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The German Romantics had ideas A lot of them were actually really ood maybe even fascinating But they all couldn t write for sht These days not one of them would have found a publisher You know I m right he s basically stoned all the time This is the story The Golden Flower Pot or simply The n Flower Pot as it is called in English The German title is Der oldne TopfHere follows a free online link to the short story translated into English had trouble with it and I will explain why I felt I ought to love it but I don t Is it that when ETA Hoffmann s tales were read to me as a child I was enticed BY DELIGHTFUL DRAWINGS IN A PICTURE delightful drawings in a picture or by the sound and scenery of the theatrical performance that played out before meThe prose does not draw me in The telling is without atmosphere It is flat In a fantasy I want to feel magic I do not want to merely be told of occurrences that must be caused by magic because they cannot using common sense realistically happen I want to be drawn into believing the magic could happen This does not occur hereThe story is composed of events One event leads to another and another It is plot oriented Characters in a novel or in a tale should bind the events together Only do we care about what happens to them if we come to care about them An author must make them live and breathe for the reader I want to feel empathy for them I want to worry when something bad happens to them I felt none of that here The characters fell flat As a result the plot did not engage meSo what is the message of the tale I have read that ETA Hoffmann as one of the German Romantic school of writing sought to elevate the value of imagination and fantasy over the commonly accepted merits of fact and realism He advocated an intertwining of the two With this I do agree but I do not see how this tale does that I was looking for an inviting blend of the real and the unreal I saw the real and the imaginary side by side but they did not blend I was never tantalized by the thought that they could that they just might overlapI think ETA Hoffmann s tales in picture books and up on stage are my cup of tea Hallelujah I had to read this for school and I m finally finished I ot this I had to read this for school and I m finally finished I The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States got this in a smaller Russian bookstore in haste so I could read while waiting in theardens Strange selection in the first place for the store since it s shelved under language learning It s often way off from modern German Anyway I really like Hoffmann this is too much action though It can be fun when someone s pulling your nose but he tore mine off with this short work Among all the short stories novellas and fictional books by Hoffmann that I ve read in the original language German this has been the most difficult one Usually the magical and the realistic part are perfectly intervowen so that the reader is partially confused and doesn t know what is real and what not This magical realism is something I like a lot in his stories In this novella or fairy tale as Hoffmann calls it the imaginary part is really very unreal and exaggerated therefore not a lot to my liking Not being a native German speaker made things even difficult I had often to re read. Ernst Theodor Amadeus ne Wilhelm Hoffmann 1776 1822 better known by his pen name E T A Hoffmann was a German Romantic author of fantasy and horror a jurist composer music critic draftsman and caricaturist He is the subject and hero of Jacues Offenbach's famous but fictional opera The Tales of Hoffmann Hoffmann's stories were tremendously influential in the 19t. Der oldne TopfShioned fairy tale ein M rchen aus der neuen ZeitThe basic plot line the storyline of Der oldne Topf comprises twelve chapters which Hoffmann describes as vigils as Nachtwachen and I do have wonder whether this designation by the author is Perhaps One Of The Reasons That Occasionally one of the reasons that occasionally Hoffmann has been considered as the possible author of the anonymous satire Nachtwachen von Bonaventura that occasionally Hoffmann has been considered as the possible author of the anonymous satire Nachtwachen von Bonaventura is now though usually thought to have been penned by August KlingemannAlthough as already mentioned above ETA Hoffmann considers his Der oldne Topf as being basically a contemporary fairy tale or at least contemporary and modern for the late 18th and early 19th centuries the story actually begins realistically enough and in an actual and bona fide German city in Dresden The by nature physically clumsy and awkward university student Anselmus rushes through the famous Black Gate upending an old apple monger s crate of produce with the latter reacting not only angrily but actually cursing Anselmus calling him a child of Satan and predicting that he soon will become incased and incarcerated in crystal Much perturbed and a bit frightened Anselmus flees to the River Elbe and it is there that reality and fantasy for the first time become intermingled and intertwined as Anselmus sees three beautiful and raceful singing snakes dancing amongst the leaves of an elder tree falling in love with the most beautiful one a delicate and sweet voiced blue eyed serpent who though soon disappears leaving Anselmus longing and passionate Will Anselmus be able to circumvent the machinations of philistine reality mostly in the form of his friend Paulmann s amorous daughter Veronika and make the lovely and esoterically poetic Serpentina his bride and the famous magician and alchemist Lindhorst his father in law a scenario that both Lindhorst and Anselmus actually much desire for the former for Lindhorst may only return from his banishment and exile from the mythical realm of Atlantis where he was a Salamander a spirit of fire and flame if he succeeds in marrying off his three serpentine daughters to appropriate human mates and with appropriate is meant poetic spiritual childlike and never too bourgeoisTrying to thwart Serpentina s and Anselmus togetherness Veronika who after Meeting Anselmus At Her Father S House Has Fallen Head Anselmus at her father s house has fallen head heels in love with the same and wants to make him hers and hers alone unknowingly hires the old apple monger to produce a love potion for her However the apple witch is than what she appears to be is not just an old crone who occasionally dabbles with and in magical potions No she is in fact very much a dangerous and vicious enemy of Lindhorst and her specific and very targeted magic causes Anselmus to doubt himself to doubt Lindhorst and his daughters finally splashing ink on one of Lindhorst s precious manuscripts which to and for the latter entails such a major and unforgivable faux pax that the enraged magician imprisons Anselmus in a lass bottle like the prediction of the old apple monger although thankfully Lindhorst soon does realise that Anselmus has been under the influence of hostile malevolent forces beyond Talents he remained relatively ignorant both of classical forms and of the new artistic ideas that were then developing in Germany He had however read Schiller Goethe Swift Sterne Rousseau and Jean Paul and wrote part of a novel called Der Geheimnisvolle His works include Mlle de Scuderi The Golden Flower Pot The Sand Man and Other Stories and The Devil's Elix. Some parts twice to see if I understood it correctly and what I ve read really happened or if maybe I misunderstood some parts I had these problems above all with the explanation OF WHY LINDHORST HAD BEEN SENT why Lindhorst had been sent from Atlantis and above all with the explanation of why Lindhorst had been sent away from Atlantis and a part dedicated to the life of a witch that cursed Anselmus the main character I would say that I had some problems with German with the magical parts I surely missed some I would say that I had some problems with German with the magical parts I surely missed some but I was however able to understand the meaning of those parts though I like to understand every single word I wonder if I would have liked it if I would have read it in my mothertongueI won t write about the plot because it s pretty complicated and confused The story has basically two love stories though very magical and surreal ones and at the end pure love wins over love risen only because of personal interests To tell the truth both main characters Anselmus and Veronika will find at the end what they wanted though they had to Moonrise (Snowfall, go through a lot of magic curses witchcraft and whatever This isn t a spoiler because the end is not predictable I don t like this I thought Clumsy Anselmus makes a silly appearance well described admittedly causing a mess of carts and apples and people in a market place I hate slapstick and I hate clumsiness in literature having to live with it every minute of every day in my real life I still don t like this I thoughtAmbition and bourgeois wedding plans emerge on the scene and I can t be bothered with who makes the race to the best position in the tedious work life on offer and I am still less interested in whoets ETA Hoffmann is a favorite of mine not just because I like his writing but also because of his life I like writers who had jobs apart from writing like Kafka or Chekhov I find they are better writers because of that even if this meant they had less time to write Hoffmann s day job during most of his life was a very boring one as a clerk in the Prussian Empire judicial system He never had many chances to cultivate himself properly or to lead the artist s life he yearned for Still he wrote marvelous things Der Goldne Topf is in fact a story about dreams and day jobs It is a fight This short novella may be ETA Hoffman s best work It poses the big uestion What is better reality or your hallucinatory world of fantasyThe author comes down on the side of fantasy although he does acknowledge that choosing to live in reality is a better choice for the prosaicMake sure that the collection of Hoffman tales that you choose to read includes the Golden Pot which provides the interpretive key for everything else that he wrote From the many ETA Hoffmann works of shorter fiction that we read and analysed in my 1986 German Romanticism course at Mount Allison University during my second undergraduate year it was and yes still is his novella Der oldne Topf The Golden Pot in English translation but please do note that I have actually never read this story in English which remains my hands down favourite although I must admit that I have never been all that sure if I would necessarily label Der oldne Topf as a novella as even the author himself even ETA Hoffmann considered it a new fa. H century and he is one of the key authors of the Romantic movement Between 1781 and 1792 he attended the Lutheran school or Burgschule where he made ood progress in classics Ernst showed reat talent for piano playing and busied himself with writing and drawing The provincial setting was not however conducive to technical progress and despite his many sided.

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