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Jihan were there with him there to help him But he s all alone has no idea where his companions might be and is lost in this strange city And the warlocks and priests of the city where lost in this strange city And the warlocks and priests of the city where worship the storm god Enlil decree that Niko must take a test if he fails the world swings one way if he passes it swings in another direction Would failing this test mean death for Niko He doesn t know doesn t even want to contemplate such a thing but he does everything he can to postpone this test to find out what it is in order to prepare himself to do whatever needs to be done Tabet s brother Macon believes that Niko is evil and he doesn t want his sister running away with him like their mother who was possibly their father s own sister ran off with another man Macon is also secretly in love with his sister Jealousy clouds his mind he wants to marry Tabet and assume the throne and so he conspires with a warlock named Seth in order to achieve his desires But Macon can t have it both ways According to Seth to take love away #From Tabet Another Love #Tabet another love must given Seth says he will help Macon in exchange for Tabet s hand marriage Macon reluctantly agrees and he and Seth plot with sorcerous deeds and a murderous act that set future events into motion As for Niko he s trapped in this city mired in its politics religion magic and the machinations of Seth Macon and even Tabet For Niko who is the only mortal in this city at the edge of time the city could destroy him with its immortalityDuring the feast celebrating Princess Tabet s betrothal to Niko everything changes for Macon and Seth when King Genos names her king Seth however has concocted a love spell that turns Tabet s heart away from Niko and she spurns him Niko feels betrayed the sparks of love have been put down and now he s truly without an ally in the city He s become a pawn in the game Macon and Seth play in the name of love and the love of power Everything then changes when Tempus and Jihan arrive in the city and are admitted to the feast where they are reunited with Niko This is when sparks of a different kind are fanned into flames literally and figuratively For Seth the warlock and Prince Macon have plotted to set a fire during the funeral of the woman they murdered a fire to serve their own needs and one that soon gets out of hand and threatens the city Together Niko Tempus and Jihan fight to save the eternal city of immortals from destruction All hell then breaks loose as Niko and his companions set out to confront Seth in his sorcerous lair If you ve read the other novels and stories of Tempus Niko and the Sacred Band if you are a fan of Janet and Chris Morris style of heroic fantasy then add City at the Edge of Time to your reading list Even if you haven t read the other novels in the series this is a good place to start I think You won t be disappointed Wonderful riveting never a dull moment as we ride with the cavalry of the Sacred Band exploring long lost ancient worlds cultures and customs fighting to keep some of them alive and out of harm suffering and triumphing along with the valor heroes Wonderful read Entertaining escapist fantasy with characters that we have come to. N the historical Sacred Band of Thebes an elite strike force of paired lovers and friends that flou. City at the Edge of TimeJanet #MORRIS AND CHRIS MORRISAFTER READING MANY #and Chris MorrisAfter reading many by these authors I decided to step back in time to read some of the earlier worksFor followers or the Morris writings you always receive the highest ality and City at the Edge of Time is no exceptionBrilliantly written and a superb story from start to finish I am really looking forward to exploring worksPowerful dynamic and engagingExcellent adventure I love everything Janet Morris writes This was no exception Her novels take me to another place Loved it Not bad but not nearly as good as the earlier books in the Tempus series and especially the books and books in the Tempus series and especially the books and tied in clearly to the Sanctuary works Once again Janet and Chris Morris have written a novel full of action suspense and human drama Every main and major character is fully realized we get inside the heads and hearts of all her characters we Turning The Professor Into A Crossdressing, Sissified and Feminized Pet - A Tale of Forced Feminization! understand their motives sympathize with them and even have some empathy for them weak This novel is intricately rich in texture character and human drama Politics and religion play important roles because they are integral to the characters and their city Magic too is important and it ssed with a realism I find refreshing Dialogue reveals and defines each and every character it propels the plot and stirs the action Prose is as always crisp and lean stark and elegant The City at the Edge of Time is a city of immortals an eternal city now stuck in the muck and mire near the sea at the edge of time where all things end This is a city where death is so Fortinbras at the Fishhouses unfamiliar sonknown that animals slaughtered for a feast must be taken outside the city s walls in order to be slain Now the city stands poised to meet its own ending and its immortal inhabitants face a doom they never imagined It begins when a rain of fish falls from the sky and into the royal stable yard where Prince Macon and his sister Princess Tabet are tending to frightened horses Their father Genos is king of this strange mysterious and nameless city a city that is a myth from the beginning of time With this rain of fish a naked man falls from the sky and I spoil no surprises by telling you that this man is Nikodemos called Niko who is Tempus right side partner in war At the same time Niko arrives in the city Tempus and Jihan also fall from the sky landing in a future world a place where the world ends at least that world Is this the doing of the god Enlil the Stormbringer whose avatar is none other than Tempus himself If so to what purpose As events play out during the course of the novel those estions and what role the Storm God plays will be revealed So Tempus and Jihan set out in search of Niko Meanwhile Princess Tabet is a young and impressionable woman revealed So Tempus and Jihan set out in search of Niko Meanwhile Princess Tabet is a young and impressionable woman she s instantly attracted to Niko and thus takes it pon herself to tend to him Oracle Web Application Programming For Pl/Sql Developers until he recovers Not surprisingly she falls in love with Niko who is not immune to her charm and beauty and soon they are to be wed And yet there is conflict between Niko s heart and his allegiance to Tempus He s surrounded by the riddles and mysteries of the city and its royal family he seeks to get at the heart of one andnravel the other If only Tempus and. The Sacred Band of Stepsons is a fictional ancient cavalry nit created by Janet Morris and based Enjoy from the previous books and storiesGreat fun Spellbinding MagicCity at the Edge of TimeBy Janet and Chris MorrisNiko Right Side Companion of Tempus is a character familiar to me and one I have enjoyed getting to know over the years in the many books authors Janet and Chris Morris have written about himOf these City at the Edge of time has to be my favorite oneNikodemous is a character a personality *so well written so intimately explored that I have become emotionally vested in his storyAnd this book this chapter of *well written so intimately explored that I have become emotionally vested in his storyAnd this book this chapter of is in reality both a beginning and an end in the much greater saga of the hero s journey that is Niko s completely satisfiesJanet and Chris Morris as always weave a rich #LANDSCAPE WHERE WIZARDS PRIESTS LEGENDS MYTH #where wizards priests legends myth spirit that are wholly their own rain completely throughGood magic is hard to find these daysSo thank you Janet and Chris for summoning a world filled with myth and people that are worth coming back to City at the Edge of Time is another addition in Morris s Silistra artet Series Our ancient gods have come with a most intense power in this dark fantasy with battles of evil forces and other hybrid immortals Love the fusion here of a real historical theme mixed into a fantasy Crafted with colorful and vivid details to transport the reader to a different world I m sure we and vivid details to transport the reader to a different world I m sure we all heard the expression raining cats and dogs That idiom provides a rather apt introduction to our story for a city of immortals mired on the shores of land sea and eternity is subjected to a strangely disturbing shower of fish carp to be exact Along with it comes a naked man Nikodemus also called Stealth sworn rightman to Tempus avatar of the storm god EnlilBut how was it Niko arrived in this city at the edge of time Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie under such circumstances Why does his presence polarize the city s leaders into two campsWhat is this test he mustndergo as an outsider and how might this play into the desires of those politicking for poweror Enlil himself for that matterThus begins a mystery that sees ancient prophecy pitted against nforeseen portents marriage against murder prince against princess and ambitious sorcerers against a storm god s vengeanceYes death has not forgotten this city of immortals mired at the edge of time and Niko is the key for only the sacrifice of one pure heart can restore a balance lost through apathy and neglectAs a fan of the Sacred Band of Stepsons I ve followed Niko s evolution from the very beginning and thoroughly enjoyed the way his character is portrayed His vulnerability and reluctance to accept everlasting life give him a strength sorely lacking amongst a city of immortals who take things for granted City at the Edge of Time is a most excellent story that skillfully mixes high fantasy and classical heroic tradition I really enjoyed it and am sure its rich descriptive prose will appeal to those who enjoy a well written adventure Janet Morris is magical because everything she touches turns to gold Already a fan of the Silistra artet I could resist starting this series and I m so glad I did Every word is absolutely spellbinding and she writes with such passion Glorious If only all books could be ite. 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