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I couldn t find a source for the saying Everybody has a book in them though I did find a Christopher Hitchens uote Everybody does have a book in them but in most cases that s where it should stay Interestingly my source of uotes in Goodreads did list seven for Everybody has a book in them but none actually use those words but instead are brief stories beginning Everybody has a gripping stranger in their lives Douglas Coupland Everybody has their own America Andy Warhol and variations of the themeFortunately Martin Rowson didn t heed the Hitchens plea and has written a book

feels as if it has from within me The Dust Cover Said He Weaves said he weaves dreams memories anecdotes and gossip jokes parental advice history smells sounds and sights to recreate the lives of his parents their times and his and the lives of his other parents the one who died when he was ten the one he didn t know who died when he was in his thirties and the last one who maybe never xisted at all Stuff is part memoir part reminiscence but mostly a funny thought provoking and ultimately moving meditation on families life love disease death grief and memory and the 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) existential horrors of clearing out the attic Time and again my recall was prompted by something I could have substituted into the Rowson narrative Inffect Rowson has written the book that I have inside me For instance The name Rowson has been a burden to me for most of my life It s not that I resent it or don t like it or am mbarrassed by it like it was Hitler or Twatbottom or something like that In fact I think it s a rather good name slightly out of the ordinary The problem is ntirely practical To put the record straight the first syllable rhymes with crow not with cow It might seem to you to be no big thing and that I m making too much of a fuss about this but for nearly five decades I ve winced inside whenever people get that the wrong way round and I have to make an instant judgement call on whether I politely correct them or let it go and. A few months after two of his parents had died Martin Rowson had a dream about the house he grew up in which was crammed with tons and tons of stuff both physical an. .
Ught was wrong Almost the last thing he said to her was I don t know but I think it s terminal I immediately wanted to record my father s last words my mother and I were visiting him in hospital he was obviously terribly ill and in much pain My mother s dementia prevented her taking in what was happening she knew but didn t know As we sat there a nurse arrived with a morphine pump to be set up our presence stopped her in her tracks and in all kindness spouted forth about how important it was that we talked and shared this time together and much Your Everyday Art World else that was Politically Correct for the conscientious andmpathic nurse She said she would come back to set up the morphine pump it was that important That We Had This Time Together Mum we had this time together Mum no idea what was happening the penny dropped for me that Dad was in the terminal phase of his illness the liver cancer diagnosis confirmed the day before Dad Why Photography Matters exhausted but alert to thend opened his yes took the oxygen mask off his face and said uite clearly glaring at the back of the departing nurse Don t they piss you off And that was that the next time I saw him he had diedThe structure of Stuff is akin to Jerome K Jerome s Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow a chapter title heralds a theme where threads introduced throughout the book are woven into their relationship to this theme heralds a theme where threads introduced throughout the book are woven into their relationship to this theme the dust cover said it is a story of adoption and the threads and themes advertise the continuity of life life that doesn t need religion to xplain or justify our Duty Free Murder existence Considering Rowson s humanist leanings I am thinking that in some way Stuff is a book for or about Everyman and parallels his acknowledgement It was a wonderfulxample of the therapeutic power of anecdote As Coupland and Warhol capture the book that we have inside us is autobiographical anecdotes that have shaped us into who we are that come in all the shades of human virtues and vices One day I will write something longer than a Haiku Stuff Everybodyhas their own anecdote liferecalled before deathCJHD30 May E past The result is a funny thought provoking and ultimately moving meditation on families life love disease and the xistentialist horrors of clearing out the atti.

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Stuff A Memoir of Death and LifePrepare myself for the next time the rror now compounded beyond reach My whole life seems to have been characterised by the same judgement call correcting with a my name is like the alphabet C comes before D accompanied With A Cringe For Drawing Attention To A Flaw In a cringe for drawing attention to a flaw in perfection or to forever hold my peaceThere are so many hooks in this Stuff George Bernard Shaw s The Doctor s Dilemma kicks off the penultimate chapter Hsi K'Ang and His Poetical Essay on the Lute entitled The Doctor s Plot the Shaw connection probably representing the most prized possession that I inherited via my father from my maternal grandfather the 1934 Constable publication of Prefaces by Bernard Shaw I have thought this the most profound book I havever read and was pleasantly reminded by Google that I had written a review when I finished reading it when I was in a Haiku writing phaseDecisive thinkingElouent writing historyin the makingJust as I think the preface to The Doctor s Dilemma should be reuired reading for medical students about to become medical practitioners so I think Rowson s The Doctor s Plot should also be reuired reading for doctors and lawyers alike The year my parents died when we were all uite drunk I suggested to colleagues of Rowson s barrister wife that all in all lawyers had done good for society in general than doctors had Venous Catheters ever done Lawyers know that they re the scum of thearth whereas doctors had ver done Lawyers know that they re the scum of the arth whereas doctors that they re God One can feel Shaw s rapier is out and ready to cut God down to sizeI think I bought Stuff on a whim attracted by the dust cover illustration the title and the publisher s description on the inside of the dust cover Most intriguing was the illustration which is loaded with meaning by the time the nd is reached from the CCCP clock on the back to the partially obscured sign Waitem which in the final chapter is revealed to be a Maori word Waitemata the name of the harbour that dominated my growing up And then there was As he was getting dressed to go into hospital the morning he died my step mother asked him what he tho. D motional In this book Rowson delves into all that 'stuff'; weaving together dreams family anecdotes and gossip jokes advice history smells sounds and sights of th.