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Course Anya knows about her parent s true identities and thinks their living arrangement is so cool This opening volume is incredibly fast paced with lots of missions xposition rescues and Winter Sunshine even a marriage proposal I also think and hope that Loid willventually come around to the idea of having a family and something wholesome will bloom as a result fingers crossed I thoroughly Naked Choke enjoyedvery single page of this and recommend it to anyone looking for a smart sophisticated hilarious and wholly uniue manga 3 Up to chapter 13 This manga is a breath of fresh air Its rather original concept and really likable characters make it so fun to read It has lots of potential and the art is so pretty Therefore here have a peanut omg a new fav i cannot wait for the seuel I Am In Love I read the first two volumes of this manga today and "IT S THIS PERFECT MIX OF A TOTALLY ABSURD "s this perfect mix of a totally absurd with very real feelings in characters who aren t used to having them The setup A spy adopts a child as part of a mission and doesn t realize she s a telepath and Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good enters a marriage of convenience with a woman who wants to reassure her brother she won t be single foreverxcept she s secretly a contract killer I can barely follow the politics of the fictional country where they live but it doesn t matter because the important aspect is how three people who ve never really had anybody deal with having someone Can t wait for the next volumeContent warning they seem to live in an oppressive political regime with secret police interrogators Murder at the Mansion etc 4 stars First of all I d like to thank NetGalley VIZ Media and Tatsuya Endo for generously giving me the amazing opportunity to read an ARC advanced readers copy of Spy x Family Vol 1 inxchange for an honest review Release Date June 2nd 2020 I had so much fun reading this At first I was hesitant because this is actually the first manga I ve ver read cue gasp I was already a few pages in when I felt a bit lost and then I remembered that manga is supposed to be read right to left my bad So once I figured that out went back and re read I found myself really njoying this volumeThe main characters are all interesting in very distinctive really Seductive Surrender enjoying this volumeThe main characters are all interesting in very distinctive which you can probably grasp from the synopsis and it makes for an incredibly captivating group of individuals that have reallyntertaining and intriguing interactions Twilight is a highly mysterious perfectionist that is so good at his job no one actually knowns who he really is Yor is strong intelligent and highly capable but somewhat socially awkward and shy While Anya is the cutest most outgoing and kind little telepath you will ver meet The story plays with some well known tropes such as the classic fake dating trope but it flips it on its head by turning in into a fake family trope It gets ven xciting when you remember that this is an action sci fi manga with a good dose of uality dialogue and great comedic timing It makes verything so much xciting to read about the three main characters because one is a spy one is an assassin and the other is a telepathic child It makes any situation that they re all in. Ing things in this book, readers are very amazed by the contents of the Rating 4 Stars Spy x Family is an spionage comedy manga that s fast paced filled with tons of action and has top tier tropes Dark ntertaining and thrilling start to finish Spy X Family is literal FOUND FAMILY meets noir aestheticsSpy X Family Vol 1 Full Review Twilight is a master spy and his next mission involves uncovering the secrets of a political figure but to do so he needs to create a family and infiltrate an academy So now there s a spy a telepath and assassin working together ach has their own secrets The art linework are detailed in The Deepest Sin every way The action has phenomenal linework and the layout of the panels is incredible There s not a single moment in the story or on the page that feels underutilized Its also not just anspionage tale there s also a foundation of comedy and humor at its center and a bit of sci fi The story is an absolute page turner and so much fun I loved learning about Twilight Anya and Yor this is the literal Found Family trope I ve ver read and it works SO well I m interested in seeing where the story goes from here Overall just felt like a 4 star read will likely xpand on that in my full blog review Spy X Family Vol 1 is a phenomenal start to a spy comedy manga you "don t want to miss Honestly this manga wasn t ven on my radar until I saw "t want to miss Honestly this manga wasn t ven on my radar until I saw friend Karina s wonderful review go check it out if you haven t already A noircomedy mashup with the found family trope AND compellingendearing characters THAT S SOME GOOD STUFF RIGHT THERE And I love Anya and will do anything to protect her just saying If you like your spy stories with a dash of comedy and sweetness definitely try SPYxFAMILY The manga may have a kid character but it s most certainly not for kids the rating is Teen God this manga has such a uniue concept I really love this series a lot and im so glad volume 1 is out in English now Volume 1 is really solid it cuts off at just the right point to make you wanna read the rest which I ve done before oop The story is really interesting and gripping and honestly it s so cute and funny too omg Anya is adorable One of my favourite manga titles EVER Okay okay so before I start gushing about Spy x Family I need to give a brief overview of the story we follow a spy alias Loid Forger who is given the task to disguise himself as a family man complete with wife and child in order to infiltrate a private lite school and prevent Donovan Desmond from declaring war on Westalis However along the way he gets mbroiled in other side missions and helps retrieve an old lady s purse from a thieving scumbagNow on to the gush ah where do I start I loved all three family members Loid reminds me of Victor Vale ah where do I start I loved all three family members Loid reminds me of Victor Vale Vicious who I adore 3 he is a tough guy who is very principled but is a big softie at heart Then there is Anya the cutest girl with the biggest yes who repeats her papa s words which sometimes gets them into trouble She is a telepath who can read her parents minds and njoys watching her daytime spy show And finally we meet Yor Briar a very beautiful young woman whose secret identity is Thorn Princess and she is an assassin Of. 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Together so much interesting I found the art to be detailed and intricate but not so "MUCH THAT IT WAS OVERWHELMING IT "that it was overwhelming It the fight scenes and motional moments that much better which is xactly what you want from graphic novels The art is just as much a part of the story as anything you re reading and Tatsuya Endo deftly weaves the two together to create an xcellent story that is levated by the lovely and fascinating visuals and smooth writingAs I read on create an Le valeureux guerrier excellent story that islevated by the lovely and fascinating visuals and smooth writingAs I read on found myself becoming and curious and interested about this borderline dystopian world that Spy
x family vol 
Family Vol takes place in So far you only know as much about it as you need to and much of it remains mysterious which I think is a very smart move since this is only the first issue The same goes for the main characters you get snippets of their past and who they are Snowflakes on the Sea enough to intrigue you but notnough to spoil any big reveals or Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy epic revelations that could potentially come up in later issuesBy the time I finished reading I was somewhat upset that I didn t have the next volume because I really felt like digging into this series This was a great read and I can t wait for other people to discover this series The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five is because I reserve five star ratings for my all time favourite reads and the first instalments in series rarely make that list I highly recommend this title to anyone who s interested in it 20820Gaaah this was AMAZING Can t wait to gush about this in a video soon DYou can find me onYoutube Instagram Twitter Tumblr Website The Storygraph Spy x Family has been on my radar for a long time I heard about it from a friend and then really wanted to read it Word of mouth is great for marketinghThis book is absolutely marvellous and all the fun of a VIZ book It s thrilling and yet fun all at the same time It felt like the fun that Man from UNCLE gave me when that film came outSo our lead dude Twilight is a spy He s a great spy but is suddenly given a very difficult mission marry and have a kid to complete the next mission This is not something he is interested in doing but ya know it s the job He adopts Anya a super smart six year old from an orphanage who is already finishing crosswords and seeming like a telepath Things seem to go fine and dandy until he needs to get a wife too that other crucial step he forgot about So he finds Yur Briar a deadly female assassin and marries her And thus the missions begin I love this premise The plot is super fun and fast paced the illustrations are great and the characters are barrels of fun There s nough of a mystery behind this story to make this series super intriguing but also the fake family and intriguing characters spy assassin and telepath not your typical trioAlso Briar s Reviews reading about a girl named Briar Yup I m biased I love it Honestly I really njoy this book I hope I can get my hands on the rest of the volumes because this book is so darn good Such a great readFive out of five starsThank you to NetGalley and VIZ for supplying me a free copy of this book in xchange of an honest review. Ook SPY×FAMILY 1 Author Tatsuya Endo please download or read online here.

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