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Soon but I can still easily see why they would feel so strongly for one another so uickly This was the first MM romance I ever read that made me feel as though I were reading about real gay men instead of the stylized characters of the yaoi genre That gives the book and the author a special place in my fangirl s heart Although I ve still not Warmed Up To Beer And up to beer and I have since fallen in love with Buchanan s voice James is on my list of Top Five Fave Authors for a Singing the Law damn good reason I would need bells the size of Greenland to give this author the ringing endorsements so richlyeserved. N to Alchemic destroy their relationship before it really starts Can two men from wildlyifferent backgrounds overcome hatred and jealousy and learn to trust in each other.

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Twice the CowboyEtting into this story I m not interested #in beer rodeos cowboys latin hotties or the #beer rodeos cowboys Latin "Hotties Or The Of The "or the of the I ve never even watched Brokeback Mountain Not to mention I initially had some ifficulty adjusting to Buchanan s voice The sex is steamy but not raunchy The minor characters are not just an interuption they actually have a place in the story and efinitely add to the overall just an interuption they actually have a place in the story and efinitely add to the overall of satisfaction The story itself the fullness of the characterizations and even the writing once I got used to it are exemplary My only complaint is that I thought Jesse and Manuel fell in love far too. Manuel is injured Literature of Africa during El Pasoe la Muerte Jess seizes the opportunity to get his vauero into bed But cross cultural misunderstandings and family feuds threate. ,