(E–pub/Pdf) Harem Years Author Huda Shaarawi هدى شعراوي

Very interesting read on The Birth Of The birth of the gyptian feminist great read if you *Egyptian feminist movement Great read if you interested feminism in general Not a perfect book read the article Packaging Huda Sha rawi s Memoirs in the United States Reception Environment by Mohja Kahf for a helpful perspective on translation issues Perhaps most damming is that the title of the book was changed from My Memoir to the admittedly attention grabbing Harem Years I think it s still a helpful step in globalizing diversifying the scope of feminist narratives in the United States I hope that alternate translations of the original text will come out in the future Huda Shaarawi lead a pretty fucking amazing life She started out life in the harem of her father and nded it being a feminist and a nationalist hero This isn t a particularly well written book but when you lead a life that was intertwined with so many world vents your memoir doesn t have to be well written to be Aramaic Bowl Spells: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls Volume One engagingI could recount the narrative here for you how she got anducation in the harem from other women how the harem wasn t only a place of repression but was also a place of Xenophon And His World (Historia Einzelschriften) empowerment how she was interested in European culture from anarly age but really you should just read it for yourselfWe re talking about the turn of the century and yes there were still Harems If there isn t a book out there about the relationships between arly nationalist voices and the arts and culture of the colonial powers there ought to be. Minist activism grew along with her involvement in Egypt's nationalist struggle culminating in 1923 when she publicly removed her veil in a Cairo railroad station a daring act of defian. ,

A founding member of the Wafd this memoir recalls her childhood and arly adult life in the harem system of Egypt including her marriage at age thirteen Shaarawi s details her feminist activism along with her involvement in Egypt s nationalist struggle Culminating with her publicly removing her veil in "a cairo railroad station in 1923 ssential for "Cairo railroad station in 1923 Essential for the interface between nationalism #And Feminism A Fantastic Autobiography Of The First Egyptian Feminist # feminism A fantastic autobiography of the first Egyptian feminist also give a rare view of the life of the Egyptian upper class in the late 19 Century and *early 20th Century Read this a few years ago read it again *20th Century Read this a few years ago read it again in preparation for a class I m teaching Students will be using this as their primary source which they will then apply various historiographical approaches to over the course of the semester So far the feedback from the students has been positive and the work is ngaging The introduction is also really helpful for students who are not well read in MidEast history Huda Shaarawi was an upper class Ottoman Egyptian woman living in the 19th and 20th centuries at a time of great social and political change in Egypt She was a feminist and a nationalist at the time of Egypt s independence and her One Wild Weekend early life and young adulthood shared in these memoirs sheds light into the intellectual and social developments in Ottoman Egypt that led to Shaarawi s rejection of the outer veil women werexpected to wear at that time The translation sadly in no way. In this firsthand account of the private world of a harem in colonial Cairo Shaarawi recalls her childhood and arly adult life in the seclusion of an upper class Egyptian household inc. .
Does justice to the original The diting *Process Seems To Have Suffered From A *seems to have suffered from a bout of Orientalism both in its focus the harem is not xactly the focus of Hoda Shaarawi whose Arabic title My Memoires does a lot justice to the book content than its English title and its choice of work to omit This was an interesting look at the life of an Egyptian feminist and nationalist a woman who suffered many personal tragedies and yet still fought for what she believed in Unfortunately it s also a #Little Light On Details Most # light on details Most the memoirs are about her life before really getting involved in politics and then her political career is covered in the pilogueIf you are looking for the personal story of a woman who went from growing up in a harem to marching in the streets for F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby euality this is a good book to read But if you want a really in depth look at the start of feminism in Egypt you probably won t findnough detail in this book to satisfy Fantastic book Insightful and interesting A good read The English version was a disappointment for me Too much was omitted
"and left behind "
left behind am studying it for a class to discuss cross cultural differences that occur in translations It opened my Walled (The Line, eyes to many aspects I believe the translation s attempt to connect to the Western Reader made the book conform to stereotypes Interesting read about Egypt s first vocal feminist Keep in mind it was written as a memoir and thendited for readability It s short but informative. Luding her marriage at age thirteen Her subseuent separation from her husband gave her time for an Cruel Attachments: The Ritual Rehab of Child Molesters in Germany extended formalducation as well as an unexpected taste of independence Shaarawi's fe. Harem Years