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Ldbirth spa treatments beauty regimens and some recipes as well as #stories The Big Book of Soul was an intriguing and read #The Big Book of Soul was an intriguing and educational read me I found the knowledge to be intriguing Bird s efinitions and origins to be very helpful and I Gained An Insight And gained an insight and about a culture I We Sell Drugs did not previously have If one is interested in learning about the African culture The Big Book of Soul may be a fabulous place to begin Being passionate of all things spiritual I became really intrigued when I read the editorial reviews of The Big Book of Soul Finally I had the opportunity to read a bookealing with the spiritual practice of Hoodoo which focused on healing rather than hexing I went to a local bookstore to pick up a copy already expecting to like the book but nothing prepared me for the He arts and provides readers with ancient healing rituals and practices they can use todayFilled with fun facts practical advice and ancient spiritual wisdom The Big Book of Soul is for any reader who wants a genuine rooted experience of soul tod. ,

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The Big Book of Soul: The Ultimate Guide to the African American SpiritI Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ didn t actually read the book cover to cover I skipped around and found bits and bites of wisdom tucked inside I am the author of the book Through my research and writing on the topic I learned that soul as investigated through herbalism art and craft is very complex Super informational on holistic living and natural remedies Bird lists various fruits vegetables and herbs along with their beneficial properties She also includes recipes for Egyptian milk baths multiple herbal teas and even steps to creating a garden and beginning a spiritualetox This book really encourages love and light and living within healthy means very enjoyable and warming Another fine example of Ms Rose Bird s exceptional research and prose From my blogreturnAn #INSIGHTFUL LOOK INTO THE MANY FACETS #look into the many facets the African cul. Soul is the ultimate expression and experience of African American culture The Big Book of Soul is the first
popular reference book 
reference book provide an in epth examination of the source of soul in African culture and how soul finds its expression toda. ,
Ture from spiritual beliefs folklore herbal remedies as well as recipes Stephanie Rose #Bird Has Assembled A #has assembled a collection of history in her book The Big Book of Soul The Ultimate Guide To The African American Spirit The book is ivided into ten chapters beginning with Bird s thorough introduction to the African history and culture with Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change definitions and origins Next she writes about African American wellness beginning with Hoodoo or folkloric practices Again Birdoes a stellar job explaining the origins usage and beliefs She segues into the use of African herbs traditional and modern uses and spends a large segment speaking on this topic which I found uite interesting I know little about Chinese herbalists but I knew nothing about traditional "AFRICAN HERBALISTS CONTINUES ON WITH "herbalists Bird continues on with YAuthor Stephanie Rose Bird takes readers on a breathtaking journey of soul by examining the spirit of animism and how it evolved in contemporary African American culture She explores spiritual practices related to Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature dietance beauty healing and