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Amorphous concepts of oing reen bother me By contrast this book opens the eyes of its readers male or female or any combination thereof to lots of very practical and simple conscious personal actions which adopted and taken will satisfyingly save significant money time and *resources That then frees up income to be spent on other things All we need to do is *That then frees up income to be spent on other things All we need to do is stop and think and to learn again how to save rather than fritter and suander the resources made available to us We merely need to re learn the practical day to day knowledge of our parents randparents Don't Worry, Eat Cake: A Coloring Book to Help You Feel a Little Bit Better about Everything greatrandparents and reat reat randparents Patricia Nicol takes her examples from the Home Front of the Second World War and post war rationing however much the same lessons would have been learnt during the First World War and indeed everyday life before thatWhat otherwise is the point of our now having children whom we profess to love and care for whilst at the same time we reedily selfishly and hatefully condemn them to row up and make their way in a world that we have made into a far harsher environment of depleted resources oil in. A Clever Colourful clever colourful comparative showing us that when it comes to being reen resourceful and eco friendly rannies can show us the wayRecycling composting buying locally sourced food and vintage clothing checking air miles and carbon footprints our ever rowing national obsession with being reen healthy and preserving the planet is beginning to affect the way many of us shop travel and eat every day After decades of plenty we are now seeing signs that the ood times might not last forever and that change is urgently needed It would seem that never before have we been in this position of having to impose so many personal if not overnment enforced rules to protect ourselves and the world we live in But. Sucking Eggs What Your Wartime Granny Could Teach You About Diet Thrift Going GreenKs out there that you could be Digesting Instead Of This Me instead of this me one is staying in my library It opened my "EYES TO THE BRITISH HOMEFRONT DURING "to the British homefront during War II Some parts are a dryer than others how ever I believe it is uite a em It also helps explain some of the things that my randmother does and some of the traditions now passed along to my familyI thinks that if you have any interest in WWII that this should be on your reading list A very interesting read full of insights on how people lived during the war This was a book Although I ve read many books life on the homefront before there was plenty of new information in this one and the way it was brought to bear on suggestions for modern living was very interesting I fear that most of the suggestions are ones that I m already implementing though except for cold water only and only washing once a week I m not sure my husband and colleagues would be very impressed with that It was amazing to read how people especially women went through the worst recession ever during the wartime It s ot reat tips to improve our sustainability. I consumerists dressed in Utility clothing They did thrift years before it became a fashion model's fad the second hand shop and the recycling bin were their invention Their heroic self sacrifices and the austerity measures that were put into place made a huge difference to this country's survival perhaps we should think about this as we face the different but arguably just as urgent challenges of this centurySucking Eggs is a colourful comparative history full of insights into the austerity years and the lessons we can learn from them today It's a creative look at two very different enerations which show amazing similarities in their approaches to preserving their futures and an ever dwindling supply of resourc.

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Particular and economic warfare than the one we knew What s the point of our spending longer and longer days at work precious time away from those we love only to too often see our hard earned lucre vanish in stressed fleeting hours devoid of lasting happiness and satisfactionThis absolutely isn t just another book of lessons in How to Avoid Doom All That Instead it s essentially a very thoughtful and practical book which describes all manner of satisfyingly practical ways of avoiding unnecessary waste based on what has practical ways of avoiding unnecessary waste based on what has been achieved in the past Who doesn t want to leave their children a world *AT LEAST AS GOOD IF NOT *least as Let Freedom Reign': The Words of Nelson Mandela. Henry Russell good if not than the one we ve inherited and to find within a deep inner satisfied peace in doing so at the same time Guides to beat the recession are two a penny at the moment and this offering reads like it was built from the title up which is often a recipe for disaster with or without powdered eggAs other reviews have mentioned vast swaths of the book are filled with extracts from other works which onlyoes to remind the reader that there are better written and researched boo. If we cast a Paper Crafts Magazine: Joy of Card Making (Leisure Arts glance backwards to the 1940s and 50s it is surprising and enlightening to discover that ourrandparents and parents Forced Into Austerity By into austerity by Second World War and its aftermath were resourceful thrifty and a rather dazzling shade of Path to Sanity: Lessons from Ancient Holy Counselors on How to Have A Sound Mind green In our age oflobalisation climate change unprecedented consumption and limited resources the Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus good news is that we do not have to look far back in our own history for a handy lesson in making seismic lifestyle changes Ourrannies can show us the way They wasted almost nothing; they recycled; they bought locally; they 'dug for victory' and rew their own vegetables Theirs was not a disposable culture they made do and mended; they salvaged; they were early ant. ,