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Kinda cute Kinda blah Lots of ups And DownsPros Highly Entertaining And Fun With downsPros Highly entertaining and fun with like all of Dare s other books The protagonist s character development Some cute scenes and bantering between Lucy and Jeremy Second half of the book shows maturity and adds a realistic touch with them sorting things out after getting together Lucy *S DEVELOPING RELATIONSHIP WITH HER BROTHER THEY STARTED OUT *developing relationship with her brother They started out but I really liked how things eventually developed between them His protectiveness was sweetCons The protagonist s Claimed by Desire immature and weak compared to Tessa Dare s other protagonists Lucy can get annoying while trying to seduce Toby at all costs and whilenitially being flippant about her duties and responsibilities as countess With that being said Say Youll Remember Me in the pro section I definitely do see some character development I would have liked a bit but I do appreciate that she matures a bit Even though the 2nd half of the books mature and serious Accidental Bodyguard its also very rksome Lots of thinking and fretting and not enough talking Extended misunderstanding and miscommunication trope I swear their problems would ve been solved f they just outright said what they were thinking since Day 1 when they got married or any day or week "after that Dragged out way too long I am a bit uncomfortable with how Jeremy "that Dragged out way too long I am a bit uncomfortable with how Jeremy so strict with the poaching laws I mean I get that things worked differently back then However he saw the cruelty that his father displayed and yet he wasn t motivated at all to change things based on his own goodwill It s disappointing that he was only ever willing to be kind to the poor starving people around him when Lucy reuired Mehr als das it I expected from him honestly Also the book didn t really show as much growth as I would have liked on this area Final thoughtsI m giving this 25 stars because I didn t lovet I didn t hate The Accidental Cowboy (Angel Crossing, Arizona, it I just have to compare this book this protagonist and this loventerest with Tessa Dare s other series and characters from there and so far this has fallen short Her protagonists are so strong and hilarious n her other books and Lucy. In this lush and seductive novel exciting new author Tessa Dare takes desire to brazen heightsEver the bold adventuress Lucy Waltham has decided to go hunting for a husband But first she needs some target practice So she turns to her brother’s best friend Jeremy Trescott the Earl of Kendall to hone her seductive wiles on him.

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Tt Lucy has been growing up with Her Brother S Friends For Years And brother s friends for years and s finally coming nto her own She thinks she s Eye to Eye in love with Sir Toby Aldridge another friend of her brothers and decides to use Jeremy as a test subject to make Toby falln love with herBoy Accidentally Expecting is she going to be surprised when the emotionally closed off Earl of Kendalls not THAT closed offBoth characters n this book were great I loved the chemistry and the witty conversations between Lucy and Jeremy Whew I needed a cold shower from some of the scenes between these twoI m hoping the rest of the series will be just as good as Goddess of the Hunt It was a fun and crack worthy book to read n a few days dedicating your horniest book to your husband s uite the power move ms darei m reading all of tessa dare s backlist for a *VIDEO I M DOING AND TO BE HONEST IF *i m doing and to be honest f weren t for that video would not have picked this book up dare s most recent series Girl Meets Duke s one of my favorite historical series but her others um not so much so Alaskan Nights i didn t have high hopes goingnto this her first published novelbut was very pleasantly surprised this book has an originality that a lot of her other books lack that s not to shit on her writing t just seems of her other books lack that s not to shit on her writing t just seems me that a lot of her books have predictable plots and VERY similar character pairings grumpysunshine damaged herostrong heroine rakenerd this one not so much our heroine s young and a little foolish with a LOT of spirit and our hero s not uite a rake or too overwrought with damage he s just a dude who s seen some shit also appreciated that the plot didn t end at just a marriage proposal Always Look Twice i think that s uite commonn a lot of modern like 2010 present published historicals and All For You: Halfway There / Buckhorn Ever After / The One You Want / One Perfect Night i am finding really appreciate when characters get married and then actually have shit to deal with which this one had Any Man Of Mine i really liked the deeper level ofntimacy the characters gained beyond fleeting attraction and sexoverall Annalee And The Lawman i really liked this think The Apollonides Mistress Scandal if you like dare s latest books this might not be a hit for you butt really worked for He must give his passions free rein Their sensual battle of wills s as maddening as t Anything For His Son is delicious but the longer he succeedsn managing the headstrong temptress the closer Jeremy comes to losing control When scandal breaks can he bring himself to abandon Lucy to her ruin Or will he risk his heart and claim her for his own.
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Is a bit of those things but just not enough This book Anticipation is still overall enjoyable thought can be cute and is still overall enjoyable though t can be cute and can be thoughtful at times I m looking forward to reading the next book and seeing how t goesThings that you might want to know WARNING Spoilers belowIs there a happysatisfying ending view spoilerHappy ending with epilogue Cliffhanger sh because we get a glimpse at what s happening for the other characters hide spoiler Dang Why aren t there stars This book hit me right where I wanted t to right when I needed t Funny heart wrenching and ncredibly romantic I had a very hard time getting this story out of my head when I had to put Annie and the Outlaw it down to go do those tedious things that other humans expect of meAs I saidn my giddy post above Tessa Dare does all those things I ve been wanting authors to do Yes there s angst and some separation and misunderstanding but neither of the characters had to be struck TSTL ANNIE AND THE PRINCE in order to achieve these plot points Their misunderstanding was the most organic I ve seenn a long long time I couldn t fault either of them for believing what they did even though I knew they were dead wrong It wasn t a frustration them for believing what they did even though I knew they were dead wrong It wasn t a frustration t wasn t manipulated *By The Author To *the author to a templateI do hope we get to see this couple n the companion books They re really delishI was drawn to this book by Dina s review and then by others who started piping up HMS Rane Alexis take a bow So I won t go A Christmas Affair into any detail about the story becauset s been covered nicely I m looking forward to the next ones but I might do some rereads n between so I don t get burnt out Obviously I m very enthusiastic and excited about this new author D 45 stars Goddess of the Hunt was a fun and great historical romance book to read Tessa Dare has this excellent ability to write female characters well Lucy Waltham will be up n the list for one of the best female characters that I ve read The Apple Orchard in a historical romance bookAnd I ve read just a few hahaLucys funny When Hitler Took Austria: A Memoir of Heroic Faith by the Chancellor's Son intelligent gutsy and does not take any shit from the Earl of Kendall aka Jeremy Tresco. Before setting her sights on another man But her practice kisses spark a smoldering passion–one that could send all her plans upn smokeJeremy has an nfluential title a vast fortune and a painful past full of long buried secrets He keeps a safe distance from his own emotions but to distract Lucy from her reckless scheming. .
Goddess of the Hunt