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It was a burglary of epic proportions An ambassador’s wife was dead the famous Desert Lights paintings had vanished and a diplomatic residence was left smoldering The horrifying incident sent shockwaves through Washington DC forcing the FBI into a frenzied search for the culprits Pressed for time the authorities "HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO SEEK THE HELP OF "no choice but to seek the help of man Richard Nash an editor of a New York art journal Desperate to

Use His Skills They Cajoled 
his skills they cajoled Nd then bullied him into A Mission He Was "a mission was to take But he eventually agreed to assume the role was to take But he eventually agreed to assume the role an ndercover agent for this risky mission to become a confidant of their lead suspect Sara Mundhir After all she had an axe to grind with the House of Saud having recently lost a lengthy legal battle for her father’s paintings But without Nash’s help there was no way to pin her to the crime For over a year Sara became his world
The Arcav Kings Mate (Arcav Alien Invasion,

Canvas Sunsets Never Fade

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Is constant vigil his obsession ntil suddenly she was abducted Now six years after the investigation failed Nash stumbles onto a new clue that could him find Sara and the answers to a haunting "past But ickly becomes entangled a web of murder and deceit at the "But he Visual Group Theory (MAA Classroom Resource Materials) uickly becomes entangled in a of murder and deceit at the of which lies a secret he must decipher If he fails again a diabolical conspiracy will enter its final phase an outcome that could turn the entire Middle East into an inferno.