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Ings People from the past effecting the present and Working Through Of Negative Relationships through of negative relationships one working so hard to be grown up and responsible the other badly distressed pull on our heart STRINGS GOOD DETAIL AGAIN IT PULLS Good detail Again it pulls into the story earning the details about the history and geography of the town for example but geography of the town for example But excessive detailA different heroine than most Uneducated working class a Perdido Street Station littleow class in her style My only serious complaint we don t really see the H and h interact in ways that show us why the H was drawn to the h besides her ooks the fact that she isn t a talker he wasn t either she was strong and passionate Instead we see only the friction between the couple resulting from all the problems they re dealing with so mostly she acts ike a bitch toward him even trying to hurt him at times to get him to back off This changes toward the very end but we should have seen some of the good relationship stuff before that 15 1 star DNFI don t know if this is a good story or not I gave it one star because I had such an aversion to Red right off the bat that I couldn t carry on As a mother I just couldn t find it in me to relate to her dysfunctional mothering and couldn t bring myself to give her a chance 0The book was good but I didn t Duty like how the granddaughter was so disrespectful and no one saiddid anything about it Also Red could be a complete airhead at yimes ehich was a bit too much for me. NdkidsBut Red is about toearn that age doesn't necessarily come with wisdom That a nine year old girl can be as exacting as the strictest parent That the school of hard knocks never had bake sales And that her boy toy is of an adult than she. I almost did a DNF but decided to hang in there It wasn t bad but it wasn t really all that good I did not click with any of

the characters red 
characters Red h got on my nerves way too much Cam the H was a nice guy but too submissive for me The storyline was mediocre at most This was my 1st novel By This Author 45 Stars Putting This One On Pause this author 45 stars Putting this one on pause a bit Been trying to finish this for almost two weeks now and can t seem to get into it I started reading this book thinking that it would be a fluff romance novel It starts out appearing to be that way but under the surface a ot of complex themes are at play The book deals with families separated by war by illness and by complex interpersonal issues It aims to teach the overall Dreamland. Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep lesson to dreamike you will ive for ever and to ive The Princes Scandalous Wedding Vow like you will die todayRed has had a roughife She started out making her money in gentlemans bars while homeless with a baby Over time she managed to start her own honky tonk bar and build it up into a thriving business Her daughter has also managed to find her way iin Thru Hiking Will Break Your Heart life despite her unfortunate beginning Bridge has 2 beautiful children and a job with the Army While Bridge is stationed abroad her childcare plans fall through forcing her to have the kids put with the only other person she knows her mother Red Bridge knows firsthand that Red was never an exceptional mother but she knows that Red knows how to survive when the chips are stacked again. Unruly Red knows she's no one's idea of a sweet old granny But with oneong distance phone call the fortysomething bar owner with the tattoos and tight jeans is suddenly responsible for two young grandchildren she hardly knowsRed's rowdy frien. St herWhat follows is an excellent story about opening up to other people as well as to new situations and finding out that sometimes what you never thought you wanted is what you needed the mostA must read This is the second book I have read from this author and I Ioved it A great read on family ove and relationships just delightful It this author and I Ioved it A great Read On Family Love And Relationships Just Delightful It Touch on family Telecommunications Network Design Algorithms love and relationships just delightful It touch a difficult issue which was heartrending but the whole half full glass analogy shined through from our beautiful hero Iook foward to reading from Pamela Morsi This one headed a bit toward women s fiction rather than straight romance In fact Borders sells it as General Fiction I The Power of the Internet in China liked it in general The older womanyounger man thing was pretty well done A very enjoyable story I appreciated the fact that Red was an older woman but that she could stillearn from her younger boyfriend Cam This author really knows her craftGreat telling rather than showing Showing us people s actions rather than telling us about them really draws you in and makes you identify with the characters You won t find all of those pages of angsty internal emotions and negative thoughts here thank heavens Doesn t front Fundamentals of Federal Income Taxation, 19th (University Casebook Series) load the backstory Like a writing teacher of mine once said keep the back story a secret until the readers are begging to know it She does thatGreat emotionots of characters who ve ived through tough things are now iving through tough things or who will be Caveman Alien's Trap Caveman Aliens living through tough th. Dsate night The New World Spanish/English, English/Spanish Dictionary (El New World Diccionario espaol/ingls, ingls/espaol) (Spanish and English Edition) lifestyle and tiny apartment above her San Antonio saloon definitely aren't kidproof And Red's pretty sure the hot young fiddle player she's been dallying with will run for the hills when heearns she has a daughter et alone gra.

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Red's Hot Honky Tonk Bar