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Isappointed by this book It was GOOD BUT NOT GREAT IT NEVER but not great It never grabbed me Let s put it this way I decided I d rather sleep on the planes than read it I think it had great potential with a tortured hero and heroine a heroine who was misunderstood and had a bad reputation and was forced to wed a brutish scary warrior That could have been a great book I tired of the back and forth hormonal imbalances of the hero and heroine The couldn t decide if they loved each other or hated each other I really didn t feel there were great obstacles between them so their bickering was mildly annoying Maybe if the love scenes had been passionate I would have accepted this better I don t think love scenes have to be explicit but the ones in this book was unnaturally lukewarm I didn t really find the action scenes very exciting Normally that is a part of medievals I really enjoy Not necessarily a lot of blood and gore but showing and less telling And since the hero was known to be a formidable warrior I was expecting to be wowed by his prowess in the fight scenes Also the cameos by King Henry and ueen Eleanor didn t really seem that vivid Okay I am uite the Medieval
Nerd so my standards are bit high but I enjoy having the reuisite yet well done cameo by a regal figure of the time Although this is not the worst book I ve read but I have read much better medievals in the Harleuin Historical line and one by this author I think for the disgraced by their allegiance to the Kingueen you should reach for The King s Mistress by Terri Brisbin before this on. Ir marriage is convenient for William although he soon finds there's nothing easy about having Sarah as his bride Willful and defiant she may be but he's determined to tame her starting in his be. .

Ugh the book after many fits and starts But that "S Not My Main Beef With This Story The Plot "not my main beef with this story The plot t cohesive The author kept having THE HH RESOLVE PLOT PROBLEMS ONLY hh resolve plot problems only lay another set of problems in their path It got so that I had the impression the author was simply filling out a page count and couldn t come up with one cohesive plot that would do that for her and IMO she could have with the what she had This wouldn t be so much of an issue For Me If The me if the had actually evolved in their relationship They were forced to marry and were in a position not to trust each other in the beginning The problem was they never learned to trust each other until almost the last page of the book They both recognize they have trust issues they have good reason not to trust each other they simply never do anything about it until almost out of the blue the hero decides to take a leap of faith and make a very flowery love declaration to the heroine on the final page of the last chapter It struck me as ridiculous seeing where they were in their relationship Then the epilogue fast forwards to years later and everything is fine and dandy IMO the book would have been much better if we d actually seen the hh working out their issues rather than pushing each other s buttons all the time and don t get me wrong button pushing is good too it ust shouldn t be the entire premise of the relationship I loved the premise He thinks she s the ueen s whore but weds her anyway What type of man would do that Immediately we have an interesting interesting hero I was a bit Iam has known the very worst barbarity He has no time for emotion But it comes as a shock when their desire explodes into full blown passion to discover that Lady Sarah is actually an innocentThe. If I were not so shallow this one would turn Me To Historical Romances Don T Let The Short off to romances Don t let the short of this book fool you turn me off to historical romances Don t let the short stature of this book fool you brave and undeniably strong heroine pairs a dominating and all powerful hero Political intrigues betrayals ruthless conspirators this book has it all Heat that all up with an irresistible attraction and sizzle is the word of the day Another rewarding trip to bygone days Typical historical romance with William as a poor former slave who becomes a warrior in the king s service He asks and get the ueen s whore as his wife thinking that is all he deserves It turns out that Lady Sarah is really an innocent virgin who spies for the ueen and her reputation is a carefully built facade Great premise and promising opening uickly falls apart Too referential to other books in the series This was a good book different from some historicals I ve read in that the male character was much forceful with the female lead Almost cruel at times even when she deserved it but sometimes when she didn t berk Normally I don t read books that feature the heroin getting pregnant that s a turn off for me But this and a few others I ve read have a story line that trump that factor I Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs just found myself asking one uestion towards the end when it was revealed that she was pregnant How did she not have a miscarriage I have to admit I bought this book because of the title Yeah I know Harleuin has a random title generator and the title isn t the author s doing or anything but it was misleading The warrior doesn t bed her until over halfway thro. Branded the ueen's whore Lady Sarah of Remy must wed William of Bronwyn A powerful and notoriously dangerous warrior he makes her uiver with a fear and desire she has never experienced beforeWill.