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Coming Attraction

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40 to 45 stars A classic science fiction short story that deserves the title One of my favorite pieces by Leiber The story was named one of the best short stories of all time by the Science Fiction Writers of America and included in The Science Fiction Hall of Fame 1 Written in 1950 the story is set in dystopian Manhattan during a prolonged conflict between the US and the USSR where parts of the city have been made uninhabitable by the Russians The main character Wysten Turner is a British citizen in New York on business Early in the story Wysten saves a young woman from being un over by a gang one of the favorite activities of the local gangs is to catch women s clothing with fishhooks to catch women S CLOTHING WITH FISHHOOKS TO clothing with fishhooks welded to fenders A future New York City has changed since a nuclear bomb left areas of adiation that threaten the esidents Women wear coverings .
F their cars Since the woman
"Wynsten Saves Is Wearing A "
saves is wearing a similar to those worn by Muslim womnen which is the fashion of the time but without any eligious significance he can not see who she is The police ignore the attempted murder considering it no big deal The two arrange to meet later at a nightclub Once there the women beg Wysten to help her escape America and her abusive boyfried a professional wrestler Turner confronts to boyfriend when he arrives and knocks the wrestler down To Wynsten S Intense Surprise The intense surprise the turns on him in defense of the boyfried It turns our her flirting was intended only to arouse the anger of her boyfried as she craves his abuse Turner *FINALLY TEARS HER MASK AWAY AND *tears her mask away and ep. Ver their faces as the latest fashion trend An Englishman in New York saves a girl from a speeding coupe with fish hooks on its fe. Ulsed by her expression of hatred *for him Confused and disheartened in the state of society Wynsten uickly leaves America to eturn *him Confused and disheartened in the state of society Wynsten uickly leaves America to eturn Recommended A deplorable story written by a man the state of society Wynsten leaves America to eturn home Highly Recommended A deplorable story written by a man which women enjoy being abused by men Dystopian post nuke uniue development as far as I know Something hard boiled fragmented Surprisingly good classic short story The setting is a bit dated WWIIIpost WWIII cold war between US an USSR but the theme atmosphere is not the fall of the western world to depravity and immorality The idea that the Americans have sexualized a woman s face so much that all women wear masks is very intriguing Good but depressing short story set in a post apocalyptic Mindfulness for Black Dogs Blue Days: Finding a Path Through Depression radiation affected New York. Nder He finds himself attracted andepelled by the girl in this classic story of future shock from a science fiction grand master. ,