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DNF 40% Believe it or not I was actually excited to read this book simply because the premise sounded interesting However its execution was a fail of epic proportion At one point I was tempted to throw my Kindle out my window Because I Was So Frustrated It Felt I was so frustrated It felt nothing really happened in the book There was way too much focus on the characters inner monologue which would be 100% fine if they weren t so repetitive Take the heroine for example Her inner monologue consists of exactly these things oh my god these aurelians are so fucking hot i want to be dommed but nah i m not one of those girls who are desperate for attention that i WOULD LOWER MYSELF LIKE THAT BUT lower myself ike that but what IF I WANT TO BE DOMMED REGARDLESS EHEHEHEH NOO i want to be dommed regardless eheheheh noo deserve better why am i even jealous ugh do your job bitchNow imagine having these monologues repeated over and over and over again Who wouldn t want to rip their hair off I know I did It s not just the heroine it was also the same with the other three characters Over time it almost felt On Hitler's Mountain Overcoming the Legacy of a Nazi Childhood PS like these thoughts were repeated to maximise the page count It was so blatant that I just gave up Not even sorry This was a huge miss for me Half of the story is repetitive ruminating Veryittle action too much time spent in the mansion plotting or angsting Really it was ridiculous and I finally started skimming page after page Books A cristalli liquidi (Italian Edition) like this are an insult to the reader because half of the story is padding to achieve a page count I don t need to be told the same thing than twice She has to pretend to be in danger and enter their home If she does not do it she could be killed but she may be in even danger inside the home Will they find her secret out What will happen if they do See what happensI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarilyeaving a review Y all this is just alien porn Do with that information what yo. Librarian Note This is a standalone story set in the Aurelian Empire It is not necessary to read previous books to understand this storySeven foot tall Aurelians are addicted to claiming innocence Mia Mine is the bait The huge dominant species cannot control their mating rage around a woman untouched They have deep biological drives to find their Fated Mate It blinds them It turns them into animals Dangerous animals I can't Innocent Bait (Aurelian Empire, #4)Ne of the few stories By Cain That Is Corin Cain that is released within a set of 3 but it uite a bit of background information on the Aurelians their residence the description of Deemak and the general universe world The uality of the characters storyline etc was why I gave it 5 stars It was just as good if not better the second time around thankfully it is available through KU Wordy but a good storyI found myself scanning through the book I just wanted to get to the point The author is very descriptive I've Got a Home in Glory Land: A Lost Tale of the Underground Railroad leaves nothing to the imagination That s not necessarily a bad thing I m just really impatient It s a pretty good story though Especially good if youike dominant makes and submissive women If you enjoy sexy alien menage romances than this one needs to menage romances than this one needs to on your Pip Sueak Saves the Day Medici Books for Children list It s entertaining and sexy with wonderful characters It s not a dark read but there are some spanking scenes that added aot of heat and a wonderful HEA FREE on today 9212019 Sci fi romance with some gorgeous and big alien males The Aurlelians are an all male species They search their whole Dragonsbane lives to find the one female that is their fated mate They form Triads three males when they are young males From there they fight and do business as a unit Theirust is insatiable all in the search of the one female This story follows one triad but this isn t really their story It is Mia s She is a young human female and also a thief Her past and present jobs will force her into the unexpected She will have to make choices that could mean Lonestar Sanctuary life or death freedom or prisonove or betrayal Nothing is as it always seems and Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator life is never easy Very GoodThis book was really good For some reason I didn t find it uite as good as the others I ve read Iiked the men though sometimes they make me wince Mia was their mate Her story was awesome It was believable and sort of sad As always there is a HEA. Planet Gallus Cyrus Varian Three powerful aliens who have built a fortune seeing through deception Ivory skin Huge rippling muscles and hands that could crush your skull in a single sueeze Blank grey eyes that see through me Protective possessive and controlling Once I'm in their manor they won't et go Will they be blinded by my innocence Or will I be caught and punished Over fifteen million pages read in the Aurelian Empire. .

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U will but if you are Desperate (Bad Baker Boys, looking for reverse harem alien porn I ve got just the book for you Great world and character building had to read it a 2nd time highly recommend as an escape from reality for a few hoursContains subject matter that may be a trigger or offensive to some including adultanguage steamy intimate scenes and violenceThis story contains some grammatical errors mainly inserted extra words and misspellings I was able to easily interpret the author s intent so I didn t reduce the ratingWhile this could be read as a stand alone I highly recommend it be read in series and story order for maximum reader satisfaction and to prevent spoilersThis series and story order for maximum reader satisfaction and to prevent spoilersThis contains elements of consensual non consensual acts spanking for pleasure punishment stealing assault death etc If this type of genre is not for you then please do not purchase and then rate it Biocentrismo. L'universo, la coscienza. La nuova teoria del tutto lower than it deservesThis story is about Mia a young female forced to grow up in the poorest section on her planet as an orphan She was taken in by Darr a master thief who taught what she knows He helped her with food shelter somewhat and protection Now she has to complete jobs for him whether she wants to or not when heet her know that the next target was an Aurelian Triad Mia wanted no part of it until Darr changed her mind for herCyrus Varian and Gallus have ived on Deemak for centuries They focus their time on finding their Fated Mate every time they meet someone who could be a possibility Most of the time they focus on their passion of collecting greater wealth getting the best deal for all and vintage winesThen ONE DAY WHILE ON THEIR WAY day while on their way a meeting they see a male hitting and yelling at a small female They step into stop it then realize that this female smells right ike so than any other female they have ever met I am going to stop here so I don t accidentally provide any spoilersThis is E near the aggressive warrior species I have no choice I'm a Sector 4 thief and when my boss tells me to do something it's either do it or get my skull cracked open Even if that means trying to fool a species that can smell what you're thinking I have to infiltrate the manor of the most powerful aliens on the planet I have to convince them I'm a maid A damsel in distress Nothing than an innocent helpless woman on the big bad. ,
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