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Ed between Killian and Theo had me on the edge #Of My Seat And Eagerly Anticipating Them Getting Together And #my seat and eagerly anticipating them etting together And course her finally finding out the truth The book may have been short but to me it only meant that the plot never became dragged out constantly keeping me invested and on my toes It built up amazingly well to a very thrilling ending and one hell of a cliffhanger I can barely wait for Flying Spaceships with Aliens I loved Killian from the Galactic Order series and was so excited to read his story I loved Theo and how Killian fell for her his story I loved Theo and how Killian fell for her of her sweet simplicity purity of spirit and her love and loyalty for family I dreaded the end of this book knowing what was coming but I hope things turn around in the next one Theo deserves someone that will love her and ive her the security that they won t leave her and charming. T think I want them to leaveI don’t want him to leaveAt least until I realize why we stopped asking uestions Why we accept their vague explanations and strange mannerismsWhy we can’t shake the headachesThen I can’t et rid of them fast enoughI can’t et rid of him fast enoughEven if it breaks my heartThis story ends in a cliffhanger *It Is The First *is the first in the Kilbus Lord series and takes place before the events of the Galactic Order serie. ,

Izzling romance Playing Cards with Aliens certainly Was No Exception The Story Gripped Me no exception The story ripped me the beginning and not only just because I had been waiting for the Kilbus lord s story to be told The wholesome and happy family Theo rew up in the slightly darker circumstances that made her part of that family intrigued the hell out of me Then having three strange men ahem aliens thrown into the mix and seemingly melting into the family without any suspicion drew me in exactly like a reat story should Then all the mind tricks and mind control well it all was handled eniously adding both originality drama and an amazing twist to the romance And the romance I could not HAVE ASKED FOR IT TO BE asked for it to be Their constant pull towards one another their flirting the secrets and the mind control as well as her suspicions well everything that occurr. Hat my contentment with life is about to changeThat change came with three new faces Three new visitors that have suddenly before I knew what was happening taken over mine and my family’s lives They live with us They eat with us They sleep and share a bathroom with us I don’t remember inviting them I Don’t Remember Consenting To remember consenting to invasion in our livesI don’t remember much of anything these daysBut they’re hereHe’s hereAnd I don’. Playing Cards With Aliens (Kilbus Lord, #1)

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It was very slow compared to THE OTHERS RELATED TO THIS I others related to this I a hard time staying focused on this to finish it Which to took me longer than it usually would to read Looking forward to the next and hoping it has a better pace and action I am very happy Kil is etting his own happy ending I think He was very mysterious and powerful in the Galactic Order series which intrigued me This book ends *In A Cliffhanger But It *a cliffhanger but it 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts give you the story on how he met fell in love with and ultimately lost theirl but the Kilbus Lord doesn t Moonrise (Snowfall, give up so I am expecting uite the adventure in the next book and maybe a littleroveling lol I need it soon please Another hit from what has come to be one of my favorite authors Her books may be shorter than what s the norm but pretty much every book of hers leaves a big impact and a boatload of drama and Small town Small life Smaller dreamsI’m content Happy It might not make sense to most people but this is the life I chose for myselfIf there’s a small
of me that wants to and see the world I’m okay with appeasing that desire with travel magazines and planning future vacations I want this life and a life full of adventure I don’t see why I can’t have bothI’m just fine with waitingBut something beyond me has already decided