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Ering to be peeled away so that one might uncover their essence knows that it is as explosive and organic as an expletive after a stubbed toe Thus massive 1 Anyone who was ortunate enough to see him in person or those who have seen stills and recordings of the man knows how influential he was and continues to be in the art world and as a worldwide cultural icon Thus massive 2 The massiveness of his being is awe inspiringly intimidating unless you truly believe that you are as great as you would have others believe But then you re just insaneThat is what it is to attempt to review an Everett book The massiveness the layers the living breathing organism which is his work orders you to tread lightly and be certain of your steps almost punking you out of making any attempt at allThelonius Monk Ellison Monk Monksie Theo Ellison Mr Monk has never elt a part of anything least of all his dysfunctionally ideal upper middle class Washingtonian amily His contempt or all things disingenuous including himself at times has alienated him rom his colleagues and his readers whomever they might be It is only after the combination of a Torrent of Portyngale: Re-Edited from the Unique Ms. in the Chetham Library, Manchester (Classic Reprint) family tragedy and mourning sickness like reaction to the runaway success of one Juanita Mae Jenkins novel We s Lives In Da Ghetto does he decide to write his own parody of what he sees as the racist drivel which the sheep like masses consume grazing wherever they are herded by the media and their own embryonic palates Whatollows is a series of events that ask1 What is the responsibility of the artist to hisher art and The Pocket Mommy form2 Should one be true to duty or true to love3 Is it possible to be loyal to love but not to a lover4 Is keeping it real selfish to aault5 Can you truly love someone and be disgusted by the idea of their presence Can that someone be oneself6 Does the weight of a secret outweigh riendship and amily7 Who is hurt by stereotypes The tereotypes or the stereotypers8 Is a black artist black then an artist an artist then black or is this just a dumb ass uestion that people need to As If Being 12 3/4 Isnt Bad Enough, My Mother Is Running for President! finally stop asking9 Can an intellectual ever really love and live with someone who has remedial taste in books without holding them in contempt of art10 Can I too write a crappy book in a week and get a 300000 checkor poisoning the literary community and perpetuating stereotypes As If Being 12 3/4 Isn't Bad Enough, My Mother Is Running for President! for decades to come No Really Can II can t say much without pre empting your ahh moments but I will say that the structure itself with the ancient Greek like choruses of artists conversations andishing and woodworking metaphorical tales only solidifies the truth in my prior PE comment We re not worthy Favorite uotesDammit a table was a table was a tableThe center of the tree is the heartwood It does little t Stickman Odyssey, Book 2: The Wrath of Zozimos feed the tree but it is the structural support The sapwood whicheeds everything is weak and prone to ungi and insect damage The two look the same But you want the heartwood You always want the heartwoodMy journal is a private but as I cannot know the time of my coming death and since I am not disposed however unfortunately to the serious consideration of self termination I am and since I am not disposed however unfortunately to the serious consideration of self termination I am that others will see these pages Since however I will be dead it should not much matter to me who sees what or whenThe hard gritty truth of the matter is that I hardly ever think about race Those times when I did think about it a lot I did so because of my guilt or not thinking about itBut this book was a real slap in the ace It was like strolling through an antiue mall eeling good liking the sunny day and then turning the corner to The Book of Air find a display of watermelon eating banjo playing darkie carvings and a pyramid of Mammy cookie jarsAnyone who speaks to members of hisamily knows that sharing a language does not mean you share the rules governing the use of that language No matter what is said something else is always meant A metaphor cannot be paraphrased if I had been in her office looking the part she would have been tearing off her blouse and crawling across her desk toward me perhaps not literally but at least literarilyI wouldn t use the clich that I was the captain of a sinking ship that implying some kind of authority but rather I was a diesel mechanic on a steamship an obstetrician in a monasteryThere are as many hammers as there are saws A misplaced thumb knows no differenceFor all the aggravation a trout can cause it cannot think and "Does Not Consider You A Trout Is Very Much Like "not consider you A trout is very much like it does what it wants what it has to doI select my ly one I ve tied at streamside plucking a couple of ibers rom my sweater to mix with the dubbing to get just the right color I present the ly while hiding behind a rock or in tall grass and wait patiently Then there are times when I wrap pocket lint around a hook splash it into the water while standing on a The Seduction of Miranda Prosper fat boulder Both methods have worked andailed It s all up to the troutI have often stared into the mirror and considered the difference between the The Warrior Princess of Pennyroyal Academy following statements1 He looks guilty2 He seems guilty3 He appears guilty4 He is guiltyThis is a tortuous journey through the banalI had to rescue. The Kenya Dunston television show The book's success rankles all the as Monk's own most recent novel has just notched its seventh rejection Even as his career as a writer appears to have stalled Monkinds himself coping with changes in his personal life In need of distraction rom old memories new responsibilities and his professional stagnation Monk composes in a heat of inspiration and energy a ierce parody of the sort of exploitativ. All right so admittedly this is not a perfect book It s not The parody inset arguably goes on too long though actually I could be convinced on that I was much interested in the publishing and soi disant avant gardist parts than the amily drama parts though there again I suspect the amily drama may be part of the point both about Elizabeth I form and about the easy lives of those who aren t black enough But none of that stops thisrom being one ucking hell of a great book or Everett rom being ridiculously under read Because here s what whatever sour grapes I may have expected Theres Always a Trail / Home in the Valley fearedrom this particular set up the man has a point Where are this book s readers Surely we could spare some percentage of those currently attributed to say Junot Diaz to say nothing of Harper Lee to read what is just an empirically better book On the language use writerly chops ront there is no comparison But what s even better when you read this book you can see glimmering there behind the prose the shape of the intelligence that made it and going by the results Percival Everett is one hell of a smart guy If we are even going to leave behind the morass of hysterically exaggerated pseudo political denunciatory smarm that masuerades as a discourse about race well and as a discourse about anything at all we are going to need smarter people to do the discoursing And perhaps we wouldn t even be in this ucking mess to begin with if people were reading books that actually know how to maneuver the power tools of language without lopping off a inger people who know how to make something a little better than a lumpen ashtray or their moms in ceramics class People might already understand that say writing a negative review of Go Set a Watchman is NOT in The Everyman Book of Nonsense Verse fact tantamount to elder abuse because that s a term that means chaining your granny to the radiator not doing your job as a reviewer by writing about a much talked about piece of publishediction People might have better success evaluating where the tough ethical issues actually do and do not lie and which words are actually appropriate or which events In some ways I think the issues are actually bigger and all encompassing than our riend Monk allows Ten Years Beyond Baker Street: for I think Mr Dullard will win that rigged game no matter who plays against him race gender creed whatever because the underlying problem is that the world likes dull It may be worseor an author of color but the problem goes way beyond that It s also because well Mr Dullard has got a lunch later on today with Hustvedt s Mr Glib and they are going to market the shit out of him creating a media event which make Twilight look like your block s garage sale And who are thesepeople who claim to be powerless over the market as if it were just some entity lurking there in the dark a bogey man waiting to eat us all cause what can you do gotta pay the mortgage as IF they did not create this very same market because nobody and I mean nobody in giant all powerful corporate america puts that much uncle ucking moola in their marketing budget if they do not think that that shit is working To parapharse Aaron "Sorkin people who cannot manage to sell Percival Everett books should get out of the selling stuff business This book Monk "people who cannot manage to sell Percival Everett books should get out of the selling stuff business This book Monk guy does show some of that though he sees this phenomenon as part and parcel as a kind of drooling lusty slavering OVER HIS MASUERADE OF ON his masuerade of put on It possible that I think this is a missed opportunity again though I could be convinced But it s also possible that PE and I just differ which is one of those things that can happen to you when the person with whom you are engaged with whose art you are engaged is actually smart and is willing to step up and have a ucking opinion And that s what this is This is somebody kitchen knife sharp going all in Whatever the book s imperfections may or may not be they are not due to catering to the market to The Essential Library for New Moms 4-Book Bundle: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child; The Baby Food Bible; Infant Massage; Colic Solved fear or compromise or lack of courage or wussing out I simply cannot believe that there is no marketor that actual uote The Triangle of Truth: The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Resolving Conflicts Largeand Small from one of my book groups on this here site The author does allow as how Adam Gopnick may not be entirely to blame as someone else at the NYer might have headlined the piece apparently offensively titled Harper Lee sailed novel Words unusually ail me Luckily they did not ail Tom Scocca Sadly in these days of civility and identity politics one can never read this piece too many times To be clear it s not that I doubt that this is a thing I eel sadly all too ready to believe that this commodification of blackness complete with grotesue sexual overtones is a thing I just don t think that it is what is wrong with publishing Thus my PE obsession loses its vestigial tail and sprouts wings Initially I wanted to read through a ew reviews to see how anyone really had the ballsgumptioncojonesintestinal Taxi Stories from streets of NYC fortitudeaudacityinsipidnessignoranceloveto write a review Myavorite artist is Basuiat Is because although he is dead he lives on through the massiveness of his art Anyone who has seen his art in the lesh and they do seem to be breathing layers upon layers of thoughts like skin whisp. Thelonious Monk Ellison has never allowed race to define his identity But as both a writer and an African American he is offended and angered by the success of We's Lives in Da Ghetto the exploitative debut novel of a young middle class black woman who once visited some relatives in Harlem or a couple of days Hailed as an authentic representation of the African American experience the book is a national bestseller and its author The Alvin Ho Super Collection: Books 1-4 feted on. Myselfind myself and that meant it was ever so clear کاروان امید for a very brief moment losing myself Ieel generally out of place says the protagonist Thelonious Monk Ellison near the end of this astounding book Me too And perhaps that s why this book hits me so personally that I almost can t see straightFunny moving and as with the seven other Percival Everett books I ve read unexpected and unpredictable the paperback of Erasure is printed in a tiny کاروان امید: سرگذشت تری فاکس font and I was glad because I didn t want it to end I often stopped reading in order to prolong the pleasureWithout ruining your sweet discovery of this story suffice it to say that Monk is a multifaceted peg who doesn tit into any known hole He is a writer whose books are too dense The Cat Who Sang for the Birds (Cat Who... for most humans And not only does he wish he could be seen and appreciatedor who he is but he needs money So he writes an astoundingly awful racist book a parody of popular ghetto Tempting Faith Di Napoli fiction However in writing this novella included inull in the middle of this novel Everett has done something so subversive that it makes me scream and I m not sure it was intentional Yes the novella is stereotypical and unnily offensive but it also is driven by and mirrors the very rustration of the protagonist writer and I would guess Everett as well to be accepted The Southern Belles of Honeysuckle Way for who he is a black man who does notit into anybody else s box and to have his work appreciated on its own merits So even as the reader is laughing andor cringing at the exaggerated stereotypes chapter titles written Won Too Free Seben etc you are compelled by the cartoon black ghetto man s craving and ury to matter a craving that is written into all of our DNA This universality woven into pure dreck makes reading it seductive and gives credence to what then happens to it publicly I identified so intensely with the end of the book I almost had a panic attack Like Monk I ve elt generally out of place I write books that The Confident Woman: How to Take Charge and Recharge Your Life few people read And at various times in my life people have suggested that I write books to appeal to the masses Once I tried and I collapsed I couldn t do it My entire body said No Monk actually succeeds in this charade and Well read the book Rating 25 ofiveThe Publisher Says Thelonious Monk Ellison s writing career has bottomed out his latest manuscript has been rejected by seventeen publishers which stings all the because his previous novels have been critically acclaimed He seethes on the sidelines of the literary establishment as he watches the meteoric success of We s Lives in Da Ghetto a irst novel by a woman who once visited some relatives in Harlem or a couple of days Meanwhile Monk struggles with real amily tragedies his aged mother is ast succumbing to Alzheimer s and he still grapples with the reverberations of his ather s suicide seven years before In his rage and despair Monk dashes off a novel meant to be an indictment of Juanita Mae Jenkins s bestseller He doesn t intend or My Pafology to be published let alone taken seriously but it is under the pseudonym Stagg R Leigh and soon it becomes the Next Big Thing How Monk deals with the personal and professional allout galvanizes this audacious hysterical and uietly devastating novel My Review Why am I giving this only two and "a because in my world books "half stars Because in my have satirical aims should have sharp ocus and clear line of sight on their target I m not clear on the target here Modern Murrikin kulcher in general Political Correctness and its idiotic unintended side effect of glamorizing substandard stuff The sad ate of a critically acclaimed but commercially ignored writer All of the above seems to be the answer Everett gives and this is the source of my discontent With that many targets in his sights plus the plight of children of aging parents plus the sibling dynamic in a amily of high achieverstoo much Nothing gets enough time or attentionIt s a damn shame too because Everett can write his tuchus off and should have spent his seed a wee tiny bit carefully In the ten years since the novel was The Dream of Water: A Memoir first published it has sadly not become less timely So there s that goingor it But really with all the terrific books there already are to read why spend money and eyeblinks on an almost good one This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 30 Unported License A strange blend of The Bravest Cat! family drama and razor sharp satire Thelonious Ellison is an academic writer in the mould of Barthes or Derrida whose unreadable novels upset and alienate colleagues and readers Riled by the rise of cheap and racist ghetto lit he pens a satire against the genre which becomes unbearably popularDespite this mouthwatering premise however most of Erasure is about Ellison s relationship with his mother a passionate woman succumbing to Alzhemier s The story is a touching look at a damagedamily divided by the notion of being black and clever The scenes between a young Ellison and his The Slammer: The Crisis In Canada's Prison System father ring truer opening windows into a complex psycheThe satiredrama blend is a little uneven but this is an entertaining novel if you are prepared toollow its snakes and snarks. E ghetto wanna be lit represented by We's Lives in Da Ghetto But when his agent sends this literary indictment included here in its entirety out to publishers it is greeted as an authentic new voice of black America Monk or his pseudonymous alter ego Stagg R Leigh is offered money The Great Race fame success beyond anything he has known And as demand begins to buildor meetings with and appearances by Leigh Monk is aced with a whole new set of problem. ,