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Winter holidays he never knew about and then he finally falls asleep before Groundhog Day When Columbus Day rolls around Groundhog prepares for his long winter sleep by brushing his teeth putting on his ammies and setting his alarm clock for February 2nd But although his bed is cozy and warm he setting his alarm clock for February 2nd But although his bed is cozy and warm he can t seem to stay asleep Waking in mid October mid November and mid December our sciurine hero encounters a series of holiday celebrants a Halloween witch a Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas Santa each of whom shepherds him back to bed With all these disruptions will Groundhog be able to honor his February commitmentGo to Sleep Groundhog is probably the first Groundhog Day themed title that i have read and although i don I have read and although *I don know that I ve ever really felt the want *don know that I ve ever really felt the want such stories in my life I m happy to This book is so cute The illustrations are beautiful I like how different characters such as the Witch the Turkey and Santa Claus serve as good parents sending the groundhog back to bed each time with a seasonally appropriate snack beverage and bedtime story And I Like the way the groundhog does all of this for himself at the end of the book Very original yet familiar and sweet This would be a fun read aloud book because you could do different voices for the witch the turkey and Santa when each one finds the groundhog and asks What are YOU doing up Just in case you ever wondered why the groundhog needs those extra 6 weeks of sleep it s because he stayed up all fall and winter and was too tired to get up on time LOL The groundhog and I are NOT friends A really cute book to read for Groundhog s Day I like how different holidays are incorporated as wel. Ng holiday lights But shouldn't Groundhog be in bed With no sleep how will he be able to get up for his big The other Holidays into the book as well Halloween Thanksgiving and Christmas What a fun little story What a delight I was so happy to come across this and Christmas What a fun little story What a delight I was so happy to come across this read for Groundhog Day though really it could be enjoyed throughout the autumn and winter months as it tells the story of a little groundhog who is so excited he can hardly sleep and keeps waking up well before his alarm clock set for February 2nd goes off He awakens in mid October mid November and mid December seeing glorious things he never saw before such as pumpkins and witches turkeys and falling leaves and snow and Santa Claus A very fun read with an interesting note at the back about the history of Groundhog Day Highly recommended especially given the lack of picture books on this holiday This is an adorable story about a groundhog who can t fall asleep Every month he tries to fall asleep but can t so he comes out of his burrow to explore things he d never seen before like pumpkins turkeys and lights Each time a friend helps bring groundhog #Back To His Burrow Read #to his burrow read a story and give him a snack to help him go back to sleep When he finally gets to sleep his alarm starts ringing and he reluctantly gets up and walks outside You ll have to read it to find and he reluctantly gets up and walks outside You ll have to read it to find if he sees his shadow We love the bright and colorful illustrations that help younger children figure out what holiday groundhog is surrounded by each month At the end of the book Judy added some facts about groundhogs and the story behind celebrating the holiday A great and fun read for ages 3 8 A Groundhog Day book that worked as a read aloud with preschoolersSummary When Groundhog is unable to sleep he experiences autumn and. Burrow he finds amazing sights he has never seen before glowing ack o' lanterns gobbling turkeys and sparkli. Oh I thoroughly enjoyed this story and really loved the illustrations I Also Liked The About liked the About Day informational page at the end of the book It gives information about both Groundhog Day and groundhogs and makes clear that groundhogs can t really predict the weatherGroundhog and his sidekick mouse and all the other animal characters and other characters a witch and Santa Claus are ust so endearingGroundhogs hibernate from around October to around February 2nd but this groundhog despite his warm cozy bed and lovely surroundings cannot stay asleep Groundhog keeps waking up and going outside and sees the sights of Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas all while he should be in bed asleepBoth the story and illustrations are full of amusing and interesting details I particularly liked all the snacks and all the bedtime stories groundhog gets throughout the bookI d never thought to read Groundhog Day stories even though I know someone who was born on Groundhog Day Then I saw a list of Groundhog Day books in the Children s Book Group and this is one of the books on that list It s a winner in my opinion Go to Sleep Groundhog was a great book This book is a great book for children who are Trying To Learn Their to learn their and the holidays that go along with those seasons What made this book really cute was when the Groundhog would wake up in a certain season for example around Christmas Santa Claus took him back home and put him to bed I highly recommend reading this book My family loved this book We really liked that it was informational about groundhogs and that it also talked about the Groundhog Day traditions It was a super cute read that incorporated. Poor Groundhog ust can't sleep He tosses He turns Finally he gets out of bed and goes exploring Outside his. ,
Go To Sleep Groundhog