met with further sabotage reminiscient of the faster than light ships and it sparks a galaxy wide manhunt for a missing DeSilvo Only he may hold the key to saving every terraformed worldSounds pretty good and elements of it were The time travel the manhunt elements of the world building the terraforming was all great Howeverm there were problems with the book The characters were fairly flat The only one to have a somewhat uniue voice was Jerand Bolt The structure was just a little too loose considering this is one massive story not a novel with two seuels There was a lot of formulaic stuff in there There were too many collouial references back to the near ancient period our own without any referencing the time between now and the events of the novel There is a lot of political intrigue that comes out towards the end of the trilogy but theres too little explanation of the politics of that world Allen gets sidetracked on tangents from time to time And I think I may have noticed a plothole towards the end that would completely unravel the central conflict of the novel thus eliminating the foundational pillar of any written piece the problemBut all that is minor in comparison to what struck me hardest The trilogy in totality is about 1450 pages The first minor in comparison to what struck me hardest The trilogy in totality is about 1450 pages The first could be trimmed Major Problems in African-American History: From Freedom to Freedom Now, 1865-1990s (Major Problems in American History Series) down a little but is paced relatively well The second novel becomes a bridge and tests the limits of patience he spends 60 some odd pages just getting off Mars at one point But the third novel this is where he struggled to find new characters and story tangents to prattle on about In total the entire trilogy could have beenone in a tight 250 pages maybe 400 500 on the outside edge if he wanted to rework the pacing a little and tighten up the prose perhaps add in a little elaboration on the political intrigue That would have made it a great novel Instead it became so tedious that I Academia don t remember it with a greateal of fondness Although old the Sci Fi book Depths of Time by Roger MacBride Allen tells the story of Captain Koffield A military captain of the future I loved this book and how it was written I would suggest this book to anyone who is 13 and up I gave this book 4 and a half stars because it was a great book however I feel as if it was really 2 books in one because it had 2 A Beginner's Guide to Immortality: From Alchemy to Avatars different climaxes Io not think that everyone would like reading this book This book is a very serious book but it makes up for the powerful story it gives One thing that I find funny is that in the book smoking is common than Love on the Rocks Men Women and Alcohol in Post World War II America during presentay which reflects that the book is 18 years old The Depths of time was a great book however I fear that it might be hard to find because it is an old bookKoffields normal life changes after an incident at a time shaft in which his ship is attacked by Beths Stable Stolen by an Alien drones and other ships A Time Shaft is a portal that sends a ship back into time to account for the time that is taken to travel from one star system to another Through use of a Time Shaft one is able to travel from one star galaxy to another in a coupleays or weeks Through protocol Koffield must Aliens Vs Predator disconnect the time shaft that bonds a rural solar system from other solar systems to preventisruption of time With many people suffering as well as the economy of several planets For Discrimination due to theisconnection Koffield is now considered a Academic Writing, Real World Topics destroyer of worlds she watched as a child knelt by a pool struck her hand in the water and splashed it back and forth 300 This uote shows a homeless childrinking from a pool However Koffield through his research has found that many of the terraforming planets are Repressed Memories A Journey to Recovery from Sexual Abuse FiresideParkside Recovery Book doomed In an attempt to save thesesoomed planets he travels to them to give the people of the planets a warning but the ship he is traveling on was interfered with there has been a ah slight navigation problem 124 sending them 127 years into the future VERDICT 3 stars goodthink Some 4 star concepts and passages but excessive 2 star stretching out of the story Thus 3 stars overall Or as one GR reviewer aptly said paradoxically really boring but very interestingTwo good main characters Plot includes time wormholes mystery attackers planetary terraforming going bad long lived characters via technology and a mystery or two that need solvingEnds as things get interesting but pretty much stands alone Recommended if you like time paradoxes sci fimystery mashups and you Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic don Heir crews are murdered and the sanctity of time itself is at risk In response Koffield is forced too the unthinkable he must stop the invasion by estroying the timeshaft Marooned eighty years in the future he lives as a cursed figure the villain who killed a world And his odyssey through time has only just begun. ,

The Depths of Time The Chronicles of Solace #1Much like I said in my review of Bright of the Sky I wanted to give this book a 4 star rating In this case though it wasn t Roger Sky I wanted to give this book a 4 star rating In this case though it wasn t Roger MacBride s writing style that isappointed it was his rushed ending The book started out brilliantly I read the first 100 pages almost without stopping In fact because I was on vacation and Alien Conquest didn t have access to a bookstore I had to force myself not to finish the book as uickly as I might haveFirst though a minor complaint FictionConnection a resource my library system and perhaps yours provides access to has been pretty good about showing me books similar to the title I ve searched for Typically I search for Pandora s Star or The Dreaming Void by Peter F Hamilton click the Find Similar button and start browsing In this case I was trying to limit myself to recent books as I was leaving soon for a 2 week vacation and had planned on sharing books with my father The Depths of Time showed up on the list and theescription or maybe the Publisher s Weekly review painted the book as having a great handle on time travel This certainly interested me as the concept is always interesting but the execution often leaves my head spinning Causality can be a huge monkey wrench in the works it becomes Secrets of the TEAS® Exam Study Guide distracting Star Trek is a prime example except Cause and Effect oddly enough In the case of The Depths of Time its preventing causality that gets to be aistracting issue But worse still time travel actually has little to Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery do with the story beyond those first tense exciting 100 or so pagesEventually I suspect I will read the next book in this apparent series I m not really sure what I expect to get out of it though The end of The Depths of Time obviously points the way to book 2 butoesn t really hint at an interesting plot The great opening to book 1 gets explained vaguely at the end Sadly though its explanation curtails the potential for another such scene in the next book While I haven t looked yet I suspect reviews on com for the next book won t be uite as good as they were for this book The Depths of Time is engagingly written has a thoughtful and well crafted setting and ultimately Conjure In African American Society does not have a lot going on within its pagesAfter some spectacular action in the first 50 pages the rest of the book is simply talking and walking Thatoesn t make it bad since there is still a very interesting central mystery and the characters are vibrant and fun It s a very approachable book that nonetheless Womens Political Activism in Palestine deals with some hard science concepts Knowing that it is the first book in a series thought not having read the next two booksyet it feels like a novel length prologue for the actual action of the series setting up the main players and theriving themes while not having much excitement of its own to speak of Some side characters had one or two passages written from their POV with absolutely no payoff I suspect that will be remedied in the next bookUltimately I think Allen is a great writer and that s why I rate this book as highly as I Alien Commanders Bride (Draconians, do It kept me interested even once I realized that the rest of the book was going to be nothing but calm conversation If the next two books in the series caneliver on the promises of The Depths of Time then that will recommend it even spoiler Really good book my only complaint is that he killed my favourite character in the first fifty pages I was so sad I actually stopped reading for a week I picked the book up again however and was pleased that it was still uite a good book The premise is fascinating The content is slow and repetitive I m listening to the book It s a 14 hour book It took three hours to The alphas abused mate describe the event that set the stage for the rest of the bookseries Three hours toescribe how bad guys threaten to create paradox by trying to go through wormhole back in time and how the good guys Word Alchemy destroy the wormholethree hoursthen jump ahead 80 yrs I m going to try to finish it but won t get the next two Maybe they are better in print so you can skim update I finished the book and was interested enough to purchase an ebook version of the next book I ve elevated the rating to stars for that reasonThis is the beginning of a highly complexrawn out mysterychase It involves intrigue on a galactic level spanning thousands of years While I lamented the three hours it took to estroy the wormhole I can say that this wormhole and the nearby world become pivotal points in the trilogy That was very hard to see until late in the first book There are some surprises in the book although readers will figure them out before they are revealed I still count them as surprises because you on t expect them and once you see where the story is goin. Time is of the essence when you're stranded in the future Humanity is running out of time The settled universe is filled with terraformed worlds linked by timeshafts temporal wormholes in An Endless Lie deep space These timeshafts are the only way to travel the vastistances between the stars The Chronologic Patrol is charged wit. ,

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G you are surprisedExpect lots of twists and turns Expect the book to be well edited in terms of spelling and grammar Expect to find things that ROMANCE (BWWM Military Romance Boxset) (African American Urban Series Short Stories Book 1) don t make sense when jumping forward in time hundreds of years Expect those things to be explained For instance I was rolling my eyes at the idea that language idioms clothing styles etcidn t seem to change in a span of 120 yearsthen the characters noticed and an explanation was eventually providedI recommend the book and the series Just know that there will be tedious passages which explain things the book and the series Just know that there will be tedious passages which explain things have already been explainedI recommend the written version over the audible version The narrator added to my frustration His voice increased the feeling of plodding along throughout the book The next two books yes I got both benefited greatly from skimming over repetitive parts If you are into time travel and epic space odyssey s this book series is for you Really enjoyable trilogy that My Hero Academia memes for kids - Funny New Memes 2019 does not sweat the actual science very much really boring but really interesting at the same time I ll certainly get the next one but won t rush as its an intensive book to readlisten too Having purchased this book in a bulk lot of 30 from a local auction website I wasn t expecting much I was very pleasantly surprizedThis novel feels like an Asimov book Not surprising really considering both authors worked together on some three laws robots books There is a real hard science feel the book opens uicklyemonstrating how humanity has created artificial worm holes that use time travel combined with years of sub light travel in cryogenic suspension to travel interstellar After the Tears distances and arrive at theestination at almost exactly the same time that they left ie Travel 35 light years in cryo to a wormhole hole half way to your Daddy Blames Me destinationrop through the wormhole 70 years into the past and then travel another 35 years in cryo to your Statistical Arbitrage: Algorithmic Trading Insights and Techniques (Wiley Finance) destination The net result being that you come out of cryo only a feways or weeks after the Facing the Rising Sun date you left Earth The authoroes a great job of uickly building an interesting base for how the technology works the problems with it and the associated Best African American Fiction 2010 dangers for example people trying to use the wormholes to travel backward in time with knowledge of the future which could catastrophically adjust history As a result I found myselfrawn into the story and the Allen s universe with many WOW I never considered that realizations about the problems and implications of space time travel the Her Alien Bodyguard (The Guards Of Attala, difficulity of terraforming and the use of cryogenics to live hundreds of years beyond what would have been your natural life span The book ends with a fantastic cliffhanger climax that left me wanting I immediately consulted the internetsiscovered it was the first in a trilogy and started a search for the the second and third books in local libraries and auction sitesI expect that many people won t like this book because there is uite a bit of Teacher For An Alien Doctor (Intergalactic Exchange Program, dialogue and soul searching by the key characters and apart from the open chapter or two very little intense actionSome people will hate the cliffhanger ending it comes as a surprize and there is no warning on my copy of the book that it is the first in a trilogy So now I m stuck trying to trackown a copy of books two and three while the New Trends Generations in African Literature Today, Alt 20 details are still fresh in my mindMost importantly it was the hard science feel and the implications issues of that hard science really captured my interest and imagination I m very much looking forward to reading the other books My apologies for the very brief review I m in a rush and reallyon t have a clue how brief review I m in a rush and really The Battle over Marriage don t have a clue how write an interesting review yet Ion t remember much about this trilogy as I read it when it was a fresh release but it s Teaching History for Justice deserving of a review and there s so few on Goodreads that I thought I might jot my thoughtsown before I forget too much of it Please note this is in regards to the entire trilogy The Depths of Time The Ocean of Years and The Shores of TomorrowI Laughing to Keep from Dying doubt I m going to read this trilogy again as there was many problems with it but Io still remember it with a certain fondness This is hard sci fi Hardcore hard sci fi It takes place 3000 years in the future and involves an elaborate and entirely plausible method of traversing long INTERRACIAL ROMANCE distances through space by a process of cryogenics and time travel The Chronologic Patrol protects causality from paradoxes and are or less the CIA or Secret Service of military police Admiral Anton Koffield is set up by strange faster than light ships threatening causalisturbance and he acts the only way he can by Stolen Years destroying the wormhole andooming a Sarah T - Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic damned world in need of relief supplies An official hero but H guarding the timeshaft wormholes and preventing time paradoxes at all costs But one critical mission ends inisaster turning Anton Koffield captain of the Upholder into a ark legend As ships carrying relief supplies to a crippled planet approach a timeshaft they are mercilessly set upon by mysterious attackers ,