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Fire BringerNgly recommend this book to anyone who loves animal fiction It takes its readers seriously without being too dull there is always something happening Also I d like to oint out this is the first time in a long time I have found a book I absolutely love that the author didn t kill off my favourite character Though MY SECOND FAVOURITE POOR PEPPA MET A LESS FORTUNATE second favourite Poor Peppa met a less fortunate I am glad to see that Bankfoot came out all right in the end Overall this book is great It was ure delicious adventure that left me wanting

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book tries to a Watership DOWN WITH DEER THE PROBLEM IS IT IS TOO with deer The roblem is it is too of a Watership Down with deer It doesn t really stand apart from Watership It is a Književna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje pale imitation for three reasons The first is many of the characters are cardboard cut outs either based off of the rabbits from Watership or off of stock characters that appear in novels The second reason is that the world building that Clement Davies does for the deer doesn t fully make sense There are small errors in it that stand out and make the deer s world a little unbelievable The third reason is that Clement Davies does not have the use of language that Adams does in Watership Normally this wouldn t be aroblembut because Fire Bringer draws heavily from Down it becomes one The difference in usage made me want to hurry up and finish Fire Bringer so I could re read Watership Down Fire Bringer is a good first attempt but not a great book. L lead all the deer to freedom Filled with assion and a darkness that gradually through Rannoch's courage in the face of adversity lifts to reveal an overwhelming feeling of light Fire Bringer is a tremendous spirited story that takes the reader deep into the hearts and minds of its characters as they fight for their right to live in ea.

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This book is Watership Down with deer Seriously It s the same story but with deer We have the strange deer who are be raised by men stories of the deer have the strange deer who are be raised by men stories of the deer the evil authoritarian deer the seer deer and Davids Sling pretty much every detail word for word of Watership Down except each word rabbit is replaced with deer It even ends with the exact same scene I can t believe Richard Adams actually gave this book aositive review He must have forgotten his own story or been too flatteredinnocent to notice how closely a Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. David Shields plagiarism the book really is A Watership Down for DeerIt took me about twoages to get into this book To be honest I know almost nothing about deer and I WAS A BIT LOST AT FIRST BY THE DESCRIPTIONS a bit lost at first by the descriptions their bez tines and trez tines but that turned out to be a very small hindrance indeed The writing is superb and I found myself freuently thinking back to the story during the day between readings and wondering what would happen to the characters and whether or not they would be OK without meThe arallels to the nativity story in the beginning of the book are almost unnerving They seemed too blatant to be unintentional so I watched closely throughout the book to see what the author intended to do with them to be unintentional so I watched closely throughout the book to see what the author intended to do with them nothing ever came of them as far as I could see Perhaps doing nothing was exactly what the author intended I don t know On the whole this was a book I enjoyed reading very much for the experience it br. Young buck Rannoch was born on the night his father was murdered and into a herd of deer where hunger for ower has gradually whittled away at all that is true and good He knows he must escape to survive Chased by stags with their fearsome antlers sharpened for the kill he begins a treacherous journey into the unknown and ahead of him lie. ,
Ought me on but I don t think it left an indelible mark on my life But of course a week is usually a bit early to know that I should change mark on my life But of course a week is usually A Bit Early To Know bit early to know I should change category of children s literature to young adult literature but I digress My nephew recommended this book with rave reviews and he was dead on with t Oh dear Mild Spoilers ahead Normally when selecting a book there are a few key factor used into deciding wether I want to bother icking it up or not I m very lucky I didn t Paradise Run physically see this book in a store or I don t think I would have bothered with it at all I know it s rather shallow of me but books with such small font are intimidating to me since I am usually such a casual reader I usually get headaches from reading such long books and this one is a whopper at nearly 500ages I have to say though I am very grateful I decided to ick this one up As a kid I loved anthropomorphic fiction The Poppy series and Watership down were some of my favourites and I wish I had heard or herd if I want to continue with my bad deer uns this book sooner because I just know I would have loved it in middle or high school Everything about this story was believable and epic Such a huge story with a huge array of characters is usually difficult for me to follow since I take longer to read such small Help Me, Jacques Cousteau printed books but I had a difficult timeutting this book down I was surprised with myself it only took a few days to finish I stro. S a shocking and formidable search for truth and goodwill in the shadow of the Great Mountain One day he will have to return to his home and face his destiny among the deer to fulfill the Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen prophecy that hasersistently given them hope that one day a fawn will be born with the mark of an oak leaf on his forehead and that fawn's courage wil. ,