Adam Mickiewicz The Life of a Romantic (Kindle)

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Tic Period Of course I underestimated like how Mickiewicz was to Poland as a whole I guess being a founder of like a polish independence unit and even like willingly going into exile in Russia for several years because of his work trying to gain independence for Poland very much impressed meAfter reading the book I decided to google him just to see what else there was to learn about MickiewiczI shouldn t have been so surprised when I realized that very little about him
Had Been Written About Him 
been written about him English Like legitimately "I was surprised about how little was written about himHis poems were not "was surprised about how little was written about himHis poems were not Major works that not only helped influence the rest of the Romantic Movement but also like were so powerful that they helped start uprisings to make Poland an independent nationBut because so little of his work had been written about in english this basically means the author has English this basically means the author has work on it literally every. Fter a poetic debut in his native Lithuania that transformed the face of Polish literature he spent five years of exile in Russia for engaging in Polish patriotic activity Subseuently his grand tour of Europe was interrupted by his country's 1830 uprising against Russia; his failure to take part in it would haunt him for the rest of his life For the next twenty years Mickiewicz shared the fate of other Polish emigres in the West It was here that he wrote Forefathers' Eve part 3 1832 and Pan Tadeusz 1834 arguably the two most influential works of modern Polish literature His reputation as his country's most prominent poet secured him a position teaching Latin literature at the Academy of Lausan. .
Adam Mickiewicz The Life of a RomanticSomehow despite undergoing the week from hell family issues not important enough to mention here I was somehow able to finish this book Adam Mickiewicz The Life of a Romantic "BY ROMAN KOROPECKYJ WELL I THINK " Roman Koropeckyj Well I think s a book it looked like and felt like a door stopper based on the sheer size of this thing It was uite intimidating to be uite honest and this is coming from someone getting their Master s in HistoryI don t now if I can be clear then when I say I had never heard of this man before in my life before picking up Koropeckyj s biography i didn t now he existed biography I didn t now he existed this moment though if you told me well he s a romantic poet I would have assumed oh so tragic life Probably died in a foreign land somewhere of some terrible but now treatable disease Had a spouse that was probably mentally ill and it affected their marriage greatly Got it wait this isn t Byron Or any other famous person during the Roman. Adam Mickiewicz 1798 1855 Poland's national poet was one of the extraordinary personalities of the age In chronicling the events of his life his travels numerous loves a troubled marriage years spent as a member of a heterodox religious sect and friendships with such luminaries of the time as Aleksandr Pushkin James Feni Cooper George Sand Giuseppe Mazzini Margaret Fuller and Aleksandr Herzen Roman Koropeckyj draws a portrait of the Polish poet as a uintessential European RomanticSpanning five decades of one of the most turbulent periods in modern European history Mickiewicz's life and works at once reflected and articulated the cultural and political upheavals marking post Napoleonic Europe

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