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Not sure where I land on this one I whipped Through It Stayed Up Too Late To Go From it up wayyyyy too late to go from to the end but ultimately I don t know if the answers were completely satisfying Still a good read so 4 stars but I m not 100% on the final third But overall the conceit is super compelling I got sucked in by the first POV which is a young girl being held captive in a basement and her harrowing escape Then it flips to multi POV both in past and present which all dances around this girl who she is and how she came to be kidnapped You know upfront her mom died and you get the mom s POV in the past a neighbor s POV after mom and kid disappeared and then the POV of the girl s little brother in the present he s a teenager now What sucked me in was trying to figure out how all the pieces connected There were a LOT of balls up in the air a lot of intrigue and shady stuff going on That said I did have in the back of my mind this feeling like why are we in the neighbor Kate s POV Like I knew it was leading to something but it took a while to get there Meredith s POV that s the mom who we know ends up dead was the most interestingreally spiked my blood pressure repeatedly God she has this one confrontation with someone and I was ust SO MAD on her behalf and I was coming up with all sorts of clapbacks lol She s an excellent tragic POVI was and am less sure of Leo s POV that s the 15 year old son through whose perspective we get dribs and drabs re the missing girl returning to her family There was a weird distance to his POV in part because he addresses the girl as you so it s you wouldn t look at me and it was annoying like that but combined with some of his own moments and reflection but I never felt fully immersed in his character I know the point was angry bullied teenage boy but something about it didn t land for me It was fine but especially given this is my 2nd Mary Kubica book I know she s capable of really intense close POVs But that s the thing there was distance in both Leo and Kate s POVs which impacted the reading experience It was still good But it didn t feel as close as The Other Mrs did large swaths of this book felt a bit tell yBut like I said I zipped through it I HAD to know how everything connected Some answers were satisfying others less so I ll cover specific thoughts via spoiler tags view spoilerthe Shelby twist was satisfying enough There were some clever sleights of hand and it was good conflict That section of the novel was harrowing I did suspect that the girl wasn t really De. People don’t Of Magic and Mating New Canton Republic just disappear without a traceShelby Tebow is the first to go missing Not long after Meredith Dickey and her six year old daughter Delilah vanishust blocks away from where Shelby was last seen striking fear into their once peace. ,

Lilah but the reveal of the detective lying to spare the dad s feelings felt a little *bit grafted on suddenly Leo s weird focusbackstory re the detective and his dad makes sense And *grafted on suddenly Leo s weird focusbackstory re the detective and his dad makes sense And I was bummed that she was 竹光始末 The Bamboo Sword And Other Samurai Tales just some girl That the couple who took her wereust stock idiot villains who kept a child in a pitch black basement for years because That s it OKThe actual Delilah reveal was great though man my kingdom for a POV chapter from her Or for better closeness in Leo s POV so we didn t instead have the distance of Kate S POV Telling Us What Happened After POV telling us what happened after ALL THAT and we didn t get close at all to Delilah and the aftermath of that reveal Where I m a bit is Bea I mean look I m usually not That Guy But I m also like I finally see ueer people in an adult thriller And she turns into a psycho killer And she was the big height body and metal of the lesbians tattoos musician Doc Martens like really You give me a sweet lesbian couple and then one of them is A PSYCHO AND it s the one who was edgy She also goes from zero to sixty She s a young fun 30 and then she s like I KILLED SOMEONE GOTTA KEEP MURDERING AND KIDNAPPING THEN Like Wow She really knew how to dispose of a body Twice I ust Man Maybe if she d been better developed via either Kate s POV or even better Meredith s re ANY hints she might have a hard edge to her I don t recall that Her only interaction with Meredith really was her happily babysitting once Then BAM MURDER I mean I guess hide spoiler Women are going missing in the suburbs of Chicago First it s Shelly Tebow who disappeared while running Next Meredith Dickey and her six year old daughter Delilah go missing causing panic in friends and neighbors Thank you so much to Park Row Books and Mary Kubica for this book that comes out May 18 2021Local Woman Missing book opens with Delilah s point of view held captive in a dark basement She has no idea where she is and who her captors are She has been locked away for years and is nearing her breaking point Not sure of the day time or year all she knows is her name is Delilah Dickey The next perspective is Meredith eleven years earlier Mother of Leo and Delilah Meredith is a doula and yoga teacher with a seemingly perfect life But is everything perfect underneath her housewife veneer Meredith starts to receive threatening text messages saying she deserves to die because of what she did Another perspective from the past is Kate next door neighbor to the recently missing Meredith and Delilah After being so close with her neighbors. Ful community Are these incidents connected After an elusive search that yields uestions than answers the case eventually goes coldNow eleven years later Delilah shockingly returns Everyone wants to know what happened to her but no one is prepar. Local Woman MissingShe takes it hard when "They Disappear And Decides To "disappear and decides to looking into their mysterious disappearances Kate starts to learn that maybe everything wasn t as perfect as it looked in Meredith s life and she tries to balance her investigation with being there for Josh Meredith s husband and her young son LeoThe final perspective is Leo in the present right after his long lost sister is found Leo has had a hard and lonely life since the disappearance of his mother and sister and is having a hard time believing she is really back She is nothing like she was eleven years ago and Leo is slow to trust that Delilah is really his sisterThe alternating perspectives give a comprehensive version of what happened in the past and what is currently happening in the present of this story From the very first page this book captures you with an interesting plot and a well written story I read this book in only a few hours and couldn t put it down for a minute Each chapter draws the reader deeper into it down for a minute Each chapter draws the reader deeper into plot and each layer of mystery There were so many suspicious characters to keep readers on their toes Right when I thought I knew where this book was going a new detail would come to light completely changing my point of view This domestic thriller is fast paced and as always Mary Kubica weaves a uniue and interesting narrative This is my personal favorite book by Kubica with the characters being relatable and intriguing I had no idea where this book was going to end up but I truly did enjoy the ourney 5 stars from meReview first available on mysteryandsuspensecom An exciting new thriller which tells the story of a young woman who returns after disappearing eleven years earlier with her mother as part of a string of unsolved disappearances in their hometown My favorite Mary Kubica book yet This book kept me guessing the entire time and I was totally shocked when the twists were finally revealed This was well written and unputdownable from the first page I loved how the stories of Kate Meredith and Leo all interweave between 11 years ago and the present I do feel like some of the story was left undone and maybe some of the characters were left hanging but it didn t Take Away From The away from the book Local Woman Missing is due out May 2021 and it should be on everyone s tbr listThanks to Edelweiss for my advanced ebook copy 4 stars Pulse pounding from start to finishA small town neighbourhood One woman goes missing leaving her newborn baby and husband behind Weeks later another local woman and her young daughter. Ed for what they’ll findIn this smart and chilling thriller master of suspense and New York Times bestselling author Mary Kubica takes domestic secrets to a whole new level showing that some people will stop at nothing to keep the truth buried. .