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King Of Prey King Of Prey #1

Mandy M. Roth × 7 read

Lis is a bird shifter specifically a hawk His kingdom has been suffering There have been no new children born in years The streets no longer carry the sounds of children s laughter Morale is low people are unhappy It is prophesied that King Kabril must go to the human realm of earth and he will Talking to Dragons find his mate there After he is accepted by his mate the rest of his kingdom will once again bear young Humans are looked down upon by Kabril s people For one thing they don t have wings Another is that their life spans are so short But if this is the sacrifice Kabril must make he will go along with his trusted advisor Sachin Rayna Vogel is a photographer She loves to photograph wildlife specifically birds She has lost her grandmother and has sold her home She decided to be neighborly and take over a dish to welcome them She can t believe these two beautiful men she sold the house to Especially the one named Kabril There s just something about him Thus begins Kabril s somewhat hilarious attempts to woo Rayna human style Healls Three Times the Love for her right away and knows she s the one he wants but she has toall in love with him as well I choose this one She is most pleasing to the eye andwill birth The Drowning Man fine sons She will make a perfect ueen At the same time dangerrom Kabril and Sachin s realm has The Bride of Willow Creek followed them to earth and this will put Rayna in danger if it is learned that she is important to him I loved this short book This is myirst avian shifter story but no matter what sort of shifter it is there is something so sexy about beautiful wings but no matter what sort of shifter it is there is something so sexy about beautiful wings out of a man s back Kabril and Rayna s courtship was so cute but what will happen when she GREAT INVESTMENT, THE finds out that Kabril is holding back some very important details about himselfrom her That he s not human at all Will Rayna accept him as her mate and save his kingdom I can t wait to read book two Sachin s story I definitely want to continue the series and hope to read much of this author s work Three and a Half Apparently This Is Apparently this is re release that has been extended since its original publication I ve never read a shifter story with an avian hero before so was interested to see what the author would do Well if honest I didn t ind Kabril to be very heroic unfortunately as he s spoiled egotistical and at times downright hotheaded Still I do understand that he s always been eted by those around him so can The Lively Art of Writing forgive some of his behaviour After all no matter how much he wants to lick the heroine Rayna into oblivion he does bide his time and spend weeks trying to woo her Rayna is a wildlife photographer and the irony is not lost on this reviewer as rightrom the start it s a silly un story that s clearly written with humorous moments deliberately included Yes there s plenty of smut too but honestly the puns cooked chicken anyone and general cheesiness of it all was very entertaining Sweet unny and a welcome break rom reality The hero was your typical alpha male know it all but he was unny and no one took him seriously anyway 35 Stars This ebook was alright It was enough to keep me entertained and to keep reading but the actual plot of the story was a bit lackluster I did like how Kabril learned to respect Rayna rather than just wanting to sleep with her 247 lol Overall I wouldn t read this story again but it was okay to read during breaks at wor. And a stubborn vixen who makes his heart soar When he does he The Glass Ocean fears the truth about who and what he truly is will steal it away Little does he know his enemiesully intend on doing the taking WARNING This book contains hot explicit sex and violence explained with contemporary graphic langua. R her grandmother passed She 35 StarsSpoilery reviewThis was ree on So I thought why the hell not I liked it I ve never read a bird shifter book before and it was cute Hero was gone or the heroine from the moment he meets her and some of the things he said was cute and had the moment he meets her and some of the things he said was cute and had laughing I liked how he wooed her even though he thought she wasn t his mate the heroine was the typical heroine I don t think I have to say what I Meant By That There Were Things That Bothered Me meant by that There were things that bothered me the whole kingdom had a harem of women For a moment I thought the hero was going to sleep with them but he didn t He disbanded the harem once he got back to his kingdom One of the server woman was a member of this harem but he never paid attention and never slept this woman she didn t caused drama but it made the heroine jealous He was a devoted hero I actually liked him a lot He was so soft toward his heroine It was unny how he would become a puy cat when she glared at him This uote was when he asked the heroine to marryUh umm Rayna would you do me the honor of being my ball and chain Ball and chain Heaven help me My man thinks that s a compliment Be my chick he asked hopeful he got it right this time Rayna laughed harder Kabril shifted awkwardly on one knee My sexy significant other I won t bother with the rest of the series because after I did my research on the safety of the rest of the books either they weren t safe or the blurb mention that the heroes were manwhores It s a shame really because I was looking orward to reading Kinghero s advisor s book He seemed interesting in this book but after searching I The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness found out that the book is not safeor meSafeNo mention when is the last time the hero slept with the harem but it was way before he met the heroine Like I said he s been devoted The Leadership Gap from the moment he met herNo OW drama Cute Sexy Hot ReadThis was such a cute andun read I think I smiled all the way throughout the book The characters connection was perfect as it showed a close riendship between the King Kabril and his loyal old Friend And Advisor Sachin and advisor Sachin well as creating the riendship between Kabril and his Serenity Role Playing Game future mate Rayna humanThe romance between Kabril and Rayna grew sweetly withriendship and trust and I loved how the relationship developed into an undeniable attraction between the two The erotic scenes were so hot and steamy and I about come undone when Kabril ravaged Rayna s body in the air using his magic and wings It literally made me want to seek my own release LOL The ending has a great HEA leaving me wanting of the story and the characters especially since some little Buteos Regalis were in the oven That nice little surprise at the end was cute and sweet I also want to mention that the cover to this book is absolutely beautiful Great Read A nice easy read It was interesting and the characters were Save the Cupcake! funny Aew plot holes but they didn t distract me or make it any less entertaining I m looking Tressed to Kill (Southern Beauty Shop, forward to readinguture books in this seriesThis was an interesting Tressed to Kill fastslow burn where the the H and h were on different levels of the relationship Rayna was lonely but making the most o King of Prey is book one in the King of Prey series by Mandy M Roth This was myirst book by Mandy Roth and now I m wondering what the heck took me so longKing Kabril King of the Buteos Rega. Nterest in taking a human mate His kind believes humans are dirty vile creatures who rely on machines to lift them into the air The last place he wants to go in search of his mate is Earth but he's left no choice Never did he expect to ind love on a planet with one moon people who lack wings. 4 12 stars This is one great shifter romance I will always hold a special place in my heart or paranormal romance it was my The Dancer Who Flew: A Memoir of Rudolf Nureyev first jump into romance an all I reador years After several years of only reading PR I moved to other genre s and seemed to move on rom PR But it was never because I don t love this genre I always will I think I read so much that I got burned out or a while and then just plain couldn t ind any good paranormal romance books I always keep an eye out or a good paranormal book and when I saw the description of this book I book and when I saw the description of this book I I couldn t not buy it and read it right away Kabril is the king of the Buteos Regalis and a shifter or years the pregnancy and childbirth have dwindled in his people but the prophecy states that when he mates his people will again have children Hating the prophecy and the gods who tell him what to do What is even worse is inding out hat his mate is human When Kabril agree s to The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School find his mateor his people his trusted advisor and riend accompanies him to earth to ind his mate What he inds instead Rayna a beautiful to earth to ind his mate What he The Cutting Room: A Novel of Suspense finds instead if Rayna beautiful who captures his attention and makes him wish that she was his mate When Rayna knew it was time to sell her grandmothers house she never would have guessed the buyer would have been anything like Kabril he is beyond attractive and very kind The time they spend together the Rayna begins toall in love with Kabril and wish or Kabril knows that Rayna is not his mate but the time they spend together the he knows that he no longer cares he has allen in love and plans to make her his ueen As Kabril begins to woo Rayna their enemies begin to make trouble and make themselves known just when Rayna s life may be in danger Kabril inds out that his riend and advisor has been keeping the truth about who Rayna is rom himI really really liked this book you couldn t have made me not love Kabril he was a great hero he was possessive and very protective of Rayna any man he saw as a threat to Rayna and his relationship knew right away he was having none of it I ound myself laughing several times over Kabril s jealousy and Rayna was a great heroine I loved the storyline to this book and I loved the world Mandy M Roth created it was very different and interesting I not only loved Kabril and Rayna but the side characters as well I can t wait to read their stories I do wish that the end had been a little longer I hate when I eel like the endings are rushed and since I was enjoying this book so much I was nowhere near ready or this book to end I m pleasantly surprised by how much I ended up liking this book I m not one The Cake House for bird shifter stories butor King Kabril I did He s not too The Essential Tantra: A Modern Guide to Sacred Sexuality fond of humans nor having one as a mate But meeting Rayna has made himeel things he s never The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success felt She isn t like every other woman he has encountered She s differentrom other humans And giving her up is out of the uestion No matter how madly attracted he is to Rayna he s going to have to win her over She s not someone to be ordered around And seeing him try to woo her was pretty hilarious Their sexual tension was steamy AF I can t wait to read the next books in the series and see how some of my other The Outlandish Adventures of Liberty Aimes favorite charactersind love and their mates So this story was a setup or the entire series Reyna is all alone in the world afte. In a place where realms combine and portals open passages to the unknown a prophecy speaks of ertility being restored to his people through the taking of King Kabril's mate The prophecy neglects to mention she lacks something vital to his kind wings Kabril King of the Buteos Regalis has no