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Naughty Author Rochelle AlersI ll admit the cover spoke to me and the writing is just as gorgeous A nicely Paced Story About Growing Up story about growing up daughter of very successful and demanding parents I loved Breanna and Reuben The characters are well fleshed out all around Very well done I loved this book not sure how I missed it Breanna Parker may be in the spotlight but I believe it s because of all she has endured during her life time to grow up Breannashe moves to Rome to take charge of

life and meets Reuben 20 older and an artistdesigner I love their interaction and how he knows when to let her ant or shut her up Recommended eading The second half of this book was better than the first half I love Rochelle Alers but these types of urban esue books are not her forte nor should they be The way Rochelle Alers tell stories of love and omance and heroism keeps you captivated and excited for I find her A Life In School: What The Teacher Learned romance novels effortless and natural This book was not Theelationship between Bree and her mother was so hot and cold that it left me confused Bree s elationship with Tyrone Felt Underdeveloped And Forced felt underdeveloped and forced when Ruben came into the picture did I eally feel a natural flow in the story I would not The House That Had Enough recommend this book it is not a goodepresentation of this authors talent Instead I would The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field recommend starting with her Hideaway series Those ar. Parties paparazzied carpet catfights and shocking sex tapes wild child Breanna Parker is always in the spotlight except where her celebrity parents are concerned Beautiful and talented in her own The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division right Bree has used her antics to gain attention from her R B diva mother andecord producer. .

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E much enjoyable Most of her life Breanna has ignored by those who were to be closest to her her those who were supposed to be closest to her her Recently though she s been the centre of attention due to her high profile parties and scandals think Britney Spears or Paris Hilton With a music executive father and a former singing diva mother Hollywood has always been open to Bree and she gets away with any legal infractions because of her famous connections When Bree gets involved in a particularly personal scandal though she decides it s time to grow up and take esponsibility for herselfHowever taking Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl responsibility proves harder than she d anticipated especially when her attempt at a celebrity marriage falls flat To allow herself some privacy andecovery time Bree moves to Rome and along the way discovers some startling truths about herself her family and what it means to loveYou may be sitting here and thinking Uh Anna you forgot to mention the Défendre Jacob romance part of theomance novel Here s the thing though the Darfur's Sorrow: A History of Destruction and Genocide romantic hero doesn t make an appearance until the last 100 pages Most of the book is a journey of self discovery for Bree and theomance marketing is very misleading I Mean It S Published mean it s published Harleuin for Pete s sake Kimani is their African American imprint so the lack of Black Gold in North Dakota romance was at the very least surprisingBut it s not fair to judge th. Father But now as her whirlwind marriage to a struggling actor implodes Bree iseady to live life on her own terms and the esults will take everyone including Bree by surprise Abandoning her party girl ways Bree moves to Rome where she meets Reuben a charismatic compassionate artist They. E book by my pre conceived notions so let s dive in and take it for what it is shall weAs you d expect Bree starts off as a self absorbed party girl motivated by her need for attention Readers might find her very sympathetic at first but by her need for attention Readers might not find her very sympathetic first but does significantly grow and change through the story and the girl at the end bears little Nestle Toll House Recipe Collection resemblance to the one met in the beginning I was intrigued though by the character development given to Bree s mother Karma After twenty some odd years Bree is only starting to get to know her mother and the life story that made the woman the way she is and the series ofevelations are eally fascinatingThere was however a whole lot of info dumping At a few points I was sure the entire book was one long exposition loosely tied together with short bits of dialogue most of which were interrupted by long descriptions and backstories There were no flashbacks and very few backstories were elated through dialogue so there was a whole lot of tell Wicked City: The Other Side rather than showWhen the scenes were actually taking place there was some head hopping going on which may not bother someeaders but it happens to be a pet peeve of mine so I m bringing it up Very Good ReadThis book was a page turner I enjoyed it very much It started out a little different than I was expecting then came the part Ms Alers is known fo. Become partners in and out of bed and launch a sexy lingerie line Naughty that becomes an international success But when they eturn to the US Bree is confronted by a new and devastating scandal And preserving everything she's worked so hard for will be the biggest challenge she's ever fac. ,