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This book has a few missing partsThe last of the Livy The Books 46 142 Have 46 142 have lost It really is to think that we only have about 35 books of Livy They are really amazing His prose is clear His speeches are amazing And while he isn t a perfect historian his dates sometimes conflict he did organize Roman history in an expansive and rational way I would have REALLY enjoyed reading about his take on the Fall of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Empire His last book 142 supposedly ends his history with the death of DrusesI don t get too carried away with regrets but it really does feel like discovering that Shakespeare wrote 140 plays and we only have 36 extant Imagine another 104 Shakespeare plays These are not the Egyptian Kings you are thinking of Like Scipio Cato etc Cleopatra and Ptolemy are family names that appear again and again. S remain In splendid style Livy a man of wide sympathies and proud of Rome's past presented an uncritical but clear and living narrative of the rise of Rome to greatnessThe and living narrative of the rise of Rome to greatnessThe Classical Library edition of Livy is in fourteen volumes The last volume includes a comprehensive ind.

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History of Rome Volume 13 of 14There is no state which will not have not only wicked citizens at times but an inexperienced commonalty always Livy History of Rome XLV xxiiiBooks but an inexperienced commonalty always Livy History of Rome XLV xxiiiBooks 45 of Livy s History of Rome detail the end of the The Third Macedonian WarBook 43 sees several praetors condemned for administering their provinces with greed and cruelty P Licinius Crassus the proconsul plunders numerous cities in Greece The commanders of Roman fleets pluder many allied cities Book 43 sees King Perseus winning several victories in Thrace Dardanians and of Illyricum Spain revolts but the revolt goes nowhere after Olonicus is illed Marcus Aemilius Lepidus was chosen chief of the Senate by the censors This book has a few missing partsBook 44 sees Macius Philippus and his armies ENTERING MACEDONIA THROUGH DIFFICULT PASSES SEIZING Macedonia through difficult passes seizing number of cities The Rhodians send an envoy to Rome. Livy Titus Livius the great Roman historian was born at or near Patavium Padua in 64 or 59 BCE; he may have lived mostly in Rome but died at Patavium in 12 or 17 CELivy's only extant work is part of his history of Rome from the foundation of the city to 9 BCE Of its 142 books we. Threatening to help Perseus unless the Romans establish peace Macedonia This doesn t go well in Rome L Aemilius Paulus consul for the second time is put in charge of the campaign in Macedonia Paulus prays before an assembly that any disaster threatening the Roman People be turned against his own household After setting out for Macedonia he conuers Perseus and brings all Macedonia under control This book has a few missing partsBook 45 sees Perseus captured by A Paulus in Samothrace Antiochus ing of Syria beseiges Egypt Ptolemy and Cleopatra Envoys sent to Rome s Senate Senate reuires Antiochus to pull out of Egypt Rhodes envoys supplicate themselves to Rome and are sent aways as neither allies or enemies A Paulus celebrates his triumph his own soliders complain about not having enough booty S Sulpicius Galba speaks against the soldiers Paulus two sons die. have just 35 and short summaries Have just 35 and short summaries all the rest except two The whole work Was Long After His Death Divided Into Decades Or Series long after his death divided into Decades or series ten Books 110 we have entire; books 1120 are lost; books 2145 are entire except parts of 41 and 4345 Of the rest only fragments and the summarie.