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I ve not ead any of the Alien supplemental novels but I have seen all of the movies in the franchise and I guess you could say I m a fan So when I heard Scott Sigler was writing a story in the Alien universe I was very excited I know his favorite movie is Aliens and he had a VERY WELL RECEIVED SHORT STORY THAT HE WROTE BACK well eceived short story that he wrote back 2015 called Dangerous Prey a story written from the perspective of one of the alien xenomorphsGenerally however I m not a big fan of Space Marines stories I don t have anything particular against them I just do not find the majority of the setting uniue or interesting enough to invest much time in pursuing What luck This story is set in a bronze age type of environment that has become overrun with xenomorphs and has to learn how to survive against The DemonsThe story is one of terrified how to survive against The DemonsThe story is one of terrified trying to eke out a meager existence while the governing class is distracted by petty suabbling jingoism and isolationism Instead of working together against a common threat they are stuck in the way things have always been and are uninterested in making changeSome of the younger generation have discovered a weapon they want to use to eradicate the persistent and terrifying threat of the xenomorphs but they need to convince the government to ise up instead of hiding The story is full of great character development with many compelling even if selfish Contemporary Film Theory reasons to join one side of the argument or the other The world building is exuisite if isolated The scope of their world is limited to what appears to be a continent on a planet with acknowledged outsiders to the North So the story is noteally a locked Tagalog English Dictionary room mystery but with no way out theesidents seem to have no choice other than to hide or dieEnter the weapon Once it has been discovered it has the potential to change the entire dynamic of their society But nothing can be done without the support of the government The story flips between the terror of Alien encounters and the mundanity of government But the storytelling is compelling and drags the PHP in Action: Objects, Design, Agility reader along the emotional path of fear to frustrationIeally enjoyed this story and would love to Baby Elephant Gets Lost read by Sigler in this world or see whether there are other types of Alien stories that move away from the colonial marines that are as compelling The most different alien book out there Scott Sigler is one of the best doing itight now This was wonderful This was a father son 100 Themes de Conversation en Francais read This was painful I love Alien and I waseally looking forward to this and found myself to be eally disappointed If you want to understand the political functions of a medieval society ead this book It ll give you the council the margrave and all their little peons It ll show you distrust between villages It will not for the first 300 fucking pages show you a Xenomorph No that s eserved for the last 200 pages and done through battle formations with one of the most whiny leads I have ever seen I wanna be a warrior but I m a woman so whiny leads I have ever seen I wanna be a warrior but I m a woman so village won t let me Oh there s a woman leader in the next village who allows women to be warriors But I like my margrave who I secretly know to be an asshole so I m suspicious of anyone offering to let me ascend my current standing Stab me in one of my face holes with a dirty triden. It's Medieval carnage meets Alien as a pre industrial society fights against extinction brought about by a massive infestation of XenomorphsAtaegina was an isolated world of medieval castles varied cultures and conuests vibrant until the demons ose and. T All her problems could be fixed by taking a small stroll all she has to a small stroll All she has to is say bye and bounce But no Oh lol and the Street-Fighting Years: An Autobiography of the Sixties romance there somance by the way Or what s being peddled as The Back House Ghosts romance it s probably one of the most YA things of the book It doesn t make any sense to be there except offer something to sympathize with the lead over of which which it does poorly If it would have just stuck with the twounner buddies it would have worked better As a matter of fact you could take out the omance and it is the same book just without the baby on the hip at the end The best part of the story is Brandun and Creen those are the two who I used to pull me along I cared what happened to them which is why this got a two over the one star for me This wasn t horroresue at all which I think is most
my gripe I expected action course like jousting against a Xenomorph word doesn t happen sorry to tease but I also expected fear and danger These guys were in danger most of the book but I never felt that I felt tired and bored which is sad because I eally REALLY wanted to love this I just couldn t it didn t offer anything exciting except for Brandun s climactic chargeMy son is still Physical Basis of the Direction of Time, The. the Frontiers Collection. reading it when he finishes it I will update thiseview I hope he loved it than me I The Common Rule: Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction really doThere it is and there you have it I have pre ordered this on Kindle and also on hardcover because it s Scott Myeview of ALIENS PHALANX can be found at High Fever BooksI My Honorable Brother: A Thriller remembereading plenty of franchise crossovers with 20th Century Fox s Aliens comic book tie ins as a kid we had Aliens vs Predator and a spate of seuels which pitted two of Fox s biggest science fiction horror and a spate of seuels which pitted two of Fox s biggest science fiction horror phenomenas against one another there was Judge Dredd vs Aliens too and even DC got in on the act with SupermanAliens BatmanAliens and Green Lantern versus Aliens Scott Sigler s opus borrows a bit from this crossover idea of What If Aliens Fought Insert Cool Idea For A Mashup Here creating a fresh take on a popular long unning property that s unlike any other Aliens media tie in that I m familiar with Rather than opting for the safer tried and true formulas that are most commonly associated with Aliens Sigler eschews all the usual stuff one might expect There s no cramped spaceship or starbase with an alien or several unning amok onboard and there s no heavily armed marines with itchy trigger fingers Sigler for the most part does away with all that presenting us with his Impaired: A Nurse's Story of Addiction riff on what an Aliens vs 300 crossover event might look likeWhile Aliens Phalanx is set on the alien world of Ataegina it s borrows a lot from humanity s ancient days The humans that live on Ataegina are forced to live in underground habitats because the surface of their world is uite literally crawling with as they call them demons After centuries of warfare between themselves and the alien threat humanity has been decimated leaving only a few surviving shelters each of which are dependent on their mutually beneficial trading system Ahiliyah is aunner one of the young women who with a small team brave the surface of Ataegina to trade supplies between the various strongholds She has grander ambitions of course but because she s a woman of Lemeth Hold a highly patriarchal society The Forever Court (Knights of the Borrowed Dark ruled by blo. Spreadelentless destruction Swarms of lethal creatures with black husks murderous claws barbed tails and dreaded tooth tongues aged through the lowlands killing ninety percent of the planet's population Terrified survivors fled to hidden mountain ke. ,
Odline her destiny is taken For Granted And She Is granted and she is from training as a warriorSigler eschews the typical science fictions trappings of the Alien movies and leans hard into fantasy genre elements There s a lot of history behind the for lack of a better term present day events confronting ahiliyah as well a lot of characters Ahiliyah as well a lot of characters a mythological ancient history take on the proceedings here Like most fantasy books maybe even all it s a thick book euires a bit of patience and even has a map Ola Shakes It Up right in its opening pages Even though I m not a fan of the fantasy genre I found uite a lot to appreciate in Aliens Phalanx Honestly if this weren t an Aliens book I probably wouldn t have bothered with it but Aliens Phalanx certainly does have that glossy high concept appeal of a big crossover mishmash and the lingering uestions of what would happen if an ancient society had to contend with these bugs certainly drew me in Whateally piued my interest the most initially was the way these societies of Ataegina have adapted and The Glass Arrow responded to the threat of the aliens or demons if you prefer Lacking the advanced weaponry of Colonial Marines something they ve never even heard of theunners live by a simple ule of avoidance Ahiliyah s fellow Lemethians have plenty of myths
stories about the demons though give us a slightly different perspectives on their elationship to these beasts how they view them and they understand them and their place in the world All these people have to survive on is guesswork and their wits As much as I liked Sigler s sideways approach to this story and the oh so many uestions it aised what I most appreciated was Ahiliyah s journey She s a strong brave heroine and every time her mettle is tested she ises above and beyond the call of duty to protect her friends her home and her people She is simply put an awesome powerful force and she makes for an excellent addition to Alien canon The aliens may have acidic blood but Ahiliyah has a spine of pure steel And god what I wouldn t give now for an AhiliyahRipley crossovergood lord the pair these would make suaring off against some big nastiesThe phalanx in the title of course comes from the ancient Greek s Lightfoot the Historian: The Nature and Role of History in the Life and Thought of J.B. Lightfoot (1828-1884) as Churchman and Scholar rectangular military formation of spear armed infantry One must naturally wonder how well such an old techniue would work and how well this low tech Bronze Age styled civilization would fare against the nasty critters of the Alien universe To say it gets complicated is probably underselling it but you ll have toead the book to find out for yourself I have to applaud Sigler and Titan Books for being ballsy enough to do something so adically different than what s expected While there s still plenty of bad ass alien action to go around this book s a eal nice change of pace from the standard Alien staples If you Gideon's Ride re a fan of ancient history and the Alien flicks Aliens Phalanx isight up your alley no doubt If you e a fan of the Alien franchise looking for a taste of something different something that hasn t been tried yet you ll definitely want to give this one a shot Even though it has a very different feel to it and Sigler s approach to the franchise is itself very different this is most definitely an Alien story through and through. Eps where they eke out a meager existence When a trio of young warriors discovers a new weapon they see a chance to end this curse To save humanity the trio must fight their way to the tunnels of Black Smoke Mountain the lair of the mythical Demon Mothe. .