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The Funny Thing About Norman ForemanA Espenlaub pleasantly surprising book for a debut author and one that anyone and everyone can easily read It is also a story uite a feweople could in some way relate to It had family death sadness fun life and even happinessThe story of a boy Norman the death of a friend Jax and Norman s mother Sadie who is dealing with her own ast The adventures Norman and his mother Sadie have are led by an elderly

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Leonard who takes them a journey of discovery laughter and even griefAlthough a bit slow to read it is still a charming heart warming Story That Actually Takes You Right Along On The Journey that actually takes you right along on the journey introduces you to some great charactersI can t say I loved it but I did enjoy it and found it an easy read which brings home life and how each of us has our own way of dealing with the things it throws at us I just loved this book It is sweet and sad and funny and full of love I will be recommending it to friends and library atronsNorman and his friend Jax are 12 year olds with a lan They will bring their brand of comedy to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh in five years But Jax dies and leaves Norman without a friend and without a comedy artner Norman is alone with only his MumSadie is Norman s mother and was very fond of Jax and the friendship the two boys shared She is the daughter of a comedian who never made it When her father died and she was in university she went a little off the rails for a while She had a series of one night stands and left uni This was also when she became regnant with NormanSadie and Norman and Leonard an elderly man and friend of Sadie decide that they will go to the festival and Norman will lay a set and they ll also scope out the men who could ossibly be Norman s father It s a lot to do but if anyone can do it these three canAlternately told from Sadie s and Norman s oints of view Ms Henderson is able to capture both voices so well The reader feels for them through the ups and downs they face And the colorful characters they encounter on their journey are mostly a joy tooMy thanks to HarleuinMIRA and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review Beautiful just beautiful I felt the world slow down shudder and grind to a halt as I looked into my son s eyes and all of a sudden realized with. A triumphant and touching debut about the unlikeliest superstar you’ll ever meetTwelve year old Norman Foreman and his best friend Jax are a legendary comedic duo in waiting with a Racial Theories In Context plan to take their act all the way to the Edinburgh Fringe But when Jax dies Norman decides the only fitting tribute is toerform at the festival

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Absolute clarity what I d been way too blinded by my own sadness to notice since Jax had died Norman was so much braver than I would ever be The Funny Thing About Norman Foreman is the first novel by Australian author Julietta Henderson When they were ten Norman Foreman and Jax Fenton made a Five Year PlanJAX AND NORMAN S FIVE YEAR PLAN Edinburgh Fringe 2023 For One Night Only Norman and Jax Teenage Comedy Geniuses Steps 1 Get to the Edinburgh Fringe baby 2 Get famous 3 Get richNorman fatherless and lagued by soriasis had no real friend until Jax turned up at Alverton Community Primary from East London four years earlier Jax had a bad boy reputation but they were soon inseparable Norman infected Jax with the love of comedy he inherited from his granddad the one thing their lan hadn t allowed for the vital flaw was Jax dying of an asthma attack just a few months before his twelfth birthdayWhile no longer a ariah at school how weird is it that your best friend has to die before some eople decide to be nice to you Norman s grief is rofound I thought about trying to do a deal with God Just in case Because I thought maybe he d consider swapping one of my eyes or a couple of arms or a leg or two for bringing Jax back Or both eyes and an ear even I got the deal right down to me being a blind deaf no talking torso sitting on the beach and I still decided that would be OK if only I could have Jaxy back sitting next to me His mum Sadie is naturally worried for her son shrinking before her eyes and misses the larger than life Jax too I still couldn T Think About Norman Standing Up On think about Norman standing up on stage in my father s moth eaten jacket without seeing the emptiness around him All that space that Jax used to fill with his laughter his noise his badness his goodness and his funniness Then she notes a change in the Five Year Plan on the wall Edinburgh Fringe Festival Norman Foreman For One Night Only Sausages and Gravitas the Jax Fenton Tribute Show Steps 1 Look after Mum 2 Find Dad 3 Get to the Edinburgh FringeThe first oint sueezes her heart the second is a surprise even to Norman it seems and the third She s determined to make it all happen even if there s less than a month until the Festival startsWhen Sadie shares the Organizations As Knowledge Systems problem with Leonard Cobcr. Imself Theroblem is Norman’s not the funny one Jax wasThere’s also another far colossal objective on Norman’s new Little Scarlet (Easy Rawlins plan that his single mom Sadie wasn’t ready for he wants to find the father he’s never known Determined tout a smile back on her boy’s face Sadie resolves to face up to her own messy ast get Norman to. .

Oft the OAP employed as a by her sexist misogynistic of boss under the Age UK employment scheme she expects commiseration not action But she underestimates Len he bully of a boss under the Age UK employment scheme she expects commiseration not action But she underestimates Len he ex Army IT savvy supremely organised and talented in many fields thanks to adult education courses Before long they ve departed Penzance heading north in Len s rusty teal 1971 Austin Maxi armed with spreadsheets a laminated agenda a shoebox of jokes on Post its and Google maps via Barnstaple Swansea and Bournemouth checking out father candidates and entering talent contests and open mic opportunities hopeful of a Performance Slot in Edinburgh If they can just keep the demon soriasis at bay and help Norman develop a sense of timing Norman has the gravitas Jax was the funny one The closer they get the Sadie worries about her fragile boy in front of a critical audience but Norman reassures her The worst thing already happened Everything already went to hell in a hand basket so it s all got to be OK from now on because nothing else could ever ever be that bad You don t have to worry about me Mum honest What a wonderful tale Except for Sadie s obnoxious boss Henderson gives the readers a cast of characters to love to laugh with to ache for to cheer on It s surely impossible not to fall in love with a boy like this I think maybe all the Never Sweeter parts of me that were good were actually made of Jax And I think about that a lot because I mretty sure it s true With a lot that includes dodgy accommodation dubious venues and a fanciful Facebook rofile then builds to a hilarious climax involving a bizarre laundry rescue a daring break and enter chef s whites and escape on a speeding moped Henderson s debut novel is funny moving heart warming and uplifting and of this talented author will definitely be welcome RecommendedThis unbiased review is from an uncorrected roof copy rovided by NetGalley and Random House UK Transworld Hands up if you loved and still remember Auggie from RJ Palacio s novel Wonder Well you are not alone Wonder has over 700K reviews and an average GR rating of 444 so it is clearly a much loved book So now while you still have your hands up I d encourage you to do yourself a favour reach out and grab a copy of Julietta Henderson s debut The Fringe and help track down a man whose identity is a mystery even to her Julietta Henderson’s delightfully charming tender and uplifting debut takes us on a road trip with a mother and son who will live in the reader’s heart for a long time to come and teaches us that no matter the odds we must always reach for the stars.